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Introducción a Facebook Marketing – Curso Online de Francesco Orlandino

Domina las herramientas de Facebook Business Manager y crea campañas efectivas en el curso online de Francesco Orlandino:

Más de dos mil millones de usuarios se dan cita en Facebook mensualmente para compartir fotos, leer noticias, repartir likes y más. En consecuencia, las marcas han tomado nota, y cada vez más dirigen sus estrategias de mercadeo a impactar usuarios en redes sociales con anuncios relevantes.

En este curso aprenderás los conceptos básicos y las nuevas tendencias del marketing publicitario en Facebook, para crear campañas publicitarias efectivas de la mano de Francesco Orlandino, Senior Digital Marketing Manager de adidas.

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Aprende a tu ritmo y desde donde quieras, sin horarios ni entregas. Descubre las técnicas de los expertos del sector creativo a través de vídeos de máxima calidad con acceso ilimitado. Interactúa con otros alumnos y el profesor del curso. Comparte y aprende lo que te apasiona.

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Facebook Ads Philippines 2017 – Step By Step Tutorial for Beginners

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On this video, we will introduce to you what Facebook ads is and what it can do for you as an online interpreter. This video is spoken in Tagalog and is targeted specially for the Filipinos. I’ll introduce to you the power of Facebook ads and why its a must have knowledge for online entrepreneurs, small local business owner in the Philippines or whether you are a social media manager. Digital Marketing in the Philippines is very competitive and you can take the advantage of the growing technology to drive sales to your business or your client.

At the end of this Facebook ads Philippines 2017 tutorial, you will learn:
1. The power of Facebook
2. How to create a Facebook ads Business account
3 How to create business Ads account and a Facebook page.
4. How to navigate on the Facebook ads manager
5. How to create your very own Facebook ads.
6. The Facebook ads guided ad creation
7. Facebook ads sales funnel
8. Kinds and purposes of Facebook ads campaign objective
9. How to create audience targeting
10. How to use the ad types – (Carousel, Images, and Videos)
11. How to set the Budget
12. how to set the the scheduler
13. Finalizing the ad
14. Duplicating an ad
15. Conclusion

This is a 2-hour long video which will educate Pinoys about Facebook ads. Facebook Ads Philippines 2017 – Step By Step Tutorial for Beginners was created for you and for Pinoys.


About Me:
Hi, I’m Colin P. Marcelino and I’m a certified Facebook Ads buying and planning professional. I’m also the owner and founder of My platform already helped thousands of Filipinos online on their Online Marketing journey. This knowledge about Facebook Ads will greatly help business owners, entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, real estate agents and many more to promote their business online, with the power of this Billion Dollar technology called Facebook Advertising – the best advertising platform in the planet as of this time… Hope to see you around!

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