7 Online Marketing Mistakes You’re Making That Need To Stop | Neil Patel

You’re doing online marketing, but you’re finding that it’s really hard to get results no matter what you do. Today, I’m going to break down seven online marketing mistakes that you need to stop.

You’re probably wondering, you’re doing all these things, but why aren’t you seeing results?

Well, even if you’re doing the right things, if you’re also doing the wrong things at the same time, it’s going to hurt you and it’s going to avoid you from getting the results that you deserve.

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Mistake number one, not collecting emails.

It doesn’t matter how good you are with SEO or marketing, very small percentage of your visitors are ever going to convert into customers. By collecting emails, not only can you get people to come back to your site, but you can convince them to convert over emails.

The moment someone gives you their email address, think of that as a micro-commitment. They’re much more likely to convert into a customer because they committed.

They already gave you something. That’s why you want to collect emails. And you can do this through sliders or exit pop-ups.

You can do this for free using tools like Hello Bar.

The second mistake you’re making is you’re not collecting subscribers through push notifications.

Anytime you have new content or products or services that you want to sell, then you can notify ’em through Subscribers.

The reason tip number one, not collecting emails, and tip numbers on getting more push notification subscribers are really important is because you need to build a brand.

And this gets you into the third mistake. See, Google doesn’t want to rank sites that aren’t brands.

Why is this? There’s an issue out there called fake news. That’s why they’re pushing brands over anything else.

When you get people back to your site seven times, you’re much more likely to build a brand.

It’s called the Rule of 7 in marketing.

So with your site, you want to provide amazing user experience. And when you provide amazing user experience, create a great product, create a great service, it’ll help you build a
great brand over time.

The fourth mistake you’re making is not interlinking.

You may notice on Google, I’m ranking for terms like online marketing on page one.

You’re probably wondering, how did I do this?

Lot of it comes down to interlinking. In my sidebar, I link to my most popular pages of content. When I write blog posts related to online marketing, I link back to the online marketing guide that talks about what online marketing is.

By having all these links, it helps me rank higher. The fifth mistake I have for you is just focusing on text-based content.

The future of digital marketing is moving to video.

It doesn’t mean you should stop doing text, it means you should also be doing video.

When you do video, you’re going to get more traffic ’cause everyone’s lacking it.

LinkedIn wants it right now, YouTube wants more of it, Facebook wants it, Instagram even wants it.

Why is this? They want to crush the television networks. You look at things like the Oscars or traditional movie theaters, they’re not doing as well.

You look at traditional TV, they’re going to get crushed, why? It’s because of Facebook, it’s because of Google, it’s because of Netflix. So if you’re there creating that video content, you can be part of it and you’re going to get extra traffic because they want as much help as possible to crush these big, old school companies.

The sixth mistake that you’re making is you’re only sticking to a few marketing channels.

Marketing is competitive now. People raise venture capital, hundreds of millions of dollars, just so they can compete in marketing and sales.

You need to do more than one or two or three marketing channels.

The more you do, the better off you’re going to be.

The seventh mistake I have for you is not asking for the sale.

Whether it’s a lead or whether it’s getting people to buy your product, there’s nothing wrong with asking people to buy from you.

If you don’t, you’re not going to generate any sales.

So if you avoid those mistakes, you follow those tips, you’re going to generate more sales, do better at online marketing, and you’re going to crush it.

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Digital Marketing 101 | How Online Marketing Works

In this video you’re going to learn how marketing works and why the business model itself is not that important.

You see, to make any business successful, you’ll need 2 things.

1) Finding people interested in what you’ve got
2) Selling to these people

That’s the 2 main ingredients. Obviously there is so much more to it than that.

There are hundred, if not more, ways you can achieve that.

People often are getting these wrong.

It’s not the business model that is important, it’s these 2.

How do you drive traffic (find customers) to your offer ?

How do you make these people buy your stuff ?

We humans love to overcomplicate things.

What is the easiest way to convince a person in something ?

It’s face to face, right ?

How do you create the same feeling online ?

It’s not going to be by sending them to a crappy aliexpress product.

Selling is not that hard as long as you actually believe in what you sell.

Enjoy !


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