Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC – #passion4digital – Learn about Digital and Social Media Marketing from the #passion4digital community developed by five universities a digital marketing recruitment agency and a global community of collaborators.

Meet the academic team:

Salford Business School, University of Salford:
Dr Aleksej Heinze;
Dr Fletcher Gordon;
Dr Rashid Tahir;

University of Lodz:
Dr Bartosz Kalinowski;
Dr Kurzyk Bartłomiej;

Kaunas University of Technology:
Prof Gatautis Rimantas;
Dr Elena Vitkauskaite;

University of National and World Economy
Professor Milanka Slavova;

CITY College, University of Sheffield
Dr Cruz Ana;

And commercial partner and digital marketing recruitment specialists:

The Candidate Ltd
Colin Telford


How to start Digital Marketing-online marketing as a Beginner

How to start Digital Marketing-online marketing as a Beginner

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that refers to marketing with digital media on the internet. It’s a marketing strategy that uses search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, email campaigns, and online advertising to promote a brand and bring in more customers to a business. The world of digital marketing can seem overwhelming, but once you know the basic strategies and how to implement them, it’s much easier than you think.
Digital marketing sees constant change and requires a forward-thinking mind. You have to be a pioneer, continually championing the latest industry changes. You also have to have a collaborative spirit and be willing to work with other departments.

An appreciation for branding is also essential as you will have to build an online presence that reflects the brand. An analytical mind is helpful as you will have to look at data and learn how to extract the pertinent information that will keep your strategy strong. In a nutshell, you have to be tried and true in your beliefs that digital marketing reigns supreme, keep up to date to support your opinions, but also work well with others, so people want to help see your ideas come to fruition

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What is Digital Marketing? | Seminar conducted by EduPristine

Empowering Professionals for a power-packed career in Digital Marketing.

Here is the glimpse of the Digital Marketing seminar by Nidhi Singh, GM & Marketing Head of EduPristine

Comment for more information about Digital Marketing Career/ Scope/ Salary in India.

Enquire for Digital Marketing Master Program-

EduPristine’s Digital Marketing Master Program will not just train you to become an industry-ready Digital Marketeer, but our Career Services team makes sure you get all the support you need even after the program. The team guides you with the right opportunities and helps you get a job as per your interest.

The Digital Marketing Master Program is an intensive 100+ hours program designed and delivered by industry veterans for high-performing individuals who want to get practical and experiential learning, along with soft skills and placement assistance.

25+ Modules | 100+ Hours | 40+ Tools | 15+ Certificates | ACE

Practical & Experiential Learning + Soft Skill Training = Market Ready Professionals

Join our upcoming batch in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

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About EduPristine :

EduPristine is a member of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE), a global education provider headquartered in the United States. Adtalem is a $1.2 billion (INR 7560 crores) company that has about nine institutions and companies with more than 16,000 employees spread across 145 locations. Adtalem takes pride in training 142,000 degree-seeking students all over the world. The organization’s purpose is to empower students to achieve their goals, find success and make inspiring contributions to our global community. EduPristine is one of India’s leading training providers in Analytics, Accounting, Finance, Healthcare, and Marketing. Founded in 2008, EduPristine has a strong online platform and network of classrooms across India and caters to self-paced learning and online learning, in addition to classroom learning.

free online digital marketing training

free online digital marketing training
Do you feel that you are a beginner and want to learn digital marketing training from scratch?
Are you someone who feels lost after doing internet marketing course from a reputed institute? You might feel you wasted your parents’ hard-earned money.
Are you a person who is quite fascinated by earning online convention?
Are you frustrated with your 9 to 5 job and want to start something of your own?

You know what you have tried everything in your arsenal. Maybe you have spent lakhs of rupees learning digital marketing through various institutes and still, you land up nowhere. Even some of you might have tried online digital marketing course but felt that it’s not offering you any value. You feel guilty that you have spent lots of money on doing internet marketing course. But still, haven’t earned a penny? You feel that you have wasted your parents’ hard-earned money. You feel defeated from inside.

But let me tell you friends all this has happened with me too. I was just like one of you when I started.

The journey from Untold Pain to Untold Gain

If you can relate to any of the questions above, then my friend you are in the right place. I can relate to you.
So you might be thinking “Who Am I”?
You might have a question in your mind as to why should you listen to me?
Let me tell you in brief about my story.
My name is Anamitra I am the founder of SquadNinja where I provide digital marketing training to people. But you need to know about my background first.
This is because only then you would be able to relate as to why I came up with a free online digital marketing course.
I have 10-11 years of experience in the IT industry. I started my career as a developer and gradually moved on to becoming a project manager over the years.

There was a time when I too was in a job as you, I did not love doing.
It used to burn me from inside as to do I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life?
Then one day, I decided to change my life once and for all. I put down my papers and left the job.

This is because I always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and doing something of my own. Like you all, I was too fascinated by the term online earning. But you know what, it was not easy. My family was against it. This is because I left a well-paying job and started focusing on learning digital marketing tutorials. But still, I went ahead with my decision since I wanted to do something for myself.
I along with few of my friends who were colleagues of mine started an online education platform called “My Mirror”. It was an online education portal for GATE students.

Our thought process being a beginner was like that the day we will launch it, it will skyrocket. We were of the impression that we will become a millionaire soon. But guess what we failed to get traffic to our site. You know why? Because we failed to learn the basic concept that is “Marketing”.

We were not able to get people on board. We also could not afford traditional marketing channels as you know its way too expensive. During that time we got some know-how that there is something called online digital marketing.

Hence during our learning journey, we decided to learn about all aspects of marketing. This is because digital marketing tutorial is all about marketing only. As a result, we did a lot of hard work, went through many courses and took the help of the internet.

But during this journey, I struggled a lot and realised that there are a lot of courses available most of which are useless and not adding any significant value in the life of those who want to learn digital marketing.

I knew within that digital marketing is the skill which has the power to change the lives of many people. This is what gave birth to my online portal “” and that is how I decided to come up with a free online digital marketing course. The aim was to train millions of people worldwide about the biggest opportunity which they can make use of for their benefit.

A magical solution to help you get rid of your worries
During my journey of learning, I did several courses. I invested my time as well as cost. But still, I found one thing missing. Want to know what that thing is!! Well, that is “Genuine” to help others.

It pained me to see that most of the trainers in this field were charging huge amount of money for teaching. Also, the courses which I did only provide me with more theoretical knowledge and less of practicality and I realized I was back to square one.

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✅Difference Between Digital Marketing Online VS Classroom Course Which One to Choose?(In Hindi)

Are you looking for a digital marketing course? or confused which training you need to opt in either it is online or classroom digital marketing training.

✅Don’t worry in this i have explained major difference between online vs offline classroom digital marketing training.

In this video I have discussed which mode of Digital Marketing Course is helpful to learn digital marketing, and answer How to select right digital marketing course for you.

If you want to work from comfort Zone then you can go with online digital marketing course .. ✅

if you want personal touch from a mentor and want your doubts get resolved immediately the you can go with classroom digital marketing course. ✅

if you talk about fees both course have the same fees also if you are worried about course curriculum then these both are also the same.

BUT .. Classroom training is the highly recommended because it gives you more exposure also includes lots of case study of big brands how they have grown up with the power of digital marketing.

➥➥➥If you want more clarity and information you can email us at

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Online Digital Marketing Training Courses Content | Digital Marketing Learning Benefits

Online Digital Marketing Training Courses Content | Digital Marketing Learning Benefits
Each slide focuses on a different aspect of Digital Marketing.
In groups, brainstorm the answers to each questions.
Draw from your own knowledge to elaborate the concepts presented ( YOU are the marketing experts)
What is digitalmarketing?
Why are people goingonline?
Benefits of digitalmarketing
What does digital marketing consistof?
How digital marketingevolved
Search engine optimization(SEO)
Pay per click(PPC)
Social media Marketing(SMM)
Digital marketingmeasurement
What is digitalmarketing?
relationshipsthroughonlineactivitiestofacilitatetheexchange products, and services that satisfy the goals of bothparties.
For information on a new product, service orlocation
If they have aquestion
If they are looking forhelp
If they want more information on certain individuals ororganizations
General information (maybe aboutyou…)
Over traditional marketing*
Puts the consumer incontrol
Provides convenience
Increases satisfaction
Drives brandloyalty
Reduces the sellingcycle
Reduces the cost ofsales
Builds yourbrand
Provides targetedresults
It is measurable*
Cost effective*
Website design (userexperience)
Search engine optimization (SEO)*
Pay per click (PPC) *
Social media marketing (SMM)*
Display advertising (bannerads)
Online reputation management(ORM)
Reachingthe rightaudience
To engage with youraudience
To motivateyour audience to takeaction
Efficient spending on yourcampaign
Return on investment(ROI)
Online SEO Training & Digital Marketing Training in India Call for Demo 9316222260 digital marketing methodologies. We specialize in both classroom training and online training. Further, provides advanced digital marketing coaching with catering to Corporate, Individuals and Educational Institutions. Our digital marketing mentors hail from diversified entrepreneurship background thereby, training our learning people in an exhaustive manner.

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum is designed and updated as per latest digital marketing industry standards and the content of the course is refreshed with the advancements in the subject. We coach on the following key modules: – Digital Marketing Basics, SEO Training (Search Engine Optimization), SEM(Search engine Marketing) /Google Adwords/ PPC (Pay Per Click) Training, SMO training(Social Media Optimization), Social Media Marketing training, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, ORM(Online Reputation Management), Google Analytics and E-mail Marketing training

The NEW Digital Marketing Millionaire Career Path 🎙LTLP #87 Matt Laker

The one and only Matt Laker sits down with Riley Bennett to discuss the New Education Revolution, online courses, digital nomadism, digital entrepreneurship, international business, and the pros and cons of traditional college.

If you know a millennial who wants to be a new rich internet millionaire, do international business, or to start an online business and make money online to be free, share this video.

Interested in joining Matt’s University – dm me on IG

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Want to be a DIGITAL NOMAD but not sure where to start?

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how I learn digital marketing at home|google marketing certification|digital marketing certificate

If you are looking for how to learn digital marketing at home you are in the right video. Here Diptanu Shil will explain how you can get google marketing certification. We will show you the path to get digital marketing certificate fully free of cost.

No need to go for digital marketing training, you can learn on your own and get google marketing certification.

I learn all google digital marketing course on my own from the internet. I never went for any digital marketing academy to learn digital marketing courses, all I learn from the internet.

Check this below link to know more about the Digital Marketing Certification:

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Digital Marketing Course Demo | Advantages| Carrier Guide | Online Earning

Digital Marketing Course Demo | Advantages| Carrier Guide | Online Earning

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Learn FREE Practical Digital Marketing Course in Hindi – Tutorial For Beginner

I am the Digital Marketing Specialist with experience in Social Media Marketing, SEO and Google Adwords. Digital Marketing is not only the trending field but also the great opportunities for a businessman to grow and job seekers with high packages. I am also expert in Digital Marketing Training by Profession. Self-learning is my Key point. And training in Digital Marketing is my hobby.
This video is all about digital marketing.
Now lets clear some basic concepts.

1. What is Digital Marketing?
Defining Digital marketing is very easy, it’s marketing with the help of digital media platform like social media, google, email, etc.
There is 137 Crore population of India and 55 crores are the live internet users according to the 2018-2019 statistic. It will be increased to 85 crores till 2020-2021.

2. What are the Opportunities in Digital Marketing?
For Business Owners:
As the speed of internet is increasing, that increases the use of the internet. So if your business is not online then your competitors will be. so there is a huge and urgent need of the online presence of every business with digital marketing.

For Job Seekers:
As every business is going online which parallelly generates the need for digital marketing job opportunities.
In India, there are around 20 Lakhs job opportunities available in 2018-2019.

For Freelancers:
This is a huge opportunity sector which includes housewives, school and college students, graduates and working professionals those who are looking for extra income.

For Working Professionals:
Digital marketing will add value to your resume so that you can have a good and handsome package.

3. What do you need to learn Digital Marketing?
The first requirement is to have a Good Internet Connection for watching my videos and performing and running the practical sessions. Second is a Laptop or a PC.

4. Why 60k Digital Marketing course Free?
That is my vision to increase the literacy rate in India and to contribute to remove unemployment with this Free Digital Marketing campaign. In this course, I am going to cover Basic to Advanced all Digital marketing modules with practical implementation.
For Practical Knowledge, I am going to provide assignments and worksheets, which I am going to upload on my Instagram profile and Facebook page.

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Comment below for any questions and from which topic you will like to learn with me.

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