konsa course karna chahiye? “Digital Marketing” Kasa course hai?

konsa course karna chahiye “Digital Marketing” Kasa course hai?
12th or Graduation ke baad kon Sa course kare? Agar Aap graduate Ya postgraduate ho tab bhi job ni lagi Toh kon Sa course kare?
Sabka Srif ek hi answer hai ” DIGITAL MARKETING”
DIGITAL MARKETING is an online marketing from which you can earn a lot , with the help of this course you can Earn from anywhere by doing freelancing or you get a job in your filed because in near future everything get online in this world which create lots of job opportunities for students.

Introduction to Digital Marketing – Demo Session – Online Class

A demo session on Introduction to Digital Marketing conducted online.
In the session, we have covered the following topics

1) Basic understanding of Marketing
2) Deriving Digital Marketing through Marketing
3) Role of Media in Marketing
4) Digital Marketing Media Categories
5) Digital Marketing Techniques

If you want to learn Digital marketing from expert trainers, you can reach us: enquire@letzlearnacademy.com

Learn Digital Marketing in Tamil:

Digital Marketing Fast Intro – https://youtu.be/5_u8sRBR7Tw
Digital Marketing Intro-contd(Digital Media) – https://youtu.be/gMWjLqMOCWg
Digital Marketing Jobs & Future: https://youtu.be/ngi6FwqpluE

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