The 4 Pillars Of a Digital Marketing Agency Explained – Create Your Online Business: Live Workshop

Matt Like presents during his live workshop in Warsaw:
1. The 4 Pillars of Digital Marketing Agency Business Model
2. What Is The Best Funnel To Start With?
3. How To Choose a Service to Offer?
4. How To Find Market Demand Indicators?
5. How To Determine Whether A Service Matches a Funnel?
6. The Simple Market Research Method
7. Your Next Steps – apply to join our tribe

WHY Working in a Digital Marketing Agency is Better Than Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is known as a real money maker in the digital marketing industry. Unfortunately, it’s tough to make it, and there is a whole lot of hustle involved. Have you ever wondered if there is something else you could be doing for the same kind of money?

Do you know what the difference between affiliate marketing and working for a digital marketing agency is?
If you make the wrong decision between these two, you could be losing a lot of money!

In affiliate marketing, your goal is to attract as many customers to the company you’re working with. Because getting leads is your goal, you are not getting paid up front and are getting absolutely nothing if you make no sales in the process!

A digital marketing agency is usually hiring you to make a funnel that attracts leads. This way, you get paid to learn, make the funnel, and attract leads.

So… Which of these two is better for YOU?

Learn about these topics and much more here in today’s video: WHY Working in a Digital Marketing Agency is Better Than Affiliate Marketing

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Basics of Sales and Online Marketing For Freelancers – 6 Pro Tips That Work

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Why I’m Starting a Digital Marketing Agency 🏖 Bali Bootcamp Day 1

Back in Bali! So Why am I here and why am I Starting a Digital Marketing Agency! You can find our in today’s vlog. Attempting to do daily vlogs as I learn whole lots of online business sh!t so keep it locked!

My blog post on this digital marketing agency business model, and about Matt & Jonas’ business making 20k a month

How to Build a Digital Marketing Agency for Passive Income – The Matt Laker Method

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How To Sell Online Marketing Services (Best Tips for Websites, Facebook Ads & Other)

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In today’s video you are going to find out the best method to sell websites or other marketing services. I have shared with you methods that you can use to sell services through Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Cold Calling. This video is going to reveal advantages and disadvantages of the most popular ways of selling services.

There is not a straight answer of that question. The tips that I am going to share with you can guide you what is the best thing for your personality and business. You will get an idea of which method you can start implementing.

1 – Upwork is one of the most popular and easiest methods to sell services online. The disadvantage of that method is that you have to spend a lot of time in front of your computer. If you want to be successful using that method, you have to create a funnel and in order to learn how to create a funnel you have to join a mastermind or you have to spend hundreds of hours figuring that out.

In the beginning of your online business, you need a few weeks before you figure out these algorithms and get your first customers.

There are many advantages like being location independent. Also, you can work from the comfort of your home and you don’t need to leave your house. You can make money “sitting on your couch”.

2 – Another online funnel is Fiverr. This is a great funnel for people who want to implement a “Tripwire”. Tripwire is a method that acquires customers by selling something cheaply in the beginning.

The disadvantage here is that you have to start with very little money in the beginning and it is very hard to build your reputation. The advantage of Fiverr is that it does not require very good sales skills to close a deal. The reason for that is that the gigs in Fiverr are much lower than Upwork.

I was able to achieve results with these 2 platforms without too much trouble. It is relatively easy and if you are persistent enough and know what you are doing, your results are almost guaranteed.

There are offline methods as well. You can go to offline local shops and start offering them your services. This method is a little bit hard because you have to put yourself out there. You have to physically go to the place and communicate properly.

The advantage of this method is that by showing yourself in front of the client, you build creditability. They can get to know you better and it is easier for them to recognize you if you are a scammer.

If you really hate to stand in front of the computer all the time, then you should consider implementing the second method. You can start offering services to local companies but bear in mind that rejection in person is harder to swallow.

3 – Another way to market yourself is to get the phone and start calling people. That old method of cold calling requires very good sales skills. Moreover, it requires a lot of confidence and it is very time consuming. Cold calling is the hardest method to sell anything.

The advantage of that method is that you can approach a lot of leads really quickly.

These are the advantage and disadvantages of these 4 methods that you can use to sell anything. There is not a method that is the best for you. Try all of them. See what works and implement it daily.

How Jonas Makes $20,000/mo with his Digital Marketing Agency 💵

So I was hanging out w Matt Laker this weekend as he was visiting g Bangkok again, and I was getting to know his buddy Jonas who goes on to casually tell me he’s profiting $20,000 a month! By running his online digital marketing agency / freelance agency / remote team / online business / or whatever u wanna call it!

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