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SMMA Student Success interview. In this video, I will show you about an SMMA student who went from $24 to $8,649 in a span of a few months with online marketing.

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At age 21 after dropping out of College, Ken made his first 6 Figures Online. Soon after, he started teaching others how to make a side or main income online. He has helped other businesses scale their revenue 10X in a short amount of time using his social media skills. Since then, he has produced hundreds of thousands of dollars in student and client results.

If you want to grow your existing business or just learn how to start one online, then learn from Ken. No BS. No Fluff. Just all his experiences – tried and true tested advice. Subscribe to this channel now.


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This video is about SMMA Student Success :

Why You Need to Start an Online Marketing Agency | SMMA in 2018

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You’ve heard all about the new trend with starting an online marketing agency… I know what you’re thinking – should I start an online marketing agency?
The answer is YES! You need to start an online marketing agency in 2018!
In this video, we go over exactly why you need to start SMMA and why it is such a great business model! It’s time for you to start your online marketing agency!
Have you started your online marketing agency? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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