Ep. 8 Online Marketing Mentality “You Do You” | Jordache Leiker

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Introduction to the Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 8

What’s up guys to Timothy with the marketing life podcast, and today I brought on a non marketer, her name is Jordache liker and the reason why I brought her on the show is I met this girl while back at Lake Powell and she had three rules that she shared with us and the reality of these rules is they are applicable to life in general, in the reality of it is it’s helped me through my marketing journey in my life and my business and I know these three things. If you guys apply them, it’s just going to help you become a better business owner, a better person all around, a better marketer, whatever your life goals is, it’s just going to make you a better person. So let’s dive in. Okay. What’s up guys? Today on the show, I have dash liker. This woman is a queen of all sorts. So jordache. Tell our audience today about you and your backstory.

Introduction to Jordache Leiker

Jordache: Okay, so I was born in draper. Well, I was born in California and I moved to draper, Utah where I grew up with my family and growing up I did a lot of competitive cheerleading and so me and my friends were always just running around cheering at football games, cheering allstar professionally. And then I went to college and I graduated from the University of Utah and I got my degree in human development and family studies and I thought I was going to go to PA school, so I was super excited about that and I want it to be a pediatric pa so I thought I’d get some experience with children and working with autism specifically because Utah has the highest rate of autism. It’s one in 33 kids here. So I started getting exposure to that and children with autism and I fell in love with it. So I actually withdrew my acceptance from PA school and I went and got my master’s in autism studies. Became a board certified behavior analyst and got my masters in special education. So now I am a director of an autism clinic here in Salt Lake City, Utah. And I also coached cheer Outta High School.

Jordache’s Famous Phrase

Taylor: That is so awesome. It sounds like you’re killing it in life gear, master’s degree, killer cheerleader. And just killing it. Thanks Stuart. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of why I really wanted to have you on this show today. So tell us about your famous phrase that you taught me and how this all came about.

Jordache: Okay. So while I was running around with my friends in the good old cheer days, um, we had these three rules of life and I think the one that stuck most with you, Taylor was rule number two, which is you do you. I’m a do me. And the reason we establish these rules is just we would be either at a party or a social gathering or could even just be at home trying to think of what we wanted to do. And we’re like, okay, so we got to have these rules. How are we gonna know if we want to stay somewhere, if we want to go somewhere, if you want to do something new. And they kind of just started off really immature. They were developed in high school and so rule number one was you got to stay hydrated. So that Kinda was applicable more to like the chair scene where we’d be like working out really hard.

We’d be like, in that environment where were like cut to stay hydrated, you know, we just ran a mile and then rule two was you, I’m going to do me. So we’d look at my friends and I’d be like, are you doing you? Yeah, I’m doing me. Okay, let’s do it. And then rule number three was you got to feel it. So if you weren’t feeling it doing, you are staying hydrated. You got to get out. So then those rules kind of grew as I grew essentially. So then we’d be somewhere either how to dance in high school or at a party and we’d look at each other. Are you hydrated? Are you doing you, are you feeling it? Okay, let’s do it. Um, but it’s kind of funny because even though they started off very immature as they’ve grown and as I’ve grown in my life and progressed, they really have become something that I’ve lived my life through a foundation, which sounds kind of ironic because they are very simple rules like hydration, doing you and feeling it.

Breakdown of Online Marketing & Lead Generation | Billy Gene is Marketing

A Breakdown of Online Marketing & Lead Generation with Billy Gene is Marketing

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Ep. 7 How Door Knocking Applies To Online Marketing

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Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 7

What’s up guys? Episode number seven of the marketing life podcast. I’m super excited today on this show. I brought on a man by the name of Justin tempest. This guy’s a door knocker and you guys might say, well why the crap are we having a door knocker on this marketing life podcast? And I will say I’ve been learning a lot about door knocking lately and there’s a lot of the same principles with doorknocking as is for online marketing. So let’s dive in.

Introduction to Justin Tempest

Taylor: What’s up guys? We have justin tempest on the show today. Justin, tell us your backstory, how you got into door knocking, door knocking.

Justin: Well, I just finished up my second year in the industry, so I’ve got a little bit of weight under my belt now. Last year when I started looking into the industry, I just felt like I had seen a lot of people do really, really well at it and they were my age and I felt like I had similar skill set that they had. So I started poking around at the industry, trying to find what I wanted to sell a what company I wanted to sell with, what my short term goals were in long longterm goals at the time I wanted to be a doctor wanting to go into orthopedic surgery and was starting a degree at Uvu and Utah in biology to get that done.

And so my goal with door knocking was to really make as much as I could during college where when med school started, I could, I could have that be mostly out of pocket and keep down on the student loans. And as I started poking around at different companies, I found out that I wanted to sell pest control. Um, I wanted to kill bugs and as I, as I found the right company that I felt like worked well for me, it was a startup company. So there’s a company that I felt like that I could plug in at the very, very first day and help build a company into something great as opposed to just plugging into something that was already existing. And so after just finishing my second year with anthem pest control as both an individual and also the company, second year we’ve, we’ve crushed it.

We’ve done really, really well and just finished my first year managing a team and did a just near 2000 accounts as a network, which is really good to see. That’s awesome man. So doorknocking you’re here now today. So what do you do in the door knocking like scenario, like give, give the audience an understanding of door knocking because I just started, you know, kind of helping in this industry with marketing for Sam Taggart. But like what? Like tell the audience about how this goes down. How does the doorknocking industry work? It is, it’s intense man. There’s like there is no type of sales in my opinion that’s more direct and hits you in the mouth. Like, like door to door. It’s literally as simple as going to a neighborhood just like the one that you probably live in and you’ve seen it before. Guys walk up to the door and knock on it and they have a pitch they’ve got to enter, entertain you for 30 seconds to get another 30 seconds.

And if you’ve ever been sold something door to door, by the end of it, you find that it’s actually a really good experience for both the seller and the consumer, which I find pretty satisfying when, you know, you go in a neighborhood and you have eight, nine, 10 hours to make things happen and it’s really all up to you. So in my industry selling pest control, I go to markets that are, tend to tend to be really buggy is what we call them. So I started in Atlanta, Georgia for the last two years and when I would knock on the door, when they would hear that I’m selling pest control is already pretty natural to hear that because it’s something where you have to use pest control and Atlanta. Um, and so it was, it was really neat to start in this industry, in the market with selling something that’s already pretty, pretty known in pretty well used.

Um, but yeah, it’s literally just, you know, I always think about Mike Tyson, he has a quote where he says everybody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth and I think anyone who does door to door has looked into it, has a plan, okay, I’ve done my role plays, I know the pitch and all of the product or service I’m selling. But when you get that first hard now or that first door slam, like how do you react to that? That’s what dictates how successful you are in this. And I think that that segues really well into life as well. How well do you react when you get in the mouth?

Become An Expert At Door Knocking For Your Business

Taylor: That’s awesome man. That is really awesome. Doorknocking definitely have seen it. People get smacked in the face a lot.

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Ep. 2 Learning About Taylor Timothy And His Online Marketing Expertise

Learn more about me, Taylor Timothy, and how I got into online marketing. Listen to how I learned about facebook marketing, youtube marketing, google ads marketing and much, much more!