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China Digital Marketing Essentials For Hotels & Tourism – Too Big to Ignore

Now is the time for hotels and other travel related companies to really focus on their China Digital strategy – more than just Wechat.

This is the first Animated piece by Wimintra and me. We hope you enjoy it!

The good news is that Chinese travelers are smart, digitally savvy and know what they want when it comes to travel. Less and less are traveling in groups, and more and more are making decisions based on their own research and referrals from people that they trust.

The bad news is that all of those digital strategies that you are using right now – Facebook, Google, Analytics, re-targeting audiences, pixels and cookie tracking is all useless when it comes to marketing to the Chinese market.

By the end of next year, it’s estimated that over 240 million Chinese citizens will hold passports, and while only two years ago almost 70% of Chinese travelers traveled in groups, by the end of 2021, over 60% of travelers will be upwardly mobile Fully Independent Travelers or F.I.T’s.

You need to forget the horror images that you may have seen of Chinese tourists in the past and start to see the reality that is emerging.

A recent study showed that the average Chinese tourist on a 3 day holiday package will spend around USD$1,300 on shopping, dining and traveling around – this doesn’t include the cost of their accommodation. In comparison, the average US tourist will spend around USD$500 on these same things while on a comparable trip.

Despite what you might hear from some media outlets, the wealth in China continues to grow and with it is a new, young, educated and cashed up generation looking to explore the world and make their mark.
From over 10,000 hotel reviews that we studied, over 98% of properties failed to respond and engage with the guests leaving responses. Of those that did respond, many of them just used boiler plate cut and paste responses which risked making them look worse than not having engaged at all. Google translate is not enough.

Chinese digital channels are amazingly abundant and advanced, but work very differently to digital channels outside of the mainland. People who try to approach these channels in the same way that they manage social media through facebook and instagram etc. end up failing and losing a lot of cash in the meantime.

We will be running a series of China Digital Marketing Workshops in the region – both face-to-face and online. Drop us a line if you’d like to participate in one of our public programmes, or we could arrange to run a custom one for you and your team.

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Masih Tersesat Menggunakan Strategi Online Marketing? Simak yuk

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Ada 6 Langkah dalam konsep The Flow yg bisa teman2 lakukan agar bisa dengan benar menggunakan Online Marketing Strategy:

1. Kompetitor
2. Market Size
3. Target Market

1. Offer: Landing Page, website
2. Copywritting (image, text, video)

1. Promote: Paid, Organic
2. List Building
3. Analyze

1. Respon
2. Follow up series

Closing the deal
1. Customer Fullfilment
2. After sales

Repeat Order

gunakan langkah ini agar bisa optimal dan sukses menggunakan online marketing

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Influencing Millenials – Digital marketing strategies for beauty brands

Video taken at in-cosmetics Asia –

Millennials are by far the most unpredictable generation. Marketers need to constantly innovate and experiment to keep up and understand what influences them. Through a series of case studies, this session will show how beauty brands around the world are successfully engaging with millennials amidst the ever changing digital landscape.

in-cosmetics Asia is the leading exhibition and conference in Asia Pacific for personal care ingredients – takes place in Bangkok, Thailand in October/November and is focused on personal care raw materials and manufacturing – more info at

Speaker is Khyathi Nirmal Kumar, Head of Digital Marketing at Happy Marketer, more info at

Hacking Awareness: how we plan to hack our online marketing to build global awareness – Treevotion

We are planning and already investing 99% of our marketing budget (which we hope it will be many millions of dollars) to build global consciousness awareness on forestation. Less than 1% of our expenditure actually sells a product.

Our hack is that we market tree planting and consciousness, so more than 99% of our online marketing is only for our cause.

Can you imagine a world where many of the “ads” you consume are just to educate and inspire on a cause?

Help us influence the world massively on forestation.
Let’s start planting together now.


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