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We offer three comprehensive marketing packages designed to get your business online quickly. After learning your business needs and studying your industry, we will help you find ideal clients online who will convert to customers much more frequently. Contact us today to find out more

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Amanuela Digital Marketing

Hi, I am Amanuel Agajjie – a Digital Marketing Expert (Web Designer, SEO Specialist, Graphics Designer, Photographer, Social Media Advertiser, Marketing Specialist…) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After more than five years in the Web & digital design industry, I think of myself as a hardworking, loyal, reliable, and a highly skilled creative person. I can work closely with you as a freelance website professional to “Take your business online”, “Get your message across”, and “Make your website work for you”

As a marketing professional with extensive online and digital experience I have spent the last five years working in a number of marketing branding and advertising capacities. As the current Digital Marketing Expert for Ethiopian Airlines I provide outreach to various online outlets monitor campaign statistics and analyze data. I am creative and personable with an attention for detail. My unique vision allows me to see various market segments to which a product or service may appeal and I have the ability to reach those audiences successfully. I believe that my five years of online marketing experience along with my proven ability to achieve return on investment make me a stellar partner for your Digital Marketing. I have headed many successful digital marketing campaigns incorporating bloggers social media and online advertising to create recognizable brand imaging and the kinds of concrete numbers companies strive for. My portfolio will demonstrate the ways in which I utilize creativity design and outreach to develop outstanding online marketing strategy.
Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss about your project. I look forward to hearing from you.

Importance of Digital Marketing (Whiteboard animation)

Importance of Digital Marketing by Raster Base

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Raster Base Web Hosting and Web Design Company offers FREE domain and hosting with all our website design plans.

Mackitron Digital Marketing Agency

Mackitron is an IT and Development firm location in Mumbai, India, with a keen understanding of the Digital World, as well as a thoughtful approach to online brand positioning.

We believe that high-quality work shouldn’t come at a high price or through complicated processes, which is why we’ve built a reputation around creating products that not only look amazing but are also easy to use and packed with brilliant features.

Services we offer: Responsive Web Design; Mobile Application Development; Explainer Video , Promotional Video , 3D Packshot Video; Design and Branding; IT Consultation; Digital Marketing Campaigns; SEO; Social Media Marketing ; Online Marketing Campaigns; Facebook and Google Advertising; Email Marketing, and much more.
Call For More Details : Mahesh= 9664704733
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webVDEO, a video driven web design & online marketing company located in Los Angeles, California. – (888) 558-2263

We specialize in responsive web design & development, video production, social media & search engine optimization, logo design, graphic design and mobile & desktop app development.

Web Video Production & Marketing –
We produce high quality, full HD videos which attract and engage visitors, build brand enthusiasm, enhance the user experience, and spread virally through YouTube and other social media channels.

Web Design & Development –
We design & develop all our websites with a retina ready responsive design that will look universally great on a tablet, smartphone and pc.

Graphic Design –
We combine stunning photography, creative layouts and smart designs to ensure effective branding and graphic design services that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Online Marketing –
We combine the latest search engine & social media optimization techniques to effectively run your online marketing campaign that will help your business be found on search engines and convey the image of a fortune 500 company.

App Development –
We use the latest technologies & our innovative designs to create powerful apps that function as well as they look for all platforms.

Visit us at to find out how we can effectively brand your company to significantly grow your business and enhance your online presence.

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Pixel Brew – Longmont, Colorado Website Design, Branding, and Online Marketing Company

Running a business is never easy. No matter what obstacles you face in your personal or professional life that veer you off the path, you must get back up and keep going. At Pixel Brew, we know what it’s like for small business owners to take on the challenge of running a successful business. Our passion is to help you with everything from marketing to web design and development and everything in between to allow you to spend your time focusing on the main goal to enable your business to become as successful as possible.

Web Design & Online Marketing | Grow Your Business with Simplemachine

Hey, we’re Simplemachine! It’s simple, we want your business to grow! We’re a family-owned & operated marketing company here to connect you and your brand directly to your customers.

We’ll create a marketing campaign individually tailored for you and your business. Start reaching new customers. Start making things SIMPLE. Web Design, Google Adwords, Social Media, Graphic Design, Content Marketing and Business Growth!

105 NW 2nd Street, Suite 207, Bentonville, AR 72712

We have the experience, we have the know-how, we have the team to help you reach your lead generation goals. Let Simplemachine help take your business to the TOP!


Digital Marketing Tips, Prototype Tools, a Content Generator & More | Growth Insights #15

Welcome back to Growth Insights #15! David takes us through the best digital marketing tips from the last month, including a headline content generator and amazing prototype tools and web design tools! Get the latest tools list:

Ever wanted Slack integrations to help you to search for things on Wikipedia without ever having to navigate away from the app?

Maybe you’re wondering exactly how Russian propaganda is linked to the outcome of 2016’s American election. (Hint: It involves 2.700 fake Facebook accounts and 80.000 posts.) Or perhaps you’re interested in web development tools?

Well, we’ve got you covered with our essential growth tools toolkit.

You’ll never have to guess about whether or not your new logo design will look good in real-life with a prototype tool, and you code your own self-destructing Banksy (we’d recommend using a photo of your most annoying colleague) with a brilliant web development tool.

Think that visual search is still a distant dream? Not anymore – Snapchat just integrated it so that you can snap a product and buy the same product (or the nearest match to it on Amazon).

And if you think that hardware hacks are old-school, factories in China were discovered to have nested tiny microchips, no bigger than a grain of rice, on the motherboards of expensive US servers. We’re not suggesting this as one of our digital marketing tips, but it’s interesting to know how they did it!

Finally, don’t forget the headline content generator tool – simply pop in a keyword and instantly receive tonnes of headlines to help you create your content!

So, there you have it! All the best digital marketing tips and tools we discovered this month, including prototype tools, a headline content generator, a few project management tools and a sprinkling of old-school hacking. What more do you need?

Let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed any marketing resources or awesome growth hacking tools!


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Good Brand Design Isn’t About What You “Like” – Awkward Marketing

Basing your brand design choices on your favorite color from childhood or how you decorate your house is kinda like a restaurant refusing only serving dishes its waiters like or dislike. “Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am! I can’t serve you the salmon because I just don’t like it.”

ABOUT THE SHOW: Awkward Marketing is a business comedy show, hosted by Rachael Kay Albers, blending fun size small business advice with storytelling and comedy, for entrepreneurs who want to create a meaningful presence online.

ABOUT THE HOST: Rachael Kay Albers is a marketer who hates marketing (of the sleazy variety, that is). She runs RKA ink, a web design and digital marketing studio for thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs. Her secret sauce is helping small businesses stand out online WITHOUT selling their soul or playing the manipulation game. Originally from Chicago, Rachael founded RKA ink in 2009 while living and working as a “digital nomad,” setting up shop in Chiapas, Mexico and coding her way around the world (from Mexico to Germany to Kenya to Spain and back again.)

Today, Rachael is back outside the Windy City with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and a bunch of old computer cords they’re too afraid to throw away. When she’s not crafting beautiful, unforgettable brands for her clients, Rachael is available for speaking engagements and offers entertaining, energizing live workshops on marketing, branding, and small business. Learn more at