Is Online Marketing Disguised As Games Making Kids Obese? | TIME

A statement by the the American Academy of Pediatrics says interactive marketing of junk food online may be contributing to child obesity. TIME’s Alice Park shows a few examples of how companies are reaching kids online
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Is Online Marketing Disguised As Games Making Kids Obese? | TIME

EN – SKEMA Business School – MSc Digital Marketing

Find the REPLAY & THE ANALYSIS by Campus-Channel for this program here:

00:12 The Pitch
01:38 What are some of the companies we get to work on the program business projects and what are the assignments?
03:46 Can you give more information on the additional Google and PMI certifications this master’s delivers?
06:58 If we are doing real work for companies, do we get paid for it?
09:10 I know you say there are a lot of tech companies on the French Riviera, but are there more in Paris?
11:37 What scholarships do you offer to help with tuition?
12:13 How much direct contact do we have with the company’s on the real-world project? Do grads ever get hired?
14:49 Three Words Max
16:03 Where do the teachers come from? Are they academics or full-time employees in companies?
18:15 Do I need to speak French for this program? Are classes offered?
20:49 I have been working as a social media community manager the last three years. Can my professional experience validate related courses?
23:06 There are a lot of classes on project management in the second module that all sound the same. What’s the difference?
25:35 Where do students usually live? I’ve heard it’s hard to find housing as a foreigner.
26:42 What’s the average salary for jobs after this program?
30:08 What’s the average of scores on the GRE and GMAT of applicants?
30:45 The Expert Question
30:57 The Expert Question: The job market for digital marketing jobs seems to be growing but becoming more and more saturated with qualified candidates. How does your program position graduates for top consideration?
34:43 What’s student life like at Sophia-Antipolis? Are there associations or activity groups?
37:27 Does this school have career services or job fairs to help us find internships and jobs?
39:58 Conclusion

Online Marketing Klinik für Werbetreibende auf der d3con University 2017

Tipps und Tricks der führenden Experten: Jens Jokschat (RTA Experte & Entrepreneur), Christian Ulitzka (Unidesq), Felix Janzen (InnoGames), Carsten Becker (MediaCom). Mario Widmann (Echte Liebe)

Business insight : จับเทรนด์การตลาดออนไลน์ปี 2017 (Online Marketing) ตอน 1 #16-01-17

จับเทรนด์การตลาดออนไลน์ปี 2017
คุณ ชัยพนธ์ ชวาลวณิชชัย นักการตลาดดิจิทัล