What Is Digital Marketing? And How Does It Work? (2019)

What Is Digital Marketing? And How Does It Work? (2019)
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Alright so let’s talk digital marketing.

And in this episode I’m going to be pulling back the curtain and simplifying what is arguably one of the most powerful and important parts of growing a successful business and you’ll leave with not only a better understanding of what exactly digital marketing is, but how it actually works in the real world.

Because when it comes to digital marketing there is no lack of confusion, and as a marketer I blame myself and my industry for a lot of it. After all we’re infamous for using complicated jargon and insider terminology like SEO, PPC, CTA, CTR, and I could go on with dozens and dozens more.

To make things worse, many people often associate digital marketing with complicated software, coding, or building complex online marketing systems requiring dozens of people just to keep running.

No wonder so many people avoid it like the plague!

Now sure, digital marketing definitely has those parts in it, but that doesn’t mean you need to know how to do them all, or even really to know what all those things were in order to be successful with digital marketing.

Because digital marketing is actually a really simple concept.

Dive into the video to learn more!


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Analyzing the followers of the Red Bull YouTube channel | Online Marketing . Media

Analyzing the followers of the Red Bull YouTube channel | Online Marketing . Media
A videóban a Red Bull YouTube csatornáját figyeltük meg 15 percen keresztül, hogy képet alkossunk a csatorna növekedéséről és növekedési dinamikájáról.
Az elemzés az Online Marketing Media alábbi linken elérhető cikkéhez készült:

Már több mint hat éves a tartalom marketing egyik ékköve a Red Bull Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate YouTube videója

A folyamatos növekedést a Red Bull nagyban köszönheti a több mint 6 éve feltöltött Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate YouTube videónak, amely ékes bizonyítéka a megfelelő gondossággal kivitelezett tartalom marketing hosszú távú hasznosságának.
Éppen ezért egy hosszú távú stratégiával rendelkező cég esetében az online marketing elemei között helyet kell kapnia a tartalommarketing eszközöknek mint pl. marketinges fotók és videók.
A Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate videón kívül még sok hasonló tartalom képes a hosszú távú támogatásra, amelyek elemzésére az Online Marketing Media sort fog keríteni.
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Digital Marketing – Laura’s Story

Laura learned about search engine marketing and search engine optimization in the Digital Marketing program to help her transition into an online marketing role. Learn more about her story!

KoMarketing: Search | Social | Content | B2B Online Marketing

A look at the team behind KoMarketing. Our latest company video illustrates what makes our organization successful and why we continue to grow year over year for the past decade.

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Customer Segmentation | Online Marketing Analytics

In this short webinar we will look at customer segmentation. This is escpecially useful to identify your most profitable customers and to decide how many of your ad budget should be used for each customer.

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Customer Lifetime Value | Online Marketing Analytics

Today we talk about the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) which is useful to determine the value of a customer.

Digital Marketing Analytics – Why It Is Important To Understand Your Metrics

Are you tired of not being able to track your digital marketing results? And do you wish there was an easy way to quickly figure out what’s working, and what’s not, so you didn’t waste your time and money on ineffective marketing tactics?

If so, then you’re in the right place, as on this episode we’re going be diving in head first to take on the mistakenly overly complicated world of digital marketing analytics, so you can quickly learn what you need to watch and measure, and what you can leave behind.

The truth behind digital marketing analytics is that they can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.

So here are 5 easy to use and easy understand digital marketing metrics that you can start tracking today.

1: Website Visitors

The easiest place to start is by taking a look at your website traffic and it’s number of visitors.

While this is somewhat of a vanity metric, meaning that it may not directly relate to the bottom line, it is helpful in measuring and tracking how many people are visiting your businesses virtual store front.

2: Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate is the number of people who visit your site and then quickly leave, or bounce off.

Here is where we want to see a low number, as this means that people are sticking around and having more of a look through your content.

3: Number Of Email Subscribers

Just like with website visitors, you want to see a steady increase of email subscribers over time.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, the odds are good that you could benefit by using an email marketing strategy.

4: Click Through Rate (CTR)

Your click through rate refers to how many people took action and clicked on one of your posts or advertisements.

CTR is a valuable metric to watch anytime you’re creating an ad for any of the social or search engine platforms, as a high click through rate means that what your ad is saying is relevant and interesting enough for someone to want to click and learn more.

5: Lifetime Customer Value

Lifetime customer value can be one of the most challenging, but also one of the most valuable metrics to watch and track.

While there are a number of pretty fancy and expensive software tools and services out there that can help, even having a rough, general idea of the lifetime value of a customer to your business is still beneficial to your digital marketing campaigns.

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