The Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Forever Bundle on Uthena

What’s the digital marketing and online advertising forever bundle on Uthena, and how can you take the courses in this bundle or add your own video courses? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this video! Once you’re ready to get started, will you please take a look at this bundle by visiting the link below.

00:00 Are you interested in learning digital marketing and online advertising? If so, you’ll really enjoy this Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Forever Bundle.

01:36 Would you like to contribute your courses to the bundle? You can teach on Uthena for free! Simply join the free Teach on Uthena course and learn how to get started.

02:46 Why buy a bundle instead of an individual course? What I’ve seen is that students really like being able to purchase a bundle of great courses, because they’ll have more success!

04:19 Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Forever Course Bundle on Uthena! What bundles would you like to see? Please let me know. To learn more about the affiliate marketing program and becoming a partner, please use the link below!

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Jerry Banfield

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What is the Best Business to Start for $100,000 Profit in 2020?

Would you like to learn what is the best business to start for $100,000 profit in 2020? That’s what you’re going to learn right now! When you’re ready, become a Uthena Partner by visiting and start building your business!

Here are some links I discussed in this video:

Create your online education platform using Thinkific!

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Here are some helpful timestamps to navigate through this content:

00:00 What is the best business you can start today in order to earn $100,000 profit? I think building an online education platform is an excellent way to earn business income.

00:41 Let’s take a look at the business I’m starting, and discuss a bundling strategy that’s very effective for making online sales.

02:23 You can do more than just courses on your teaching platform! Here are some other things you can sell.

03:15 What if you don’t have courses to sell? How do you make your own sales? I’ll explain how my Partner Program works and what you can do as a Uthena Partner!

05:34 Okay, if I have courses and know how to make sales, what else will I need to follow your business system? A education platform like Thinkific is one tool that I’ll discuss right now.

07:37 The second tool you’ll need is ActiveCampaign for your email marketing, which lets you set up email automation to communicate with your clients! I’ll explain why this email tool is the best for automation and event triggering!

09:44 Once the foundation is set, it’s time to get people to actually buy your courses. Here’s the easiest way to promote your content and start getting your first sales!

13:44 Why do people buy these courses? We’re going through a revolution of learning and learning online is the way to go! I’ll explain why people like bundles now and why these videos are valuable.

17:30 Let’s explain the whole system one more time and everything you need to make 2020 your highest earning year yet!


Jerry Banfield

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✓Come funziona il Network Marketing – video spiegazione completa (ITA)

Ragazzi, noi VIVIAMO BENE di Network.


Con il nostro aiuto puoi farcela ANCHE TU!


Cos’è il Network Marketing?

Il Network Marketing è un sistema di distribuzione che mette in contatto direttamente l’azienda e il cliente.

Noi clienti possiamo diventare distributori per l’azienda e guadagnare dalla condivisione dei prodotti con le persone che conosciamo.

In più, se le persone a cui abbiamo fatto conoscere i prodotti decidono di fare anche loro lo stesso, allora stiamo costruendo un Team e l’azienda ci riconosce anche una provvigione sul lavoro degli altri.

Fantastico vero? 🙂


A chi ci Rivolgiamo si rivolge a tutti coloro che vogliono fare una regolare attività di Network Marketing con successo, lavorando in maniera più libera ed indipendente.

La Nostra Missione

Il nostro intento è quello di diffondere a più persone possibili questo modello di lavoro e fornire gli strumenti per farlo in modo chiaro, semplice e vincente.
Inoltre, vogliamo risolvere gli equivoci e le false credenze che ruotano intorno al Network Marketing, distinguendo tra le realtà serie e i cosiddetti pseudo-network.