Unboxing & Gewinnspiel: “Recht im Online-Marketing” | Rechtsanwalt Christian Solmecke

Mit diesem Buch sind Sie auf der sicheren Seite! Online-Marketing ist ein wichtiger Kommunikationskanal der PR- und Marketingarbeit. Bei der Umsetzung müssen Sie eine Vielzahl rechtlicher Aspekte beachten. Die beiden erfahrenen Juristen Christian Solmecke und Sibel Kocatepe begleiten Sie von Anfang an bei der rechtssicheren Planung Ihrer Marketingmaßnahmen und bei der Lösung der wichtigsten Rechtsfragen. Die Autoren verzichten dabei auf Juristendeutsch und erklären alles in verständlicher Sprache.

Zum Buch: http://www.rheinwerk-verlag.de/recht-im-online-marketing_3757/

Leseprobe: http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/gxmedia.galileo-press.de/leseproben/3757/leseprobe_rheinwerk_recht_im_online-marketing.pdf

Rechtsanwalt Christian Solmecke
Christian Solmecke ist Partner der Kanzlei WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE und Autor zahlreicher juristischer Fachveröffentlichungen im Bereich Internetrecht und IT-Recht.. Darüber hinaus ist Solmecke Lehrbeauftragter der FH Köln für Social Media Recht.

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When to Start a Digital Marketing Agency, What to Outsource, & When to Fire a Client

On this episode of #AskSwenk, we’ll cover: what to do when your agency has outgrown a client, knowing when and how to start your own digital agency and whether you should outsource your content writing.

This Week’s Questions:

(0:21) Jojo asked: “My question is, how far do we need to go for these clients before it is time to think about politely passing them off to a more suitable freelancer or smaller agency? I appreciate that they were part of our business growth up to this point, but some of these clients are “loss-making” for us and get in the way of other work.”

(2:46) Nancy asked: “When will I be ready to start an agency? Should I start one now and leave my job?”

(5:25) Enoch asked: “Do you think outsourcing content makes you more productive?”


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Internet Marketing for Roofing Companies | Online Marketing | Roofing Contractors

http://www.socialrocketship.com/internet-marketing-for-roofing-contractors/ At Social Rocketship, we specialize in Online Marketing for Roofing Contractors.

We have the experience and know how to make sure you get new and constant leads from the Internet.

As you know, because of the internet, the competition for customers is more challenging than ever. People are searching online & making purchasing decisions before even picking up the phone!

What that means, is that people are judging your business by what they see online. This means your website, your content (like blogs & videos), & of course all of the review sites like Yelp & Angie’s List.

As a roofing professional, it’s tough to know where to even begin!

Fortunately, we do! And we’re good at what we do!

Our clients have literally received phone calls that said something like…

“Hey, I saw one of your videos and I’d like you to come do an estimate on our roof”

Or, “We found you in Google & read your blog and we’re ready for you to give us an estimate & get started”

This never happened until we started working with them…

Now they depend on the internet as one of their sources of new leads.

Even more than that though — they also use it as a closing tool when competing against other roofers for a bid. They refer potential customers to their videos & blogs and prove to them they’re a leading roofing expert in the area.

If you’re interested in working with us, we can help you generate more leads by working online.

**NOTE** We only work with one roofing company in a given area! If you’d like utilize the internet to grow your business, we’re the perfect partner to help you do so. Contact us today and lock out your competition in your area!

Click here to contact us: http://www.socialrocketship.com/internet-marketing-for-roofing-contractors/


Social Rocketship offers a comprehensive approach to marketing your business online. Our services include web design, search engine optimization, content marketing and blogging, video marketing, social media, local search optimization, online advertising, and online reputation management.

We focus on customizing our services to your business. We use only the most effective tools to help increase your company’s visibilty, solidify your brand, and of course, bring in more business.

We offer a complimentary online marketing strategy session. Visit us at http://www.socialrocketship.com

View the video: http://youtu.be/4vdT_J_cwJU

Online Marketing Tips and Tricks 2016

Online Marketing Tips and Tricks

Video is taking content marketing by storm, but then you have to do more than just to realize its full potential use online marketing tips and tricks

When five years in the future, you would be reading this article or would you watch it in video format ? As online video continues inimitable emergence, it is an interesting question to think about.

In 2017, video will account for 69% of all buyer Internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone will almost be tripled. Leaves in a strip of statistics on the subject, I am hard pressed an indicator that not suggest to find a rapid growth.

With online video quickly becoming an important tool for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses will need to learn online marketing tips and tricks to include in their internet marketing strategies.

Video is the future of content marketing. That is to say, if it is not the here and now. Several studies show more than half of companies already using the medium – a figure that is predicted to increase as more and more aware of the possibilities. Nielsen says 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. It’s not hard to see why.

When it comes to potential range, video is matchless. YouTube gets more than one million unique visitors per month – that’s more than any other channel, apart from Facebook. One in three Britons see at least one online video per week – which is a weekly audience of over 20 million people in the UK alone. Video will give you access to all of this. Video done well can give you a piece of. What other form of content can do the same?

It is of course fascinating and, in an age of information overload, it is vital for small businesses to provide content that is easy to digest; if not, then the consumer will simply move on. Video does this very well. If a picture is worth a 1000 words a minute of video is worth 1.8 million, as Forrester researchers say. No wonder then that Axonn Research shows seven in 10 brands can be seen in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them.

But video is really possible for small businesses? Absolutely. Production costs have fallen sharply in recent years and you no longer need to be a technical whiz to work out how to use. Apps like Twitter’s Vine, with its six-second maximum clip length, have dramatically increased the opportunity for companies with a limited budget to get stuck in. Still, if you have to realize a decent return on your investment, you need to bear the following in mind.

online marketing tips and tricks will help you consider the audience you are trying to achieve and ensure the video is relevant to them. If it was not the most appropriate means to convey your message, you are probably wasting your time.

Do not forget, social media and promote across multiple channels. If you want to fully realize potential of videos,make it easier for users to find and share. Not mobile neglect not. Ooyala has a tenth of all video plays happen predicated on mobile phones and tablets, and it is an increasingly important segment of mobile phones with 41% more market share for video consumption at the end of June 2013 than at the beginning of the year .

Finally, be more creative not only with the videos themselves, but in the strategy you develope around them. As my head marketing likes to say, creativity wins more than the cost of production every time. Get that little law and videos will not only be the future of content marketing, so learn all you can about online marketing tips and tricks.
Online Marketing Tips and Tricks. https://youtu.be/b4ssKIpgKCg

Online-Marketing Glossar #1 Social Media

Wir sind die Online-Marketing Agentur für den Mittelstand, wenn Sie weitere Informationen über uns erfahren möchten, besuchen Sie unsere Homepage: https://www.lb-om.de

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How Virtual Reality Is Going to Affect Digital Marketing

You see virtual reality devices everywhere. It’s becoming so popular companies are spending billions of dollars on it.

And eventually, you are going to see it integrated within marketing.

You’ve seen Redbull. They have cool videos of people jumping from outer space. And you can feel like you are there yourself through virtual reality.

Eventually, with ecommerce you’ll be able to see the products you buy before you actually buy them. For example, if you are looking for a jacket to buy you’ll be able to see it in the “virtual world” just as if you were shopping at a physical store.

And it will be integrated into all forms of marketing. From experiences, just as jumping out of a plane from outer space to experiencing how a new home that you are interested in purchasing may look before it is even built.

What is Digital Marketing In Hindi || Career in Digital Marketing | Future and Scope | Salary | Jobs

What is Digital Marketing In Hindi || Career in Digital Marketing | Future and Scope of Digital Marketing | Salary | Jobs –

Is video me hum baat karenegn-

1. Digital Marketing Kya hoti hai.
2. Digital Marketing ka Future and Scope kya hai ?
3. Career opportunity in digital marketing.
4. Role of Digital marketing in Business etc.

So, Watch this Video and Learn about Digital marketing in Hindi.