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Wakefly Inc. | Marketing Specialist Job Description

Wakefly Inc.’s Digital Marketing Specialist

Take your career to the next level with this expert role. You will execute digital marketing strategies for clients across all industries and report on the status of your campaigns. If you are a detail oriented team player who is looking for a more advanced role, you are a very good fit for this role.

Wakefly has a proven record of success with helping our clients to achieve their online goals. Learn more now:

7 with Ekaterina: Online Marketing Statistics a Business Owner Should Know

Hi! My name is Ekaterina. I’m a 25-year old entrepreneur from London. Despite my young age, I’ve lived in 4 countries, got my BBA in Finland, earned my second citizenship and started my own marketing company.

I believe that each story is worth sharing. There is nothing more unique in this world than you. Or me. So let’s stop pretending who we are not, and become what we want to be. This world needs more authentic people who are ready to make a change.

‘7 with Ekaterina’ means the list of 7 something, e.g. facts, tips, people, companies, etc., that might help you with building a better life. These are the things that help me achieve my goals. I’ve tested them on myself and thus feel confident to share them with you!

Do you want to connect with me? Here is where you can find me:

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De dag van Matthew Rose! – Online marketing specialist

Matthew Rose was via Brunel gedetacheerd als Social Media Marketeer bij ABN AMRO. Kijk hier hoe zijn werkdag er uit zag! Lees hier verder en bekijk jouw mogelijkheden bij Brunel als online marketing specialist.

Toch op zoek naar iets anders? Bekijk dan onze algemene vacature pagina en ontdek welke functie bij jou past: