Online Marketing Concept for Beginners (How I met Tom The Furry Hat Guy) 2019 Internet Strategies

[Online Marketing for Beginners] – Are you looking for Online Marketing for Beginners strategies? Here’s my Online Marketing Concept for Beginners (or beginning internet marketers) how to begin making your first set of online sales, in ANY business you decide to promote.

I also tell the Story of how I met Tom The Furry Hat Guy and how he introduced me to other leaders like Cedrick Harris, Phillip Rollins (Plan net marketing), Ray Higdon, Brian Fanale, Diane Hochman, Aron Parker, Aaron Rashkin, Jermaine Steele, Mark Hoverson, Jonathan Budd (Unstoppable Entrepreneur 2 & No Excuses 3) and so many more industry legends… and how we are still BEST FRIENDS to this day thanks to online marketing strategies like YouTube Video Testimonials for his product Warm & Furry Meditations.

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Invisible Empire Live Event: Reviewing 26 Mind-bending Online Marketing Tips

In this video, I’ll speed through 26 timeless online marketing principles from attending the Invisible Empire Live Event in Las Vegas in 2017.

I pulled this video out of the archive and wanted to share it to this channel because the content is rich and I experienced many ‘aha’ moments that helped me become an even more refined marketer.

Here are just a few things that you will learn:

*How to put conditions on your offers so that you protect your time, energy, and investment and only give it to people who demonstrate that they deserve it…

*How to write persuasive, compelling ad-copy.

*How to create honey-pots to generate leads on social media. Most people are overvaluing likes and followers instead of leads, this strategy works incredibly well on IG/FB for generating custom-branded to you leads

*What makes an info-product or digital course transformational.

*Why Money makes a slave, but a terrible master. I’ll explain what that means inside this training

*Plus a dozen other mind-bombs, maybe you just need to hear one of these takeaways to have a huge shift in your approach and your mentality towards building an online business.

Led by Mark Hoverson, 8-figure earner, and was one of the best direct response marketers in the MLM and Affiliate Marketing industry.

Unfortunately, Mark passed away in 2018, but he will forever be one of the biggest influencers of my life. I learned many timeless marketing principles about brand building, direct response copywriting, email marketing, and selling.

I believe the Invisible Empire community still lives on and his teachings are at the core of that culture.

I have since turned to another mentor and community to rise with. If you’re interested in hearing more, then you can go to to get a sneak peek into the training and mentorship.

Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.