How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2019 – Step By Step Training

This is a big one!

At, we often work with established agencies and owners looking to grow their agencies even further. But today, I want to talk about how to actually start your agency from scratch. Stay ‘til the end – there’s a giveaway!

How to start your profitable agency:

A quick summary:

Social Media Marketing isn’t revolutionary.

Advertising agencies, graphic desginers and copywriters have been around since the dawn of time.

But in 2019, there’s a massive gap in the market for a new type of marketing – one which provides actual and measureable results to businesses.

Whether it’s an international retailer, or your local gym, every business needs customers, and almost no business has time to focus on getting them.

That’s where you come in.

Instead of paying to advertise in magazines or on billboards, businesses can hire your agency to find them a steady stream of customers.

Most businesses have the budget to do this – they’re just not spending it on you.

Here I detail exactly how to start your social media marketing agency (SMMA) in 2019, how to get your first client, and how to grow your agency.

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Hey! If you’re new to the channel… my name is Iman Gadzhi.

I own a digital marketing agency that does $60k/pm+ and an E-Learning business that does $150k/pm+

I’m on a mission to reform the education system by delivering the best online programs in the world.
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______ is the home of Six Figure SMMA, Iman Gadzhi’s flagship digital marketing, and SMMA course, helping everyone from students, dropouts, entrepreneurs, and existing agency owners build their own social media marketing agencies.

The course offers a step-by-step guide to finding and selling to clients, delivering results for your clients, and running a successful social media marketing agency.

devotion. Online-Marketing | Werbeagentur für Produktdatenmarketing 🔥

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How To Create A Facebook AD 2019 – From Start To Finish

In this video, I cover exactly how to create a Facebook ad in 2018. With no prior experience required, you can easily get your sponsored message up and running without being a professional marketer.

An up to date video covering a lot more:

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Creating a Facebook AD has it’s three stages:

– The Facebook business manager set up
– Hyper-targeting your audience
– Facebook ads content

Facebook’s business manager:

Head over to and register for your free business manager account. From here, you should be able to advertise with your fan pages under your brand.

This is extremely important to note as you may be an agency (like myself) managing multiple client accounts.

Targeting your audience:

Once your account is created, you’re going to create an ad with the following objectives in the business manager. These objectives are:

– traffic
– engagement
– video views
– lead form

And much more. These are the commonly used ones. Although this is dependent on your goal, choose one that suits your marketing objectives.

Once you choose your objective, you should now choose exactly what targeting you want. You can target users based on:

– behaviors
– Interests
– Demographics

These are generally the options you’ll have when targeting. Once you have your audience targeted properly, you’ll then have the ability to display a photo or a video to your audience.

I hope this guide has helped you tremendously, here are some other videos regarding Facebook that may help you:

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – Free Course For Beginner Affiliate Marketers

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners? That’s the big question & this FREE affiliate marketing training course reveals all! You will learn how to get started with affiliate marketing after understanding what affiliate marketing is and how does it work!

We are going beyond the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing published here:

Three questions you will learn the answer to are:

1- What is affiliate marketing?

2- How does affiliate marketing work?

3- How to make money with affiliate marketing?

The video will start with a high level overview of the affiliate marketing world giving you a full understanding of what it is and how it works. You need to have this understanding from the perspective of all three parties involved to truly understand how to knit yourself out a successful business in the affiliate marketing world.

Then we will transition into the bigger question which is how do you make money through affiliate marketing? Ultimately this is the question you want answered… But you off to understand how it works first!

You need to know how to avoid affiliate marketing scams:

You will also need to learn how to build affiliate marketing funnels ( ), email marketing and autoresponder series’, search engine optimization or SEO, Facebook advertising and ultimately developing a powerful entrepreneurial mindset.

Even though I can’t cover all those topics in this one video… I’ve already created many videos and series of videos that go in-depth teaching you all of the step-by-step how to marketing tactics you will need.

I will list the most relevant videos and playlists I have with free digital marketing training here on YouTube for you to go deeper on the subjects that will help you gain traction with your affiliate marketing business fast.

Keyword research – search engines are built on two things… Keyword research and relevance! Learning the keywords that your target audience is searching to solve their problems and achieve their goals allows you to identify the affiliate products that you can create content around and promote with great success. Watch my keyword research videos here:

Search engine optimization or SEO – you will need to learn SEO if you desire to drive organic traffic from Google. This is step two after you understand the power of keyword research, because your keywords are required for search engine optimization. Watch my search engine optimization videos and free courses here:

Once you’ve identified the keyword phrases and created the search optimized content, you need a place to publish your content so the search engines can index it. I only use and recommend… Or a self hosted WordPress website. You will also need a marketing funnel that allows you to capture leads and again I only use WordPress.

You can learn how to build a WordPress website that will allow you to have an unlimited number of funnels and a place to publish your content from scratch in this video series:

You need to be sure that your website is getting indexed by Google which you can learn how to do in this video here:

One of the best tools to grow your email list through your content is having a pop up that displays over your content when a user visits your site from a search engine. I show you how to set up a pop up in this video here:

To make sure your pop-up is capturing as many leads as possible, you will also want to split test your offer and headline which I show how to do in this video here:

Once your email list is growing you need to begin email marketing to convert leads in the customers and past customers into repeat buyers. This playlist covers all of my email marketing videos that will help you become an email marketing master, fast:

If you want to run Facebook ads to your funnel in order to grow your affiliate business with paid traffic, you can learn how to run Facebook ads here:

The more advanced Facebook advertising video where I show my five dollar Facebook ads strategy is here:

The biggest recommendation I have for new affiliate marketers is to start a 90 day content marketing challenge which is explained in detail in this video here:

How To Sell Your Facebook Advertising & Digital Marketing Services

Are you looking to find clients and/or small business owners that you can sell your marketing services to? If you’re having a tough time showing your expertise, tune in and hear what Billy brings to the table. Want help building and fixing your ads? Go to

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6 Facebook Ads Tools and Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2019 (Spy FB Ads & Crush Them!)

6 Facebook Ads Tools and Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2019 (Spy FB Ads & Crush Them!) // Have you found that Facebook ads are just getting more expensive year every year? It’s going to be harder for you to compete with your competition? Today, I’m going to share with you six Facebook ad strategies and tools that’ll help you do better in 2019.


Facebook Audience Insights Tool:’s Facebook Ads Keyword & Interest Search:

First strategy and tool I have for you is to spy on your competitor’s ads.

What works for your competitors probably will work for you.

But, how do you know something’s working for your competitors? How do you even see their ads? Did you know Facebook tells you every single thing that your competitors are advertising on?

Just go to their page, click on info and ads. Right, go to their fan page, click on the info and ads button. It’ll show you all their ads, their campaigns, the landing pages they’re driving to, the webinars that they’re running.

The next strategy I have for you makes it hard for people to spy on your ads.

You’re already spying on your competitor’s ads and taking their strategies. Do you want them to do the same to you? Of course not!

What I want you to do is switch your page template to video template. Because what you’ll find is, yeah, they can still figure out what ads you’re running, but it makes it so much harder and people tend to give up because it changes the layout of the page.

So, when you switch to video template, they typically won’t be seeing what you’re advertising on because they won’t know where to go.

The third thing I want you to do is to check out

You can put in keywords in there in anything. So for me, I may put in keywords related to marketing. It’ll show me all the ads related to those keywords.

Because you may have other people in your space that are buying ads that you don’t even know about that are doing really well.

Big Spy will show you this. It’s a great tool and it shows you this in one really simple to use interface.

The fourth thing I want you to do is to check out Facebook Audience Insights.

It’s a tool that Facebook gives you. You may not already have a big community, a big email list that you can upload into Facebook.

You may not be able to do look like audiences from day one, but Audience Insights will give you a lot of information.

They even show you really cool nifty charts and you can adjust them and put dead against each other and start doing comparisons.

But, Audience Insights will help you a ton. Especially when you’re starting off. You don’t have lookalike campaigns, you don’t have a big customer base, you don’t have a big email base.

That’s when you really want to look at Audience Insights. The fifth thing I want you to do is to check our See, when you have some interests that you want to go after, you know the demographics of your audience, you could type them into

The sixth thing I want you to do is to start re-marketing your own audience. Everyone when they’re doing ads, all they think about is, oh, how can I keep driving new people?

What I want you to do is, yes, drive new people. Some of them will go to your check out page.

Some will go to your lead form page, but they won’t fully complete. What I want you to do is for all the people that land on those pages and don’t complete the purchase or don’t complete filling out their information, re-market those people, show video ads on Facebook showing them what it would be like if they bought your product, signed up for your service.

In other words, you’re explaining the journey and why it’s awesome to work with you or your company or buy your products or services.

What you’ll find is, your landing page typically has a pitch that’s either emotional or logical.

When you’re re-marketing, you can use an opposite pitch. So, if your landing page has an emotional appeal on why they should be buying your product, then your remarketing video should have the opposite pitch.

And then by doing this, you’ll find that you’ll convert more people Because sometimes, your copy doesn’t appeal to every single person.

So, this gives you two shots at the same person and you’ll notice that this will be our highest converting ad campaign.

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✔¿Qué es una Preventa? – Internet Marketing / Cómo Vender Online tus Productos, Servicios y Cursos.

En el ciclo 21 no es posible seguir vendiendo y comunicando de la siguiente manera, es necesario un cambio radical para generar trafico en tu Web, Social Media y INGRESOS. Definir una idea para conectar con un cliente potencial generando una conversación en tu sistema.


Una SUPER PRE-VENTA es la presentacion de tu producto, info producto o servicio y necesitas seguir unos pasos importantes en la psicología de la persona que genera tu trafico Web, Social Media y INGRESOS.

● Problema / Strees / Beneficio / Super Preventa

– Ahora tienes que pensar a la historia de tu MARCA, tu NEGOCIO y tus paginas en los MEDIOS SOCIALES.
– Si de cada 50 mensajes que te escriben, 25 de ellas son sobre la misma cosa, ya tienes el argumento para empezar.

Tu no eres tu cliente ideal !

Contenido PRE – VENTA


Piensa en algo que puede CONECTAR con tu CLIENTE IDEAL, tramite un Post o haciendole un REGALO.

Título y Contenido del Post de Pre-Venta.
– Tiene que ser atractivo para que recibirás clics y sin clics alcanzar tu proyecto y hacer brillar tu Marca es muy dificil llamar la atención del lector.

– La parte más importante de cualquier artículo es el título, es lo que va a determinar que tus lectores hagan Clic y empiecen a leerlo.

El Título – PRE VENTA
– Crear un contenido interesante:
– Los SECRETOS, Las listas ( de los consejos, ERRORES y TRUCOS)

Ejemplos de un SUPER Título

“Los 7 consejos para…”, “Los 4 errores que nunca…”, “Los 6 trucos…”


– Sin hacer un REGALO a tus SEGUIDORES es muy dificil darte a conocer y entrar en contacto con tu cliente.
– Un SUPER PODCAST es simplemente una GRABACION de tu Filosofia de Trabajo o uno Storytelling.

Un super WEBINAR
– Un Webinar es crear un EVENTO en Video para entrar en conexion con tus nuevos CLIENTES.
– Crea un listado con todos los argumentos que quieres compartir con las personas que hagan clic en tu Webinar.

– Crea un E-Book y haz un regalo a las personas que quieres en tu Marca.
– Puedes crear un e-book con wordpress y guardarlo en .pdf por ejemplo.

– Grabar un video de tu Servicio, info- producto o Producto.
– Graba un video de 59 segundos cuentando tu historia por ejemplo.

Desarrollar un contenido verdaderamente atractivo para tu cliente ideal
– Agitando su problema, necesidad o deseo es una de las tacticas que funciona mejor.
– La clave para agitar el problema es hacerle sentir que le conocemos, que hemos pasado por dónde está, que sabemos cómo se siente y que de alguna manera…no está solo.

Ejemplo :
– Ejemplo: Fíjate cómo agito el problema de mi Cliente Ideal en este artículo en el que uso frase tipo:
– “Hacer brillar tu Marca online es fácil, a nivel de publicidad. Pero vender… y vender mucho, ya no lo es tanto.”

AHORA es tu turno.
– Tu contenido on Line debe redactar y solucionar los secretos, los trucos o los errores que hayas definido tramite un Articulo Web, un Podcast, un Ebook o un Video.

PREVENTA: Tenemos la Pre – Venta y ahora…
– No puedes cerrar el contenido PRE-VENTA sin un “ Call To Action” o un Producto, un infoProducto o un Servicio.
– Después de la conclusión conviene incluir una llamada a la acción. Explicarle al lector cuál es el siguiente paso que debe cumplir.

– Una vez que incluyes en tu Post PRE-VENTA tu producto, info producto o Servicio es cuando comienza:



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$0 To 7-Figure Digital Marketing Agency In 2019 – Step-by-Step

$0 To 7-Figure Digital Marketing Agency In 2019 – Step-by-Step

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