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How To Get A Digital Marketing Job (2019)

How To Get A Digital Marketing Job (2019)

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy – A Silverstone Case Study

Presentation at On The Edge Reading, 24th September 2014.

How Silverstone’s New Digital Approach Gained Them Pole Position with Sibbs Singh and Hannah Bodley, Marketing Director, Silverstone Circuits

– Unlocking the data to understand customer behaviour patterns
– How to recognise, and better serve, your customer
– Why a “mobile first” strategy was crucial fro Silverstone
– Their focus on integration, responsivity and commitment to a data driven approach
– What’s next for Silverstone’s customer-centric approach

How To Get a Job In Digital Marketing | Marker Monday – Wondering what you can do to land a job in digital marketing? Brandon Hassler explains some tips of how to beef up your resume and standout among the other applicants.

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