Marketing and Social Media Tips for Designers pt. 3/3

How do I find the balance between marketing and producing work as a graphic designer? Are there any tips on what I need to do to market my services? How to gain a competitive advantage as a graphic designer. Should you specialize in design? What does it take to be a design entrepreneur?

1:08 What were some of my regrets? Rachel asks the hard question.
2:00 Why are people poor? POOR- passing on opportunity repeatedly
2:30 Jim Rohn, business guru and author– 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness, stop making excuses.

3:45 Paul asks, how do you find the balance between making and promoting? #Grind vs. #Hustle
4:40 The game has changed. Designers need to promote themselves now. Your work doesn’t get you work. The web had changed the game and it’s become increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter
6:00 The maker mindset, the pressure to constantly produce.
6:40 What can a sole proprietor do to promote his/her business?
7:30 Are you really an entrepreneur? #DrEvil
8:24 Prioritize and understand what makes you different. Focus on that. What can only you do in your organization?
9:30 What can you do to combat global market forces— the commoditization of design?
10:30 The future for designers is entrepreneurship & authorship.
11:02 You can’t fight market forces for long. Good enough revolution. Here’s the Wired Magazine article:
12:00 Exploit the “Gap” that exists between needs and solutions
13:00 Solutions for “artists”/designers that just want to make. How can you participate in the 21st century economy? Unfair competitive advantage.
21:00 Maria asks, “Should you specialize?” The “T-Skill” Be really good at one thing and shallow on the other things. Most other professions specialize, Rachel argues
22:23 Prepare to pivot when the market shifts or you’ll be left out in the cold. Art directors are looking for you to be really good at one thing. Design changes quickly.
23:26 Externally you should specialize, internally should diversify.

The designers dilemma pt.3— should I eat and do soul sucking work or starve and be happy? Is there a middle ground? Graphic design career advice for those running a design studio or managing a freelance design career. This and more.

Design and typography Masters and educators, Rachel Elnar and Michael Stinson of swing by he studio for a lively discussion during a live taping of the Process.

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Digital Marketing Consulting | How to Sell Graphic Design Services

A short video guide for how to sell graphic design services. Full business model training is here –

One of the major challenges in selling creative design services is that so much of the process is subjective. The end result is subjective and the process to get there can be very subjective. How do you package high level design services when the client can just simply say, “I don’t like it.” Let’s talk about that in today’s video.
Hey, it’s Alzay Calhoun with Coveted Consultant. In this video I’m talking about how to package a premium, creative design services in a way that respects you and the client. Let’s go to the board and look at a few examples.

A common, classic design project is creating a logo, or a mark, for a company to use in a variety of different formats. Let’s start with that one. Again, you know that you’re designing a process that takes the client where they want to be. One of the first things that you can do to help your client feel better and to value the experience is by being clear that it is, in fact, an experience. These milestones are already set in place that will take them where they want to go.

Having a logo all by itself is not really good enough, right? The logo has to be located somewhere. If you just sent them an email with a logo attached to it, then what do they do? You’ve got to put it somewhere probably on their website, for one. That makes sense somewhere in the service that you actually installed a logo somewhere.Going back a step, you’re going to have to draft. Draft a few mock ups, get some feedback, you have to create some examples that they can say yes to. Going back, you’ve got to get down to a core concept. They want a logo that reflects who they are and what they represent. Do you have a process that will nail your client down to a couple of core ideas? Are we talking about shapes, are we talking about animals, are we talking about more eclectic or eccentric ideas?

Once you’re clear here it’s easy to put the new logo where it’s supposed to be because the core concept told you where they’re trying to represent themselves. If you’re clearer on the process, if you’re clearer on the process it’s easier to get to a winning logo that they’re happy about.

Let’s do the same conversation, broader scope, let’s say that you’re not just doing a single logo. Let’s say that you’re doing an entire rebrand. You’re doing an entire suite of images, let’s just assume that it’s across their entire social media spectrum so Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube those are the big ones. Again, we’ve got to make sure that we can quantify, that we have an objective measurement at the end, so everyone can agree that we had a successful experience.

If you don’t have that number, your client can just go, “Uh, we didn’t like it,” and then it’s a flat line for everyone. We know there’s a suite of things that we’re going to create. What’s important about that is when you think about installing it, because clearly if you sent them an email with a bunch of links or a bunch of images for all these different social media properties, good luck with that.

We’re thinking about how that logo would look in the different platforms. How to represent in YouTube, and in Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Twitter. How about the header image? How about the smaller icon? Is there a gravitar that we’re also creating? Etc.

When you draft these things up they aren’t just making a point of view or a yes or a no on one image, they’re making a point of view on how all of those images work together to communicate what they want to communicate. It makes this part of the process even more important. If you can’t nail your client down here, on the core concepts and the core places where they want to put these new marks, then the rest of this becomes complex and not as much fun.

Now, you’ve gotten to that objective place at the end where you can say, “Our suite is installed in a way that represents and reflects our company at the highest level.” Thinking through your services in this way allows you to position yourself as the premium service provider like you actually desire.

What do you do now, what are your next steps? If you want to watch another video you can, if you want to subscribe to the channel you probably should but if you’re over the information and you want help packaging and selling your unique consulting services, there’s a program that I have and you can get information on that program via a free training available right now on this page, somewhere.

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Online Marketing – Advanced Entrepreneurship Seminar

Using the proper tools to increase your company’s traffic and conversion requires knowledge, time, and patience.

I was invited to present at the “Advanced Entrepreneurship” seminar at SFU. As you will see in this presentation, I’ve covered the important aspects of a company’s website along with the correct marketing strategies.

Throughout the presentation, there were many great questions that a lot of business owners probably have as well. I really recommend watching til the end as you might pick up a few things that could help your business – even if it’s just a small thing, it’s worth it!

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