How To Build A Digital Marketing Business? Mentorship Is EVERYTHING!

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In this new video on how to build a digital marketing business, I talk mainly about mentorship and how you can leverage the right people in the industry in order to learn all about building the right business for you. You must get a mentor, but also on the flip side, you must find the right mentor.

If you just follow random people who aren’t building their businesses the way you want to build them, then you are big time screwed. You will lose years of your business building life just like I did, although I feel stronger for it for sure, it still was a long time! So find the right mentor. Be willing to invest and pay for their stuff because that’s how you learn and get into the inner circle.

You can’t just surf around internet land for the rest of your life and think that you will learn how to become successful with free info. It is almost impossible. I give you good stuff, but honestly, if you want to over the shoulder deep stuff that will really move the needle for you, you have to invest. So hope you like this video on how to build a digital marketing business. You can of course get more step by step by clicking above and going through my free course.







How To Build A Digital Marketing Business? Mentorship Is EVERYTHING!

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How To Get Digital Marketing Agency Clients To Stay Longer

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Jean has made $13000 last month and he is going to share how he built his business and what caused him to get these results. Jean helps business owners with customer acquisition. He is doing everything his clients need to get more traffic and make more sales. Jean uses online funnels to get people on calls and has clients from all over the world.

Some people want to meet up with their clients and run a local business. The main advantage of that business model is that they can build a good relationship with them.

However, Jean prefers the online business model, because that is very time efficient. He cannot afford to waste time in traffic to travel to his prospect. The time investment is just too much for him. Furthermore, he can reach people from all over the world and expand his business internationally.

If you want to keep clients to stay longer you need to have good communication and to make sure you understand what the client wants. Moreover, you need to bring them results on a consistent basis. Their business has to grow and you have to be the reason for their growth. Otherwise, they would not want to stay with you.

What is more, you can schedule a call with your clients that will take place once a week. You can build relationship with your client and discuss future projects.

Sometimes your clients may want something that you usually do not offer as a service. Jean does not want to get involved into projects that he does not offer, because that is a distraction for him. He wants to focus completely on his business, so that he can be able to scale it as soon as possible.

Jean wants to be completely sure that he can provide enough value to his clients. That is why , if he is not capable of delivering high quality work, he does not take the project.

For example, if a client wants a website, Jean would be happy to help with optimizing the site and improve the SEO, but he would not be able to modify the design of the site, because that is not his expertise.

Jean is very picky in terms of the clients he wants to work with. They need to be qualified to work with him. He wants to make sure that if he drives traffic to a funnel, it is going to convert. His clients need to have the right tools and processes in place, so that his work can be of value to his them.

All in all, you have to qualify your clients before you start working with them. If you don’t see potential in your client’s business, do not work with him. It is your obligation to set proper expectations in the beginning, so that your client will not get disappointed.