The NEW Rules Of Internet Marketing 2019: Deconstructing Mastery With Mike Long

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Watch this video all the way through to get the inside scoop behind the internet marketing industry straight from the man, the myth, the legend himself – Mike Long.

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Jason Capital is unemployable. He’s failed at 5 businesses. He believes the rat-race is no place for a lion like you.

Capital is the only entrepreneur to sell over $1,000,000 a year in 5 different industries before the age of 30. He was recognized as a Top 100 Entrepreneur by the White House and author of the best-selling book Higher Status. He is a Guest Contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine online.

Today, Jason Capital helps ambitious people replace rat-race life with laptop life. He lives on the beach in Puerto Rico and vacations at his second-home in Newport Beach, California with his longtime girlfriend Nataly Biskay and 2 french bulldogs.


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How to Learn Internet Marketing Online

In this video, I’ll tell you how to learn internet marketing online. I learned from a company called Wealthy Affiliate. In this video, I’ll tell you about their Free Starter Membership, and how you can get free classes about how to learn internet marketing online and be a full time, successful internet marketer like me. 😊



Wealthy Affiliate Review – Facts, Details and “The Catch”



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3 Online Marketing Blueprints | Online Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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Is online marketing saturated in 2019?

Is online marketing saturated?

With all of the promotions you see for “making money online” you would think that the online marketing would be saturated.

But currently there are over Four Billion Internet Users worldwide! Four Billion! In addition, here are other statistics* that are worth noting:

Over 4 Billion Google searches a day (and this number continues to rise)
4.5 Billion YouTube videos viewed every day
4 Million blog posts posted every day
53 Million photos uploaded to Instagram today
89 Million Tumblr posts made today
2.4 Billion Facebook users today

*these figures were gathered from

If you could only reach .0001% that is one ten thousandth, of the Four Billion Internet users worldwide, that means you would have an audience of 400,000! Take it even further, if you could only reach .00001% that is one hundred thousandth, you would have an audience of 40,000, and even further .000001% this is one millionth, you would have an audience of 4,000!

There are people out there that are looking for what you have to offer! So to say that internet marketing is saturated is to not know the actual numbers!

Internet marketing is in no way saturated. But there is plenty of room for all to be successful!
Why not YOU?

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Tips for marketing your busines online – 7 Internet Marketing Strategies

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Top 10 Online Marketing Tools For Your Network Marketing Business

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