How would AdTactics help your Business in Online Marketing Promotion?

AdTactics Marketing International Limited offers integrated Online Marketing Solutions to Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau and overseas marketers. Starting from 2009, we not only provide a comprehensive range of result-oriented Marketing & E-commerce solutions covering Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, Mobile marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Email Marketing, but also offer data analysis and marketing consulting service with storing and professional research team.

Specializing in Online Marketing Optimization, Mobile Apps Promotion, Data Analysis & Consulting, we strive for excellence so we developed AdPro, which is used to integrate all online marketing media into one simple tool. Using AdPro, we can monitor clients’ advertisement performances including Offline and Online Campaigns. Therefore, we can increase the advertisement performances and boost ROI. Besides, we always keep pace with updated advertising techniques of different online marketing platforms, for instances recently, Remarketing, Conversion Tracking, and Search Companion Marketing, in order to keep us at the forefront of the online marketing industry and maintain strong presence in Hong Kong, China and the world. As a leading performance-based marketing solutions firm, we boost clients’ businesses in China & Global market by insightful market analysis, strategic planning on integrated digital marketing programs, managing and optimizing cross-platform campaigns through powerful enterprise-class technology.

In the era of globalization, social networks are multiplying while search engine algorithms are evolving. Banner formats are becoming more complex. Each aspect of worldwide Web marketing is a field of expertise that is mutating. Our partnerships with the leading online marketing players and a thorough knowledge of the local markets ensure that AdTacitcs improves the effectiveness of your campaigns. The overall report provides you with a broad vision your Web marketing actions. After all, our professions and business success is well reflected on the strong client base in different sectors, as well as on the Enterprise Social Responsibility that we waive ALL the administrative fee and service charge for social enterprises and Non-governmental organizations in conducting online marketing.

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Entrepreneurial Marketing: Insights from Neil Patel / Online Marketing

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy – A Silverstone Case Study

Presentation at On The Edge Reading, 24th September 2014.

How Silverstone’s New Digital Approach Gained Them Pole Position with Sibbs Singh and Hannah Bodley, Marketing Director, Silverstone Circuits

– Unlocking the data to understand customer behaviour patterns
– How to recognise, and better serve, your customer
– Why a “mobile first” strategy was crucial fro Silverstone
– Their focus on integration, responsivity and commitment to a data driven approach
– What’s next for Silverstone’s customer-centric approach

Lecture 1: Free Short Course – Digital Marketing

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Lecture 1:

– Welcome – The Digital Sphere and Marketing
– Fast Moving Digital Spaces
– Digital Consumers B2B and B2C

Delivered by Andrew Mashman

Få flere kunder med AdWords og Online Marketing

Webex er et Web og Adwords bureau og i Holte, Nordsjælland, som har hjulpet vores kunder med deres online markedsføring, hjemmesider samt webdesign siden 1999. Vi er endvidere certificeret Google AdWords Partner hvilket garanterer dig som kunde en professionel samarbejdspartner på din online markedsføring.

Vores primære formål er at hjælpe vores kunder med at få maksimalt udbytte af deres marketingsbudget via en professionel online markedsførings plan samt sparring på Google AdWords.

Online Digital Marketing Hub

Why an Online Digital Marketing Hub is so important to all your marketing efforts online. With a plethora of social media sites like Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin etc, deciding between having a website or not may be on your mind. In this video, I share my thoughts on the matter.

Find me at for more business tools and tips to Build a Better Business.

Online Marketing Made Easy

There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your website online.
If you’re looking for ways to make online marketing just a little bit easier take a look at our video about online packaged services.

You can choose to promote your business on

-Search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing

-Social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter

-Video search engines like YouTube, Vimeo or popular blogs and websites that already get a lot of traffic.

Deciding which path to take is overwhelming to a lot of people who just want to get leads from their website. The most common question we get is what is the best mix of all of those possibilities for my business?

Should I do SEO or Social Media? PPC or Video ads? Maybe SEO and PPC? Is my website in the right shape for SEO? When you’re deciding how to spend your marketing budget, selecting the right solution is critical.

At Wisdek we take the guesswork out of it and provide you with the right online marketing package based on your expected timelines, scope, budget and competition.

It doesn’t matter if you need leads today, if you want to get an unlimited amount over time, if you are looking for more referrals or have a lot of information to share. Regardless of the situation we will match you with a solution to meet your goals.

The most popular combination is mix of sponsored traffic which can include advertising on several platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube; and SEO. Sponsored ads bring immediate traffic to your website so you can start feeling the benefits right away, while SEO builds up your rankings so that the number of visitors you are getting increases continually over time
Here’s a quick overview of our pre-packaged solutions:

Our SEO packages help you climb up in the rankings and get found for the right search terms. Packages combine content development, website optimization, social media, local listing profiles and more.

Our Social media packages are designed to present you as an expert in your industry and ramp up your content marketing efforts. They share premium quality articles about your expertise, professional images to grab attention, and even insightful blogs to draw traffic back to your website.

These packages give you a quick and easy way to kick start your online marketing or build on what you have without spending weeks on strategy development. While the phrases and targeting may change for any website, our process stays the same. And the process works.

We’ve worked with over 10 000 customers in over 30 industries and helped them to achieve their goals on Google. We know exactly what it takes for you to get the leads you need.

A shocking fact: only about 1 in 10 small businesses have figured out how to use social media or online advertising to market their product effectively.

Our packages take the guess work out of it, offering you quantified services, detailed reporting, live customer service and in-house consultants.

Our goal is the same as yours. We want to bring more quality visitors to your website and help you turn them into new leads.
Call us today for more details about which package is right for you.

Evan Sharp, COO & Co-Founder Pinterest – Online Marketing Rockstars Keynote | OMR15

Evan Sharp, founder and CEO from Pinterest, at Online Marketing Rockstars 2015 | OMR15 in Hamburg, Germany #omr15

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OMR ist die Plattform für die Digital-Marketing-Branche. Das große Flaggschiff ist das Online Marketing Rockstars Festival mit 25.000 Besuchern in 2017, Konferenz, Expo, 200 Ausstellern, Masterclasses, Partys und mehr. Neben dem Festival schreiben wir täglich Artikel auf Rockstars Daily – und machen außerdem den OMR Podcast für wöchentlich 15.000 Hörer, die größte Jobbörse der Branche, tiefe Analysen und Leitfäden in Form von Reports sowie weitere thematische Spezial-Events.


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Documentary- The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing

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Technology has changed the game. Consumers can ignore advertising and marketing at will. To break through the clutter, brands need to tell remarkable stories worth listening to and become the media in the process.

The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing, a new documentary by the Content Marketing Institute, is the first comprehensive film of its kind for the industry. It explores the evolution of content marketing through the eyes of the world’s biggest leading brands such as Red Bull, Kraft and Marriott; and marketing influencers, including Joe Pulizzi, Ann Handley, Scott Stratten, Jay Baer and more. Featuring case studies from early pioneers to today’s marketing innovators, you’ll learn how content marketing has been–and will continue– to change business and media forever.

Download our discussion guide to explore the documentary and its theme more deeply, and help you share the conversation with your executives, your colleagues, your associations and beyond:…

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