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Kostenloses Marketing für kleine Unternehmen? Local SEO Tutorial auf Deutsch

Onpage SEO Guide:

MyBusiness Eintrag erstellen:

Local SEO Check:
inkl. Aller Verzeichnisse, bei denen man sich registrieren kann Markups:

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Bei den Links im Video und in der Videobeschreibung handelt es sich teilweise um Affiliate-Links, die mir helfen diesen Kanal zu finanzieren. Wenn du über einen dieser Links ein Produkt oder Dienstleistung erwirbst, erhält der Kanal dadurch eine Provision. Für dich entstehen dadurch allerdings keinerlei Mehrkosten, in einigen Fällen wird es für dich durch exklusive Vereinbarungen sogar günstiger. Ich gehe mit Affiliate-Links sehr verantwortungsvoll um und empfehle nur Dienstleistungen und Produkte von deren Nutzen und Mehrwert ich überzeugt bin, und die ich selber nutze.

Fastest $1,000/Month Business In 2019 Using Google | [REAL EXAMPLES]

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Here is arguably the fastest way to make money online using Google as the middleman for businesses

Free SEO Training:

In this video, I cover what I believe to be the easiest way to get local businesses to pay you. Local businesses need more clients and they generally don’t want to pay for newspaper advertising

Google search marketing is the new eye candy for business owners because of the free clicks, advertising opportunities, and most importantly more leads for their business

I cover some unique ways our digital marketing agency will be servicing clients based on some of the new things Google is releasing



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Digital agency pricing model:

How to start your agency:

How digital agencies will be different in 2019:

Have digital marketing agencies become saturated?

3 easy services you can sell as a digital marketing agency:

Small Business Online Marketing by XM Digital

XM Digital, Inc. is a full-service software development and digital marketing agency based in Cary, North Carolina.

We provide web design and marketing solutions to small businesses, HVAC, Plumbing, Landscaping, Pest Control Companies and the entire construction industry that drive results.

By the way, we are also DBE, SBE & SPFS Certified.

The Best Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Online Marketing Strategies

Read the associated blog here:

There are a plethora of SEO tools available online to improve the digital marketing strategies of businesses. These tools work differently, so it is necessary to find what works for your business. Here at MojoSEO, we can help potential customers find you on leading search engines and make sure you use the keywords most relevant to your business. Grow your business by calling 720-439-6715.

Visit our website!

Small Business Local Online Marketing – Clicks Magazine Issue 55

Inside the latest issue of Clicks Magazine:

Capture More Email Leads with These 5 Sure-Fire Strategies

Email marketing is old school. But it remains a crucial opportunity to connect with potential leads and turn them into loyal customers. Email marketing might not be new but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to ignore it. And to help you kick your lead generation into high gear, we will cover 5 sure-fire email marketing strategies any business can boost their bottom line using.

Create Killer Content Without Writing A Single Word with Content Collaboration

What if you could create better content with less work? If you’re screaming, “Sign me up!” then you’re not alone. Content creation is a lot of work. It takes time, expertise, and attention to detail. So how can you create great content for your business, without actually doing all the legwork yourself? The solution is – drum roll, please – NOT DOING EVERYTHING YOURSELF. I’m talking here about content collaboration and it can be a game changer for your business. Here’s what you need to know.

AdWords is D-D-Dying… Say Hello Google Local Service Ads!

I’m sorry that I have to break it to you but… AdWords is dying. Well, I’m not that sorry because Google Local Service Ads are a better option for local businesses than AdWords ever was. Why? Because it’s designed especially for local businesses. So, let’s talk about it – and about the Google Guarantee Badge.

Local SEO VS National SEO Explained

You’ve got your SEO all figured out, right? Well… maybe. Perhaps you’ve done a ton of research to find great keywords. You’ve optimized your links and tags. Guess what? If your business is local and you haven’t focused on local SEO, then the chances are good that you’re falling behind your competitors without realizing it. All SEO is not created equal and for small businesses, local SEO is where it’s at. So, if you’re a small business owner, this article was written for you!

See New Patients at your Optometry Practice with Online Marketing

Are you looking for new customers for your optometry business? Are you struggling to find them? Do you want to know which advertising medium has the best return on investment for you? There are a lot of options out there. Let us break them down for you. Users are constantly searching online for new services. Let us tell you how to reach them and bring them in the door!

4 Easy Steps to Marketing Your Local Business Online

Getting more people to your storefront used to be hard before the Internet, but not anymore. Through 4 steps you can get more localized traffic.
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Step #1: Get into the local pack. When you perform a search for any localized term you’ll notice a map at the top and 3 localized listings. You want your business to be placed within there.

By setting up Google My Business you are likely to get placed in there. Just submit your business name, address, and phone number.

Step #2: Optimize for localized SEO. Under the local pack are organic listings, you can also be placed there.

Place localized keywords within your webpage. Make sure you also include your address, location and contact details on your website.

Once you do that ask your local chamber of commerce to mention your business. By getting localized links you will rank higher for local keywords.

Step #3: Increase your click through rate. Having a well-placed listing doesn’t ensure you will get traffic.

Generate more reviews so you can get more clicks. You can do this by asking your customers to leave reviews online.

Also, use schema markup so your listing stands out. If you are using WordPress the Yoast SEO plugin will automatically add schema markup.

Step #4: Don’t rely on Google. Use sites like Tripadvisor and Yelp to get more local traffic. Encourage reviews on these sites and do whatever you can to satisfy customers.

When someone leaves a bad review, take their feedback to heart and work on improving the experience for future customers.

Best Local SEO Digital Marketing Agency London Make Your Leads Generation Make Profits 2019

Welcome to your SEO Digital Marketing Experts London where we seek business owners who are searching for more leads and customers online from their Digital Marketing budget. We understand that it can not be easy both running your business and plus try to keep ahead with your online marketing efforts, as both of these things take time, money and energy to get the correct results that you desire.

Transcript of video is at the end of this page.

There are so many different avenues online where you are able to promote your company, that I can hear you saying to yourselves which ones are for us and will give our brand both higher visibility and a return on your investment. You still are required to do something though as you have to try to reach the potential customers that are there.

This is where us at Paramount Enterprises come in as with our vast knowledge of the Digital Marketing industry we will by first analysing your current marketing and finding out exactly where you are looking to take your organisations. Then and only then will we be able to make a suitable recommendation of what is the correct advertising avenues to deliver for you.

It could be Google SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, You Tube Marketing, Google Business, Bing and Yahoo advertising or one of the other networks such as Linkedin or Twitter to name two.

What you can be positive of is that we will set up a comprehensive plan that will both increase your brand awareness plus give your company a return on its investment so that you we will be able to grow your business as planned.

To take advantage of the above we welcome you to arrange a free 30 minutes consultation with us so we can start to take you to where you deserve to be, so call us today on 020-3488-1159 or go to and complete the contact form and we will be in touch shortly to arrange a suitable time for your consultation.

good day this is Neil the founder of Paramount Enterprises your premier
digital marketing agency in London and surrounding cities if you’re watching
this video today I’ll assume that you’re either a managing director, company
director, operations director, facilities manager or marketing director
and you are looking and striving to increase the lead conversions and
customers that enter your business most of you who watch this will be spending
some advertising budget and have a marketing strategy in place but are not
seeing the correct return on investment. I understand that doesn’t sit right
it doesn’t feel good there are also so many different advertising and marketing
channels that you can put your budgets through but they are not all the
same. We’re not all Samsung or Pepsi we don’t have these unlimited marketing budgets
so when we spend and invest our company’s hard-earned money it is paramount that we get the strategy correct are you feeling me does that sound a bit like any of you. what I can promise you if you let paramount enterprises take over your digital marketing
Three things first of all we will do a full analysis of your website and your social media and other advertising properties. We will see what you’re doing at the moment and what is correct and what is not then we can properly plan a strategy moving forward to
correct the mistakes that are there and to enhance and improve the performance
because it’s no good throwing gold onto plastic so anything to be fixed will be done first.
So now we’re on a solid foundation to start our market depending on your industry & goals will depend on the marketing platform that we will look to enhance both your brand and your return on your investment. We are specialists in the whole of the digital
marketing whether it’s paid search, SEO, social media marketing, website design or reputation management you can rest assured as an organisation we are going to do what’s best for your business because we always believed in delivering a return on your investment or how can we expect you to keep us on.
We offer our prospects free 30 minutes consultation where we go through what you require, where you see your business going and how quick you like to get there, we will show you what Paramount Enterprises can do for your business and if we both decide we’re a correct fit for each other we can then put up a proposal for you.
looking at the next stage for this is call us today on 020-3488-1159 or go to and complete the contact form and one of our team will be in touch shortly if you’re watching it on youtube subscribe we going to be giving many educational information on how businesses can improve their online marketing strategies thanks for listening and I real very look forward
to welcoming you to digital marketing family of Paramount Enterprises and getting your company and brand the success and rewards it deserves have a great day
speak soon




Cruz Online Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency in Houston, Tx, that is tailored to your needs as a Texas small business owner; that means no more wasting your marketing budget on strategies that may not benefit your company.

Local Seo Houston, Website Design & Hosting, Content Creation & Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

At Cruz Online Marketing in Houston, we build on your successes, we fix areas that don’t produce a great return on investment and deliver the ROI you want to see.

Our goal is to act as trusted advisors when creating profitable growth via marketing for all of the different business goals.

We believe that no two projects are the same, so we work with you to develop a unique plan customized directly to your needs. We strive to give you a results-driven marketing experience. Local SEO Texas is beneficial for any local Texas business.