[Frank Kern] Online marketing for Realtors / Real Estate agents – [Frank Kern Interview]

http://www.dominatetheinternet.com.au Lisa Tremolada interviews Frank Kern legend internet marketer on Real Estate online marketing – What should real estate agents / Realtors be doing online now?

Frank Kern is the highest paid internet marketer in the world.. Should we listen to what he has to say?

I think yes.

Why should be using the internet and what are the benefits to Real Estate agents / Realtors?

Realtors/ Real estate agents.. you should MAYBE use the internet for real estate advertising as long as you are using it properly.

A lot of your competitors are going to spend a lot of money and waste a lot of time online, which is going to create a huge opportunity for you as follows.

Lots of realtors will go out and have a fancy looking website and design with their picture on it.

Their website will say, Bob Smith serving sydney for 12 years……and some little slogan and a picture of Bob with his dog or something…

That’s typically what we refer to as image advertising AND it never ever produces a measurable return on investment.

So…. Dont do that!

If you use the internet.. don’t do that kind of thing!

Instead – Use the internet for direct response marketing.

What direct response marketing is going to do for you, is put you in front of the people you want to be in front of, such as home owners looking to sell or potential home buyers looking to buy.

It will cause them to raise their hand and say I’m interested in your service, please contact me.

The way you do that is offer them some sort of free education in exchange for their contact information.

When you get that, you develop this pool of people who know, like and trust you. That you can literally create business on demand by helping them. By saying Hey….You know what.. you’ve just requested my report ‘7 things to know before you buy your first home’ I hope you enjoyed it. Today I have a video tour of a beautiful home in whatever neighbourhood it may be in..

If you’d like to see this home please call me.

Because you have this pool of interested people, you have a tremendous head start above anyone else doing things the traditional way.

And the internet is cheap!

Most realtors buy newspaper ads and they also send out 40 billion post cards with their picture on it.. saying “Hi I’m Bob Smith, look at me” It does nothing for them.

You can get someone to come to your website for as little as a few cents and you can target home buyers or a potential home sellers by using pay per click advertising, social media advertising etc

Franks take home messages –

Use direct response marketing not image advertising
Offer free educational material
The internet is cheap to market to your potential target market
You can pinpoint your target marketing online effectively
Use pay per click (the right way)

For more details on Frank Kern http://www.frankkern.com If you get the chance to see him speak.. Just go. Great content and he’s hilarious!

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The Future of Digital Marketing and Advertising – Power Players with Grant Cardone & Frank Kern

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Grant interviews Frank Kern, one of the most sought after direct response internet marketing consultants on the planet and talks with him about his approach to online advertising – something he calls intent-based branding. Mr. Kern created Behavioral Dynamic Response which is an automated marketing method that speeds up the sales cycle by customizing marketing messages based on a prospect’s behavior.

Kern started in the digital space in 1999 selling credit card machines online. After six years of trial and error he achieved his first real online success selling pet training manuals. After his business did $100,000.00 in a single month, he decided to start teaching people how he was making money online. And that’s how he got his start as a “marketing guru”.

Frank talks about intent-based branding and breaks it down into three very broad steps:
1. Carefully crafted useable content which is very magnetic to the audience you want.
2. Targeted audience views your content.
3. Then you retarget with offers that appeal to them and solves their problems.

Based on this formula, Grant and Frank discuss six questions for anyone advertising to identify and answer to help them shape their online messaging. Frank then shows Grant how you can take this raw material and shape it into a six-step process for developing an effective online marketing campaign.

Online advertising and internet marketing can be effective if you are delivering great content to the right audience. Do it this way and you will see a return on investment. And, Frank’s last piece of advice: if you think advertising just costs you money, try not advertising.

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