Phone/Messenger Tips for Online Marketing

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Regardless of whether they opted-in to your Sales Funnel pages & offers, your Blog, or ANY WEBSITE YOU OWN:

• It’s about THEM, not you…
The best thing I learned about public speaking was it’s not about me, it is about the message. The best thing I learned in marketing is, it’s not about me, it’s about them. Have a normal everyday conversation and discover things about their lives. People can be very interesting. Stop “vomiting” your business/opportunity all over people.
I also never ask a question that I have not volunteered my information first. Hey, I am from Colorado, where in this world are you from? Sometimes when I talk to people, I feel like I am being interrogated vice having a conversation. Yes, I do write notes in my Customer Relationship Manager, (CRM). That way next time I talk to them I have the information at my fingertips. (Message me if you need a CRM for your Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing Business).

• Discover where you can ADD VALUE, provide a solution, and make their lives better…
I look for pain points and see where I can help. I get so many DMs on Instagram on how they can double my business, get me more leads, have a better business……. without even saying “hi” or seeing if I have a pain point in that area.
If you are going to Brand yourself and want to be in the home-based business for the long haul, your main focus has to be, “Where can I Add Value”. You also have to be willing to walk away if you can’t add value. If someone is happy in their home-based business, has leads and training, has a CRM…Best I can do is offer friendship, and that is ok by me. My reputation is much more important than a quick buck.

• Remember, they asked YOU for help by opting into YOUR website… this is a BIG mind-shift & distinction! Simply call/message them back to see if you can help.

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