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Get more customers and make more sales and even stand out on the 1st Page of YouTube and Google.
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Are you frustrated by the lack of customers coming from your web site?
Do you get overwhelmed or confused reading the hundreds of articles online that talk about search engine optimization?
What if we told you that we can help business owners like you?
We know how you can acquire more customers and make more sales. And even stand out on the 1st Page of YouTube and Google.
Over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day!
Youtube is also the 2nd largest search engine in the world.
It’s the top site globally for customer engagement.
Your customers are 10 times more likely to watch an informative video about how your business solves their problems.
I and my team help business owners create amazing video content.
Designed with expert copywriting to grab customer’s attention, which helps you generate more leads and make more profit.
Have you considered making a ‘How To’ video?
Or what about Questions and Answers Video?
Having multiple videos vastly increases your online visibility as each video will be optimized for the different phrases that customers might use to find you.
All of these videos can be shared on your business Facebook page or web site.
We also help get them on the 1st page of YouTube and Google.
Video thumbnails stand out from the crowd too!
Remember – Your customers want to watch information rather than read it!
We look forward to working together and helping your business generate more leads and more sales.
Contact us today to have the first free video in the top positions without obligation.
We will make 3 professional videos that will be on the top positions of YouTube for only 97 euros per month for 12 months.
You can start from as little as 97 euros and upgrade whenever you like!

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Is your website responsive, captivating, well-designed, and content-driven?
Are you active and consistent on social media in Brevard County Florida?
Have you implemented key SEO strategies to increase traffic?
Are your local directory listings claimed and optimized?
Are you using online videos to generate leads and boost conversions?
How’s your online reputation? Have you checked lately?

Brevard County Online Marketing Consulting Services /
IMJustice Marketing tips, strategies and ideas to grow your business … main website … blog website … this video link

If you’re lacking in any of this, it’s time for a change.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing uses the internet to implement strategies and techniques
to gain leads and sales from anywhere in Brevard County, all of Florida, or
the entire U.S.. Every business, no matter how big or small, is afforded the
opportunity to use this powerful platform to promote their products and
services, gain more exposure, and build long-lasting credibility and authority.
Mobile internet usage is hot and steadily on the rise as well.

Online marketing ties directly into the massive mobile market, creating
even more opportunities for businesses to get in front of their target audience.
There are numerous online marketing strategies available today; and the best
ones for your business will depend on your specific company objectives.
From a basic website to full-blown marketing videos, blogging, Social Media
interaction, and more. There are many tips, strategies & ideas.

Why Online Marketing?

Businesses that are still spending their marketing budget on traditional
marketing platforms – such as newspapers, television commercials,
radio ads, billboards, and so on – are seeing very little, if any, return
on investment. But the opposite is true for those businesses that are
savvy enough to harness the enormous marketing potential of the

Social media and Contact info

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Did you know…?

– 86% of people skip TV commercials
– 44% of direct mail is never opened
– There are more than 11 BILLION Google searches each month
– 70% of consumers say they prefer getting to know a company
via articles rather than ads
– 71% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a
brand that they are following on a social networking site

These facts make the internet a source for customer acquisition
and customer retention for just about any type of business.
So, with a solid online marketing strategy, you can expect:

– Instant, targeted reach and more exposure
(existing and potential customers)
– Reduced costs when compared to traditional marketing methods
– Cover a much larger area than any traditional method

We have the expertise, tools, and skills to provide you with the fastest,
most effective, most affordable way to tap into your specific online audience.
We create customized web-based marketing strategies that are uniquely
qualified to engage prospective customers in creative, direct, engaging
ways that are proven to build brand loyalty and promote long-term relationships.

Here are some of the services we provide:
– Website Design or enhancement
– SEO Marketing (websites, video, blogs, content)
– Email Marketing & List Building
– Content Marketing & Press Releases
– Video Marketing & Business Videos
– Social Media Management & Blogging
– Lead Generation methods
– Reputation Management
– Online Directories & Google My Business
– and more!

Ready to Get Started?

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Brevard County Online Marketing Consulting Services /
IMJustice Marketing tips, strategies and ideas to grow your business