Die besten Online Marketing Tools für den Start

Die besten Online Marketing Tools für den Start:


Du bist Einsteiger ins Online Marketing und möchtest gerne eine Übersicht über Marketing Werkzeuge und Software die wirklich hochwertig ist und hervorragend funktioniert?

Dann ist meine Online Marketing Tool Liste genau das richtige für dich! Aber auch wenn du Unternehmer bist und nach leistungsstarker Software suchst um dein Unternehmen voranzubringen solltest du einen Blick in meine Zusammenstellung werfen.

Hier mehr erfahren: https://mein-webcoach.net/tools/

Diese handverlesene Liste kann die viel Geld und Ärger sparen. Denn ich habe die letzten 2 Jahre verschiedene Tools und Softwares getestet und nur die hier zusammengefasst die wirklich exzellent sind und hervorragend funktionieren.

Viel Erfolg bei deinem Online Business wünscht dir,

Daniel Hünermund


Kartra is a fully featured, highly effective, online marketing system that will save you time and money AND get you results!.

I use it in my business, and am a massive fan.

In this video I explain what Kartra provides.

Additionally, I share 5 reasons why I believe that you should consider using Kartra for your online marketing.

Please let me know of any questions, and whether you found this video helpful – thank you!

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Is Your Offline Marketing Working? Here are 3 Easy Ways to Track Your Offline Marketing Online

The majority of marketing spent these days is offline. Although it’s hard to track, it still is possible. Here’s how to track your offline marketing efforts to see if it’s even working.

#1 Use unique URLs
So anytime you’re doing flyers, TV advertisements, you can give people a unique URL specifically for that offline channel. That way you can end up tracking online and seeing the results that you’re getting.

#2 Create discount codes
These discount codes can be specifically towards your offline campaign. So when people come online, they have a reason to buy because they’re getting a discount. On top of the discount when they put it in on your website, you’re gonna know where they’re coming from.

#3 Use a unique phone number for each of your specific marketing campaigns.
This is called tracking. So when we do flyers versus postcards, we’re using different phone numbers in our flyers than we are in our postcards. When people dial one of those phone numbers, whether it’s from a flyer or a postcard, our call-tracking software tells us where it came from. That way we can attribute sales to specific offline marketing campaigns.

If you’re trying to figure out what type of offline call-tracking or online call-tracking service to use, you can check out CallFire. It’s a simple way to track your phone numbers, whether they’re offline or even online. Use those tactics and you’ll start being able to track your offline marketing methods today.

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