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Video Biz Tip: Online Marketing vs. Offline Marketing

https://www.LoveandMoneyLive.com – March 6-8, 2019 – live event all about how to get more Love in Your Life and Money in Your Business… using Online and Offline Marketing Strategies!

There are a whole host of different strategies that you want to do as a business owner or entrepreneur when it comes to marketing online vs. offline.

Many marketing and business coaches these days teach mostly ONLINE strategies because they haven’t been around long enough to do the tried and true OFFLINE marketing strategies.

Well I HAVE been around long enough PLUS I used to do all offline marketing in my jobs prior to running my business so I’m an expert in both!

What I want to tell you about them is that you need BOTH in this internet day and age… trust me. Some of the online strategies change so often that you just can’t keep up but the offline ones haven’t changed much at all, making it easier to stay on top of what needs to happen and to be consistent.

Consistency wins the race when it comes to your marketing, getting more visibility and exposure, building your email list and even converting prospects into paying clients.

Offline strategies you want to continue to embrace (or bring back into play immediately) if I were you are:

– Direct mail
– Phone calling
– Live event networking and speaking
– And for some businesses – door to door or drop by (yes!)

The people making a ton of money online are few and far between, you just think there are a lot of them because you see them over and over again on social media but really, it’s a very slim percentage of the small business population. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a ton of money online, you can; if you learn from those people how to do it and you follow their system to a T, most don’t.

Offline marketing, in my opinion, is easier to do AND it produces FASTER and more CONSISTENT results.

But it’s up to you, listen in to today’s video and see what you think!

I’d be glad to have a call with you to review the marketing strategies that YOU should be doing for YOUR business – just ask!

Come talk with me about this and more in a complimentary business strategy session by clicking here: http://www.AskKat.biz or reserve your seat at one of my events this year. Go to http://www.livebigevents.com for the entire event schedule.

Talk to you soon! ~ Katrina