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https://bit.ly/tbjtrafficwave Terri B. Jones, Black Owned Business Jacksonville, Florida shares 5 main elements needed to create podcast to profit and have online success.

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We’ll be discussing Small Business Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies for 2019.

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Online Marketing Business (step-by-step breakdown of my funnel)

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In this video I give a detailed explanation of my online marketing business with Clickfunnels. This includes step by step process of my own high converting sales funnel, and I also tell how you can start your own Online Affiliate Marketing by pretty much using all of the tools I have. I also give you irresistible bonus package if you join trough my link as well as free 4 day training. Sales funnels are 100% necessary to generate more leads and clients online. By understanding what is a sales funnel and how you can use them to your advantage, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve.

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Online Marketing Business

Was ist Online Marketing? Break Fast Marketing erklärt

In diesem Video erklären wir unseren Kunden und Partner was überhaupt Online Marketing ist.

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FUTURE INDIA ONLINE MARKETING seminar vedio/ 2/ 9826715993

जबरदस्त शुरुआत 01जनवरी 2019 से
*Company Name – FUTURE INDIA*
💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐 ——————————————————-
आज ही अपनी ID लगा कर टॉप पोजीशन पाए
*New Pree Launching 1/1/2019 Joining Start All India*

*💐 Contact 💐*

*👌दोस्तो मात्र 600/-रु. में ROI Base Income Plan with best product*

▫Powerful Promoter
▫Powerful Profile
▫Powerful Products
▫Powerful Plan
▫Powerful Instant Payout

🇨🇮 _*पूरे इंडिया में तहलका मचा दिया है इंडिया का सबसे बेहतरीन प्लान*_

*🥇Company Profile:-*
100 % Legal & ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

*💫_Joining Package:-_💫*




*💵Royalty Income:-*
(Fix Salary for 20 Weeks)

▪1:1 = Direct Joining 200x 20 Weeks = 4,000/-Rs
▪2:2 = Direct Joining 400x 20 Weeks = 8000/-Rs
▪5:5 = DirectJoining 1000x 20 Weeks = 20,000/-Rs
▪10:10= Direct Joining 2,000x 20 Weeks = 40,000/-Rs
▪20:20 = DirectJoining 4,000x 20 Weeks = 80,000/-Rs
▪50:50 = Direct Joining 10000x 20 Weeks = 2,00,000/-Rs
▪100:100= Direct Joining 20,000x 20 Weeks = 4,00,000/-Rs
▪200:200 = Direct Joining 40,000x 20 Weeks = 8,00,000/-Rs
▪500:500 = Direct Joining 1,00,000x 20 Weeks = 20,00,000/-Rs

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 *आप अनलिमिटेड डायरेक्ट स्पॉन्सर कर सकते है l*

*Non Working Income*

_( For Investers , For 20 week )_

*Investment Weekly Total*

1. 1800 200 4000
2. 3000 400 8000
3. 6600 1000 20000
4. 12600 2000 40000
5. 24600 4000 80000
6. 30600 5000 100000
7. 60600 10000 200000
8. 90600 15000 300000
9. 120600 20000 400000
10. 210600 35000 700000

*👉🏻Binary Income:-*

▪First Ratio 1:2 or 2:1
After that 1:1 Unlimited Level
*(1PV : 1PV = 100/-Rs)*

*Capping par Day 1500/-To 5,000/-*

*Joining Package* (per package)

*600 =1500/Daily*

*1200 =3,000/Daily*


*👬Direct Sponsor*
50%Income of your direct Sponsor Matching Income..

*Example* _आप जितना डायरेक्ट लगायेगें उनकी बाइनरी इनकम का 50% आपको आएगा अगर आपने 100 डायरेक्ट किया और सभी 1000×100=1,00,000/ Daily कमा रहे है तो आपको उनकी इनकम से 50,000/- Daily आएगा_

*Pement Stauts*
_🌹1 Second in Your Bank Account

*Joining links*

*Coprative Branch-*
SMS colony Mansrovar Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
( 302018 )

*Company Contact*


_*Call & Whatsapp-9826715993
*Thank you*

Online Marketing Machine by L4L

Your product and services need online marketing in order to have success. Learn about what is in the online marketing machine to build great traffic to your website for better sales. For a copy of the PowerPoint presentation with the links click here: https://bit.ly/2EbzwpB