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I’m here to tell you about a great service offered here at Lux Inbound: Web Presence Optimization, also known as (WPO). The main goal of a Web Presence Optimization campaign is to specifically optimize your brand’s online presence. And we’ll do this for the areas that you service and also for the services you provide.

Web Presence Optimization
Optimize your Brand’s Online Presence
Our team of expert analysts starts by researching your website’s keyword density, search trends, and search volume. And after they compile the data, a plan is created to help your site rank better organically. Plus it increases your social media presence, local listings, optimizes your videos and everything else to do with your brand’s entire overall online presence.

“We optimize your brand’s overall online presence!”
We then factor in the locations that you service and mix it in with the population in those locations. In particular, it gives us a list of the most beneficial geo and service combinations to optimize for. Moreover, it enables us to pinpoint what we’re targeting for and what needs to be fixed. So we can fully optimize your core focus, geos, and services!

“Our Web Presence Optimization department makes it a point to always stay up to date with Google!”
Our Web Presence Optimization department makes it a point to always stay up to date with Google, Yahoo and Bing search guidelines. Plus, they’re constantly on top of any issues that could cause your organic results to suffer. To top it off, we also set up reporting. That way, we can monitor results and ranking fluctuations. In addition, we set alerts to let us know if it is as little as a 10% decrease in rankings. So you can rest assured that your brand’s entire online presence is in good hands!

For more information on our Web Presence Optimization packages or if your business is in need of social media (business blog, Facebook, Twitter,…), SEM, SEO, web design, animated videos and much more, please email us.