[RECAP] Online Marketing Meetup #1 mit Einstein1 an der Hochschule Hof #ommhof 4K

Online-Marketing Meetup die Erste! Über 40 Interessierte und Online-Marketer aus ganz Hochfranken und dem Vogtlandkreis kamen am 14.02. an die Hochschule Hof, um sich in lockerer Atmosphäre über Tipps und Tricks rund ums Thema Online-Marketing auszutauschen.

Nach einer kurzen Vorstellungsrunde aller Teilnehmer ging es direkt zur Sache: Linda Muck präsentierte ihre Insights aus den Bereichen Sales-Funnel und Conversionrate-Optimierung. Unser Performance-Marketing-Spezialist Niko Emran stellte unser neues Social-Media-Management-Tool SmarterQueue und das Content-Marketing bei Einstein1 vor.

Im Anschluss war noch genug Zeit für eine Vielzahl an spannenden Gesprächen. Besten Dank an alle, die gekommen sind!

Bock, am nächsten Meetup teilzunehmen?
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7 Steps to Power Up Your Small Business Online Marketing

Just runnnig a small business is hard enough—right? Is your head spinning with all the things it takes to really be effective online? Are you overwhelmed by the work it’ll probably take? So, you throw up your hands, just stay put with your website and a nearly dormant Facebook page, and call it good? What are you getting from it? Almost nothing—right?

To really move the needle, you’ll need to add more to the mix. It won’t cost you much at all, but it will take dedication, time, and persistence. Take them, one at a time, and keep chipping away. You’ll see things begin to happen.

Watch the video to see details of these seven small business digital marketing steps.

#1: Establish your Unique Value Proposition—or UVP.

#2: Survey your customers and contact list to learn what they love and what to improve.

#3: Prioritize your digital goals, so you can build a solid strategy.

#4: Leverage everything with keywords. Use free tools to understand the keywords and phrases that are likely to produce results for you, and pepper them throughout your content.

#5: Load up your blog, social media, and video content with useful information, and barely touch on a sales message.

#6: Tap the power of YouTube as a place to ramp up your following and recognition of your authority.

#7: Get started! It doesn’t cost much at all, but it takes consistent effort over time.

While these seven steps are a solid start, there are plenty of other ways to power up your digital marketing strategy even more. So, if all this sounds inspiring, but feels a little daunting—or maybe a lot—check out my digital marketing company website to and let’s talk about how we might work together get you on the right track and lighten your load.






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Survey Monkey

ACM Initiatives Digital Marketing


More digital marketing tips:

Aimworld Power of Two – Online Marketing

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Case Study of the First Donate & Learn Online Marketing Expo

Who would have thought that the simple idea of supporting a great local charity by providing marketing tips would gain the support of almost 1000 Canadians & raise more than $17,000 in donations in just 1 year!

Read the full story: http://greenlotus.ca/blog/donate-learn-first-anniversary

The first YWCA Donate & Learn Workshop was a success on all accounts! With 223 people in attendance, and close to $4,000 raised for the YWCA Toronto Adopt-a-Family Program, supporting the ‘adoption’ of 20 women-led families in the community.

The YWCA Donate & Learn Workshop was held Dec 4, 2012 at the YWCA Toronto, the hosting charity and beneficiary of 100% of event proceeds, and donations.

Read more: http://greenlotus.ca/workshop

With a Workshop focus on social media, speakers included leading social media and online marketing experts. Stephanie Aboutallah from Canadian Tire, Richard Marginson from Xplornet, and Bassem Ghali from Green Lotus spoke about strategic social media planning, management, and the search engine marketing benefits of a social media plan.

Commenting on the success of the Workshop, Shana Hillman, Manager of Events, Stewardship and Volunteers at the YWCA Toronto says:

“What Bassem managed to put together in such a short amount of time this fall was remarkable…. Not only is the event a great fundraiser, but it’s a great place for professionals to network and learn. It also connected the YWCA Toronto to a whole new sector (technology) that we’ve previously not reached out to.”

The Donate & Learn initiative stems from an idea by Bassem Ghali, the founder of Green Lotus. When asked what prompted the decision to create this initiative, Bassem says:

“I was looking into giving back to my community, and volunteering my time. But with all the needs that exist in our communities; I wanted to find a way to generate a larger effect…. I shared the idea of doing an educational workshop, with 100% of proceeds donated to a local charity, and got nothing but encouragement, support, helpful ideas, and plenty of volunteers. The Donate and Learn Workshop concept was born, and is the result of the collaborative work of a multitude of individuals.”

The Workshop is provided free of charge to participants, instead of paying a workshop fee, participants are asked to make a donation to the non-profit organization/charity hosting the event — in other words, donate and learn.

Stay tuned and follow Green Lotus for further information about the next YWCA Donate & Learn Workshop.

If you are interested in being a part of this initiative, as a speaker, event sponsor, or volunteer please contact the Green Lotus team, and get involved!

4 BEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN 2019 | Affiliate Marketing, Passive Income, and Remote Work

4 ways to make money online is the second part of the How to Start a Side Hustle series.

Last week I gave you 5 ways to make money where you had to be physically present and that’s a great place to start for some. However making money online gives you freedom to work Where you want and When you want giving you more freedom and flexibility. T

here are thousands of ways to make money online but I outlined 4 great ways to get started fast making money online with skills you already have or with minimal amount of new skills being needed. Check them out and let me know what you think, use them to make some money and give me some feedback.


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