How To Sell Digital Marketing Services [The 3 Questions You Must Ask]

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A lot of us struggle selling digital marketing to small businesses. In this video I offer tips for selling digital marketing.

When you start with this digital marketing sales strategy you will have a lot more clarity which will allow you to focus on more traditional sales techniques.

Stuart Trier
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How To Build A Simple Lead Generation System [To Sell Digital Marketing Services]

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What is the process of lead generation? How do you generate leads? Do you have a lead generation plan? Or a lead generation campaign?

In this video I break down a simple 5 step system we use in our agency for online lead generation, I provide a walk through of an example in the dental niche so you can see how to apply it to your lead generation process.

There are plenty of lead generation techniques and tactics but as with anything marketing related you should start with a marketing strategy.

Once you are clear on your ideal buyer, create content that speaks to to their pain points, frustrations, fears, etc…

Offer a content upgrade or lead magnet to convert them from traffic to leads.

Us the thank you page to add a video sales letter as a way of continuing the conversation and go through what you are sending them in the lad magnet, offer a done for you service as a tripwire or irressistable offer. (High value, low cost, Risk Reversal)

Use the tripwire as an audition to WOW them, get them to know like and trust you, and ultimately earn the right to discuss if your core high value service is a good fit for them and their business.

This is how we build out our lead generation system and the 5th step or 1st step depending on how you look at it is TRAFFIC.. there are only 3 types, FREE, Paid, and Joint Venture..

Sent targeted traffic to the content and watch as people move through your lead generation system.