college for marketing vs. starting your own online marketing biz

college isn’t for everyone!

but it FOR SURE (in my (very strong) opinion) is not for marketers.

obviously everyone has their own opinion on this topic, and i respect it !!

but coming from someone with no college degree who’s made multiple 6 figures online in marketing….. with no marketing degree…. and no marketing experience….. did i mention no degree?….

you get the point.

just tryna save y’all the headache & the money that obtaining a marketing degree would cost ya.

your own online marketing biz is sure to cause some headaches and def cost some moolah as well, but (again) in my opinion, it’s worth it 🙂


Online Marketing for Beginners [2019]

Online marketing for beginners | Online marketing for beginners : A Complete Beginners guide | How to Get Started in Online Marketing | Online marketing for dummies |

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