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Die besten Traffic Tipps im Online Marketing Teil 4 | Gratis

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Heute erzählt Dir Lars Pilawski seine erfolgreichsten Traffic Tipps die er in den letzten Jahren als Online Marketer entdeckt und für seine Kunden optimiert hat. Exclusiv für seine Youtube Zuschauer verpackt er diese in einer 4 Teiligen Serie. Viel Spaß.

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Mis niets van het belangrijkste online marketing nieuws! Maandelijks delen we de vijf belangrijkste headlines van afgelopen maand in Nieuwsalarm.

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Digital Marketing Consulting | How to Sell Linkedin Marketing Services

How to package a Linkedin Platform.
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If you have a firm grasp on the LinkedIn platform, there are some clients who would love to receive your services, but you’ve got to package them in a way where it’s easy to say yes. Let’s talk about that in today’s video.
Hey, it’s Alzay Calhoun with Coveted Consulting. If you’re in the B2B niche and you understand the LinkedIn platform, there are some clients who could really appreciate your expertise and what you have to say, offer, and sell in this space. If you don’t package your services well, then you just become another digital marketing expert with lots of theories and tools and toys. How do we make that shift? Let’s do that right now. You know that you got to plot out your services better. Your clients begins at a certain place and they want to be at this end place. Your services must take them there as fast as you possibly can. How might that play out? Let’s look at a few examples. A common place where clients need help is with their actual profile.

What might that service look like so you can get them to their desired result quickly? They want an improved profile. Now, what I want to remind you about that improved profile is that you need to be measuring something at the end. It can’t just be do you like it?

Make sure that whatever you create at the end can be measured so that you and your client both know if you have a win. Going backwards, there’s no way you can create the improved profile unless you have edited the actual copy.

You may have had this conversation where you try to figure out what are you really trying to say because maybe you have multiple backgrounds, things you could highlight, where are you trying to go, who are you trying to be aware to, how do you want to be aware of you, etc., etc. Now, let’s look at LinkedIn in terms of lead generation. If what your client wants are a certain number of leads at the end of the day, then how might your service work to get them there as fast as you possibly can?

If they want two leads, then we got to call that out. At the end of the day, make sure that whatever you create can be measured. You must make sure that you and your client can agree on an objective win. Now, let’s move backwards.

How does all that work? You’ve got to be clear about that and you can’t create or curate anything unless we’re clear on who we’re targeting. Are we trying to reach 10 clients or 10 prospects or trying to reach 10,000? Because if your client sells $100,000 software services, there may only be 10 clients that they need to reach out to. The point here is that you have a step by step process that gets them to an agreed upon goal. Your job is to make sure that not only are you clear about this when you describe your services when you market it to people, but that you can execute it with this same level of clarity.

If we’re talking about the improved profile, you’ve got to have a method to get clients clear on their own goals because they might not be clear on their own goals. Whatever method you apply has to get them clear on their goals. Whatever method that you have must get them clear on whatever best projects that they want to market or make people aware of.

Same thing down here. You’ve got to be able to quickly get your client to a target list. You go to quickly get your client to creating new content or curating content. Your method, your internal method of delivery has to get them clear and distribute the content for them then you can talk about these lead generation numbers. There are a number of ways to organize your services. You could do more of these steps or fewer these steps. You’ve got to be not only clear in how you explain it, but clear in how you deliver it. The more organized you are in that process, the easier it is for better and better clients to say yes, and that’s what I want for you. You’re the LinkedIn expert. You know what to do. Take a stab at it. I’ll see you in the next video.

Hey, it’s Alzay again and I really hope you enjoyed that video. I realize that things can look really simple and clean and neat and easy when they’re laid out on a whiteboard, but trying to apply these things inside your business can have their own level of frustration. What do you do now? What are your next steps? Well, if you want to watch another video, you can. If you want to subscribe to the channel, you probably should. If you’re over the information and you want help packaging and selling your unique consulting services, there’s a program that I have and you can get information on that program via a free training available right now on this page somewhere.

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