Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 244

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0:00 Intro and announcements

09:05 Hey Guys! Thanks for everything. I’m in the process of setting up my first lead generation asset. I’m going after the photography niche. Should I brand the site like any other photographer ex. “shutterbug photography” or should i go with something like ””.

11:48 I’m confused how I brand this thing. Especially when it comes to the GMB. Is it a photography company, branded like a regular business or is it something like “wedding photography location name”. If is set it up as a business then when someone calls, won’t they be confused when its another business that they are sent to?

24:17 I am building out an authority site in the health niche. It seems that RYS stacks are geared towards local GMB assets. Do you have any case studies that RYS stacks benefit authority sites in broad niches?

29:42 I belong to a number of groups and get a lot of questions about “how to”. I feel these people really need your courses, how can I become an affiliate? I don’t plan on making this a full time career, but would like a bit of financial incentive for serious referrals. Your courses are still the best bang for the buck.

30:41 Hey Bradley, how do I find out more about the real estate group your have? Im new to this page and don’t know how to access it. Thanks for all the great information.

37:19 Ran across a WP plugin called Google Site kit, made by Google to connect all Google Functions like adwords, analytics to site, any thoughts on using a plugin like that?

40:34 Hi Guys, . . . Thanks again for helping us customers, your generosity is GREATLY appreciated (smile) . . . . Last week someone asked a question about whether or not it was more difficult to rank a new site for a local business niche and location if you didn’t want to set up a related GMB listing, but your answer was about local organic rankings in general and did not address the GMB question (smile) . . Could you please comment on whether it’s more difficult, or the same difficulty, to organically rank a new site locally without setting up a related GMB listing?

48:46 Based on your experience, what are the niches, in addition to Pest Control, that you believe Google thinks have a lot of spam listings and that Google may have a “trigger finger” for regarding their suspension tirade for just editing a listing.

52:32 A few weeks ago you mentioned a service for DFY Schema markup creation. I have a multi location client and my Schema markup needs some major help. Could you please give us the name and URL again?

53:56 Good Afternoon Gents thanks for allowing this forum to continue, it is greatly appreciated. My question today is Google loves Q&A should we add a single question and answer to one page post for the website. I ask because their new schema requirement is to only have one q&a per page but in an industry with a good number of Q&As do you put only one per page for 10 or more pages do you think that is valuable?

56:30 For a new GMB would you include geolocation information in the photo files or do you think thats spammy in googles eye?

How Would You Present Online Marketing Services Like SEO & Lead Generation To Small Businesses

In episode 140 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts (, one participant asked how to present online marketing services like SEO and lead generation to small businesses.

The exact question was:

Just got the battle plan recently and loved it. I originally started as an SEO, and now turning more into a lead generation guy. My question is what mix of services would you approach small businesses with in today’s day? For example if I’m calling the roofing companies in Home advisor, I try to show them the long term branding benefits of SEO / Higher quality jobs I can get them through Adwords. I’m doing okay with four clients right now but retention becomes a problem. Please shine some light on the marketing mix which will make sense from THEIR shoes. (mainly home improvement industry)

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