Facts About Digital Marketing Freelancing in India | Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

If you are looking ahead to start digital marketing freelancing in India And still confused on what is freelancing the video will give you a quick concept around the real fact digital marketing in India.

Most of you might have the myth that digital marketing freelancing is a cake walk, but you needto understand that freelancing is no less that starting a business.

Digital marketing has multiple benefits and scope and starting a freelancing career in India can be high paying but there are certain facts that you need to keep in mind.

The video will teach you about certain facts about digital marketing freelancing in India. Enjoy the video to know more!

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Animated Video On Digital Marketing course || Easy Explanation || Growth In Career

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Freelance Digital Marketing Life – 1 Year Complete! 🎉

Hello you wonderful people on YouTube!

It’s here. It’s done – a full 12 months – 365 days of freelance digital marketing.

Since putting this live, I’ve completed 2 years of freelancing! See what I’ve been up to here: https://youtu.be/B2aX98YMbUo

The last month has been great for 3 reasons. 1 I got to go to BrightonSEO – a fantastic digital marketing/SEO conference, then onto a fantastic event in London – EsquireSelfMade. Most importantly though, we’re on the cusp of launching a new verbal identity business – The Way With Words.

Looking back over the last year though what has freelancing life been like? In a word, different. The things which I thought would be most fun to work on were sometimes the least, some of the clients which I thought would be hardest to win were the easiest and so on. Many of my expectations were flipped.

However, has going freelance been worth it? Definitely. As a result of freelancing I’ve had more flexibility, more income – and the best thing of all? More opportunities. Without going freelance I wouldn’t have the chance to go and work in America. I wouldn’t have worked with the National Trust, been invited to give a talk at the Met Office. And I wouldn’t have been able to produce this vlog.

There have been downsides though – it’s not been 365 days of sunshine. There’s been periods where it’s been lonely and I’ve worked far harder than I have during any other job during my marketing career. The biggest challenge has been knowing the right direction to go in. There’s a lot of uncertainty – but as I go into my 2nd year of freelance digital marketing things are slowly becoming clearer.

Over the last year I’ve spoken with a huge number of people who are thinking of leaving their jobs and embarking on freelance careers of their own. So if you’re thinking of handing in your notice to go self-employed, then I’ve put together 12 things I learnt over the last year which will hopefully be of some use to you.

In the meantime I also wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has watched one of my videos, asked a question of subscribed to this channel in the last year. It means a lot. I’m going to be carrying on with the vlog but what’s going to happen in this second year of freelance digital marketing – who knows!

Thanks again – Dan.

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For Inspiration – https://hearstlive.co.uk/esquireselfmade/
For Verbal Identity – https://www.thewaywithwords.co.uk/

Digital Marketing for Beginners | Bangla Tutorial

Digital Marketing for Beginners | Bangla Tutorial
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Digital Marketing for Beginners | Bangla Tutorial
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Ultimate guide of Digital Marketing Job | Fakrul Islam

4 ways to work on YouTube

How to grow subscribers & views in 2018?

How to get more customers & sales on YouTube?

Facebook Marketing Bangla Tutorial

Content Writing Guidelines

Bangla Content Writing Tutorial for Affiliate Marketers & Bloggers

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We’re living in a digital era right now. Companies are looking for digital marketer to promote their products & services using internet technology. That’s why lot of job opportunities are growing in this digital marketing industry. If you want to get a job in the digital marketing space then this tutorial will help you knowing which technologies you should learn right now to become a professional digital marketer.

Secret and Successful Strategy and Guideline for Freelancing and Online Marketing

সিক্রেট & সাকসেসফুল প্ল্যান & গাইডলাইন ফর ফ্রিল্যান্সিং & অনলাইন মার্কেটিং!!!

🛑 আপনিও কি ফ্রিল্যান্সার হয়ে অনলাইন থেকে ইনকাম করতে চান?

আপনার যদি স্বাধীনতা পছন্দ হয়, নিজ বাসায় বা যে কোন স্থান থেকে কাজ করতে ভালো লাগে, তাহলে আপনিও অনলাইন মার্কেটিং বা ফ্রিল্যান্সিংকে আপনার পেশা হিসাবে বেছে নিয়ে সম্মানজনক অর্থ উপার্জন করতে পারেন।

এমনকি পড়াশুনা বা চাকরির পাশাপাশি বাড়তি আয়ের উৎস হিসাবেও ফ্রিল্যান্সিংকে বেছে নিতে পারেন।

কিন্তু এই পেশায় সফল হতে হলে পরিশ্রমী ও আত্মবিশ্বাসী হতে হবে এবং যে বিষয়ে ফ্রিল্যান্সিং করবেন সে বিষয়ে নিজেকে স্কিল্ড করে গড়ে তুলতে হবে আর এর জন্য প্রয়োজন সফলদের কাছ থেকে সার্বক্ষনিক গাইডলাইন।

কিন্তু সফলদের এতো সময় কই আপনাকে সার্বক্ষনিক গাইডলাইন দেওয়ার?

চিন্তার কোন কারন নেই আপনি যদি এই পেশায় সফল হওয়ার জন্য আত্মবিশ্বাসী ও পরিশ্রমী হয়ে থাকেন তাহলে আমরা আপনাকে সেই সুযোগ করে দিবো।

আপনিও আমাদের Creative Community এর মেম্বার হয়ে creativetutoria.com এর লাইভ প্রোজেক্ট কোর্স এ অংশ নিয়ে এই সেক্টরে সফলদের গাইডলাইন পাওয়ার সুযোগ লুফে নিতে পারেন।

লাইভ প্রোজেক্ট কোর্সে মূলত একটা ওয়েব সাইট থেকে কীভাবে ৪/৫ টি বিষয়ে ইনকাম করা যায় সে বিষয়ে শিখানো হবে।

✅ Social Media Marketing for Traffic Source

✅ Affiliate Marketing Basic to Advance

✅Video Marketing & Basic Editing (YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion etc.)

✅ Print-on-Demand Business (Teespring, Gearlaunch, Teezily, Viralstyle etc.)

✅ Blogging & Facebook Instant Article

কি ভাবছেন কোর্স ফি কত হবে ?
কোর্স ফি মাত্র ১২০০০ টাকা তাও Creative Community এর মেম্বারদের এই কোর্স ফি এখন দিতে হবে না।

আপনি কোর্স করবেন, কাজ শিখবেন, কাজ করে ইনকাম করবেন তারপর এই কোর্স ফি আমাদের পরিশোধ করবেন তাও মিনিমাম ৩০,০০০ টাকা ইনকাম করার পর তার আগে নয় তবে ৩০০০০ টাকা ইনকাম করতে ইনশা আল্লাহ্ বেশি দিন লাগবে না কারন,

আমাদের বেশিরভাগ টিম মেম্বাররাই কোর্স চলাকালিন সময়েই ৮০০০-১০,০০০ টাকা ইনকাম করছে।

কিন্তু কীভাবে আমাদের টিম মেম্বার হবেন? কীভাবে কোথায় শিখবেন? কত দিন লাগবে?

আপনার মনে এই রকম আরও যত প্রশ্ন আছে তার উত্তর পেতে সম্পূর্ণ ভিডিওটি কোন স্কিপ না করে দেখুন এর পরেও না বুঝলে আমাদেরকে ইনবক্স করুন………


Mindset You Need To Start An Online Marketing Business. Start An Online Business With This Mindset

Do You Want To Start An Online Marketing Business Selling Digital Products? Change Your Mindset First.

The Mindset You Need To Start An Online Marketing Business

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How To Sell Online Marketing Services (Best Tips for Websites, Facebook Ads & Other)

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In today’s video you are going to find out the best method to sell websites or other marketing services. I have shared with you methods that you can use to sell services through Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Cold Calling. This video is going to reveal advantages and disadvantages of the most popular ways of selling services.

There is not a straight answer of that question. The tips that I am going to share with you can guide you what is the best thing for your personality and business. You will get an idea of which method you can start implementing.

1 – Upwork is one of the most popular and easiest methods to sell services online. The disadvantage of that method is that you have to spend a lot of time in front of your computer. If you want to be successful using that method, you have to create a funnel and in order to learn how to create a funnel you have to join a mastermind or you have to spend hundreds of hours figuring that out.

In the beginning of your online business, you need a few weeks before you figure out these algorithms and get your first customers.

There are many advantages like being location independent. Also, you can work from the comfort of your home and you don’t need to leave your house. You can make money “sitting on your couch”.

2 – Another online funnel is Fiverr. This is a great funnel for people who want to implement a “Tripwire”. Tripwire is a method that acquires customers by selling something cheaply in the beginning.

The disadvantage here is that you have to start with very little money in the beginning and it is very hard to build your reputation. The advantage of Fiverr is that it does not require very good sales skills to close a deal. The reason for that is that the gigs in Fiverr are much lower than Upwork.

I was able to achieve results with these 2 platforms without too much trouble. It is relatively easy and if you are persistent enough and know what you are doing, your results are almost guaranteed.

There are offline methods as well. You can go to offline local shops and start offering them your services. This method is a little bit hard because you have to put yourself out there. You have to physically go to the place and communicate properly.

The advantage of this method is that by showing yourself in front of the client, you build creditability. They can get to know you better and it is easier for them to recognize you if you are a scammer.

If you really hate to stand in front of the computer all the time, then you should consider implementing the second method. You can start offering services to local companies but bear in mind that rejection in person is harder to swallow.

3 – Another way to market yourself is to get the phone and start calling people. That old method of cold calling requires very good sales skills. Moreover, it requires a lot of confidence and it is very time consuming. Cold calling is the hardest method to sell anything.

The advantage of that method is that you can approach a lot of leads really quickly.

These are the advantage and disadvantages of these 4 methods that you can use to sell anything. There is not a method that is the best for you. Try all of them. See what works and implement it daily.

DGM101| Lecture No 126 | Digital Marketing By Dr. Yasir Rashid |Online Marketing

Digi Skills

DigiSkills Pakistan
DigiSkills Lectures
Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Urdu Hindi by Dr. Yasir Rashid from DigiSkills.PK

Course Introduction

This course is meant to teach the tips and tricks of digital marketing in the simplest and effective way. The do`s and don`ts are discussed, about which a Digital Marketing must be aware of. Introduction of different types of Digital Marketing marketplaces is given in this course. Web portals like Fiverr, Guru, and Freelancer are introduced and discussed in detail so that a trainee could effectively make money by using these portals.

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Please watch: “FRL101| Lecture No.62 | Freelancing By Proff.Hisham Sarwar | Online Marketing| Freelancing Training”