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King Hood Media services are for small to medium sized businesses and brands who want to increase their online sales or improve their digital footprint. Our offers include Social Media Management, Multimedia Design & Search Engine Optimisation.

Lessons from a Life in Digital Marketing | Siddharth Lal | TEDxFMS

Siddharth shares his journey of how he got acquainted with the world of digital marketing and what made him an entrepreneur. He shares his experience of a small city in Australia and how that helped him in becoming an expert in the field of digital marketing. He tells us the problems he faced as a sales person and how he overcame them through inbound marketing and why he came back to India leaving a life which was well settled and giving him a luxurious lifestyle. He shares the power of digital marketing through very interesting examples and inspires each of us to follow our passion and how can we make it big in life by following it. An entrepreneur, Siddharth launched his own company Bruce Clay India after years of working as a top sales partner for a leading Telco in Australia. With his internet marketing knowledge and SEO skills, Siddharth led his company to gross over $15 million in online sales for their channel partners.
He was named one of India’s Top 100 Digital Marketers (2017) on the Pluralsight Digi100 List by Paul Writer. He has also featured as an advisor and mentor on the TV series “UNICORNS – Start-Ups of the Internet” by NDTV Profit/Prime, November 2015 to May 2016. In 2014, he received the Most Talented Social Media Professional in India award by CMO Asia at the sixth edition of the Global Youth Marketing Forum. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Business of Music Marketing Course Overview | Music Business Education | Berklee Online | Mike King

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In The Business of Music Marketing, Berklee instructor Mike King guides you toward professional-level knowledge of cutting edge marketing techniques essential for any music-centric business. Starting with evergreen marketing best practices, you will learn specific approaches for building an engaged community, applying different forms of media for visibility, and utilizing professional marketing tools to plan, execute, and report back on results. Learn how to plan and support a product release, create and execute an integrated marketing campaign, and explore ways to create and run a successful music business. You will master marketing philosophy and gain critical knowledge and skills for both music product and marketing.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
►Synthesize web analytics to develop the niche of an artist or music product and target the relevant audience
►Create an effective product and pricing strategy, along with a supporting business plan
►Create a professional music marketing plan
►Analyze marketing segments available to musicians and music products, with a particular focus on online-related initiatives
►Develop sophisticated approaches to marketing and selling music and music-related products online, including implementing web optimization strategies
►Apply the essential pillars of successful music marketing campaigns
►Implement effective messaging, branding, and communication for artists or music-related companies

About Mike King:
Mike King is a course author, instructor, and the Vice President of Enrollment at Berklee College of Music and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Berklee Online. Prior to working at Berklee, Mike was the Marketing/Product Manager at Rykodisc, where he oversaw marketing efforts for label artists including Mickey Hart, Jeb Loy Nichols, Morphine, Jess Klein, Voices On The Verge, Bill Hicks, The Slip, Pork Tornado (Phish), Kelly Joe Phelps, and Frank Zappa’s estate. Mike was the Director of Marketing and Managing Editor of Herb Alpert’s online musician’s resource, ArtistsHouseMusic, for three years.

About Berklee Online:
Berklee Online is the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, delivering online access to Berklee’s acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world, offering online courses, certificate programs, and degree programs. Contact an Academic Advisor today:
1-866-BERKLEE (US)
1-617-747-2146 (international callers)

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Best Facebook Marketing Tutorial Ever!

Watch this free Facebook marketing class to see the best of what works for me on Facebook with 2+ million page likes and 600,000+ free organic post reach each week at Take the full class free at Help me reach 500,000 YouTube subscribers at

Click the time points below to skip around in this Facebook marketing tutorial for beginners created on November 20, 2016 and optimized for use through 2017! If you are an entrepreneur online hoping to use Facebook for business to increase sales with your Ecommerce website or professional growth program to advance your career, I think you will love this video! Watch this FB video course at

1:36 The class begins with what I think is the best Facebook marketing strategy for 2017 by using live video in the publishing tools on a Facebook page or personal profile. You will get 20+ free tips and tricks for marketing on Facebook that I think you will love in this video!

8:15 If you are not able or interested in making live video on Facebook, the next best Facebook marketing method is building deeper relationships with existing friends and new friends using a Facebook profile.

20:00 Watch as I demonstrate my Facebook messenger strategy to promote my podcast free to my most active Facebook friends. Look inside the exact message I send and see how I suggest adapting it to get clients for social media marketing the way I did to recruit hundreds of clients worldwide to hire me for help with Facebook advertising.

42:06 In less than 5 minutes from when I start sending the messages, watch as people I have not spoken with in months or even ever instantly respond with a promise to try my new podcast.

44:11 Learn how Facebook groups are the best way to use a Facebook profile to do both networking and learning as a part of niche communities.

57:40 Hear the story of how as a member of the Udemy studio Facebook group I learned from instructors making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Udemy and copied their exact strategies all the way to the point of mysteriously leaving Udemy as they did. For organic post reach, Facebook groups are the easiest way to make what you share arrive in the newsfeed of other people for free.

1:12:15 Want to see the insides of marketing a Facebook page to get the most free post reach? Start with a look at what works best for me in marketing my Facebook page.

1:22:01 Continue with this Facebook page insights tutorial looking at how I am getting organic post reach from 500,000+ people in the USA each month that have never liked my page!

1:31:39 Get a look at how I create my page posts both simply and for maximum impact with just using a few words and links.

1:43:03 Analyze how I make a quick Facebook profile photo for my page with my face and then discover my philosophy for creating an ideal Facebook cover photo with a size of 828 by 315 pixels currently.

1:52:14 This graphic design tutorial at the end will show you how I use as listed in my page to quickly use stock photos to make a Facebook page cover photo that highlights when I am live and where to find me!

2:01:31 Get rewarded for supporting me on Patreon at Rewards include all my courses, 1 on 1 calls, shout outs, videos created for you, ad campaign service, mastermind access, and more!

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You can also watch live on my Facebook page at and on Twitch at If you use Twitter, you can find me at

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I appreciate you reading this and hope to see you on the next live stream!

Jerry Banfield

🥇Erfolgreich Online Marketing – Mach deine Marke stark 🥇 | #FragDenDan

So geil Social Media auch ist, in Sachen Marketing gibt es dadurch eine Komponente, die du leider nicht zu 100% selbst bestimmen kannst: dein Image. Stell dir vor, du machst ein Event, steckst da deine ganze Power rein und hast am Ende auch tatsächlich den Eindruck, was Cooles geschaffen zu haben. Social Media aber, findet immer das Haar in der Suppe. Gäste die dort waren berichten auf Snapchat von der ewig langen Warteschlange oder auf Instagram von den ungekühlten Getränken. Irgendwas ist immer! Wie du damit allerdings umgehst, hat nicht nur Einfluss auf den Erfolg deiner Social Media Strategie, sondern wirkt sich auch direkt auf deine Marke aus. Was du also tun musst um erfolgreich Online Marketing zu betreiben, hier!

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Kamera & Schnitt: Milou PD

Hey, ich bin Daniel Zoll, Social Media Coach Instagram Berater/Trainer und Keynote Speaker. Auf meinem Youtube Kanal bekommst du alle Infos, Tipps, Tricks und Hacks zum Thema Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,Tik Tok und vieles mehr. Ich erklär dir Social Media, ganz einfach!

Danke fürs Video anschauen. Wenn dir das Video gefallen hat, gib mir einen Daumen nach oben und teile es mit allen deinen Freunden. 🙂

Die mit * gekennzeichneten Links zu Produkten sind Affiliate-Links. Wenn du über diese Links einkaufst, unterstützt du damit meine Arbeit. Das heißt, ich erhalte eine kleine Provision für den Kauf, den du getätigt hast. Für dich fallen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten an.

App Check Grafik: Frames Created by Freepik

Boundless Technologies Digital Social Media & Online Marketing Agency Karachi, Pakistan

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Most of these social media platforms have their own built-in data analytics tools, which enable companies to track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaigns.

Boundless Technologies Pakistan provides best services in social media marketing within very affordable cost.

Contact! 92-21 34817357 92-21 34812988 92-21 34825123.

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The Next Generation of Tourism Marketing – iLandGuide

iLandGuide is a digital travel guide application for smartphone user tourists on vacation islands all over the World. Also it’s a new, revolutionary way for the local businesses to communicate their products and services to thousands of tourists.
Check out more on our website.

Hoe maak je jouw website onweerstaanbaar? Vijf ondernemerslessen van online marketing en sale…

Meer omzet door betere teksten op jouw website, nieuwsbrief of andere online uitingen. Succesvolle ondernemers kunnen nog succesvoller ondernemen door enkele eenvoudige aanpassingen te maken. Hoe maak je jouw website onweerstaanbaar? In deze aflevering delen we vijf praktische ondernemerslessen van online marketing en sales expert Aartjan van Erkel. #1 ‘Vermoord de clichés.’ Van Erkel: ‘Het gaat heel vaak mis in marketing en op websites van bedrijven. We apen elkaar na. Van IT-bedrijven die het altijd over ‘whitepapers’ en ‘oplossingen’ tot commerciële bedrijven die je ‘via de nieuwsbrief op de hoogte houden’. Dat is heel saai voor klanten. Dat is niet hoe je jouw klanten lokt. (…) Mijn favoriete manier is om te zeggen: ‘ik heb een fantastisch cadeau voor jou’. Als je dan ook vermeldt dat ze iedere week een tip krijgen om een onweerstaanbare website te krijgen, kun je een nieuwsbrief uitsturen.’ #2 Laat je teksten bloeden Bijna elke klant heeft een probleem. Daar is altijd een oplossing voor lezen we in brochures en op websites van erg veel bedrijven. Deze bedrijven reppen namelijk enkel en alleen over deze oplossing, maar niet over het probleem. Van Erkel: ‘Zorg ervoor dat jouw website vijf vragen beantwoordt die elke bezoeker in zijn hoofd heeft.’ Kijk de hele aflevering om erachter te komen welke vragen dit zijn! #3 & #4: ‘Maak je klanten emotioneel’ & ‘Breng daarna de hartslag weer omlaag’ Van Erkel: ‘We hebben in de vorige les het instinct getriggerd. Vervolgens maak je je klanten emotioneel door de consequenties van het probleem te noemen. (…) Deze stap wordt eigenlijk altijd overgeslagen, maar is een gouden formule in copywriting. Eerst een probleem, dan de emotie en dan de geruststelling.’ #5 ‘Je klant is géén one-night-stand’ Werken aan langdurige klantrelaties is een van de slimste manieren om iets te verkopen aan je bestaande klanten. Van Erkel: ‘Een van de manieren waarop je dit kunt oplossen, is door vaker in de lucht te komen. Nadat jouw klant bij jou is geweest, regelmatig iets van je te laten horen.’ Meer ondernemerslessen? Volg ons op LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram of blijft op de hoogte via onze nieuwsbrief. 

Bekijk de video op:

3 Tips To Build A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR Social Media Marketing Business Online


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What is Rank Up Now & How can we help you grow your business?

Rank Up Now is a software company that provides tangible technology for Network Marketing professionals, direct sales, & home based business owners from all across the globe to help them generate more leads and sales for their marketing companies online.

With our technology we’ve helped over 80,000 Entrepreneurs the past 4 years generate over 6,500,000 leads into their primary businesses.

Most Network Marketing & Direct Sales companies & businesses will tell you to prospect your friends and family in order to grow your business but the problem is this… eventually you run out of people to talk to so then you might purchase business cards to go cold prospecting strangers offline or you go on social media to prospect people online. You might even create a website, blog, funnel, or system yourself thinking that it will get you results but you end up frustrated and burnt out in the long RUN.

The main issue with this is you have to spend all your time chasing people or coding websites yourself and it comes across as desperate when most people aren’t qualified for your business in the first place because #1 – They don’t have the money… #2 – They make excuses… #3 – They are skeptical & #4 – You don’t know how to code websites

So one of the reasons why we created Rank Up Now so you can grow your Network Marketing business, direct sales, and home based business by mastering attraction marketing where QUALIFIED prospects chase you down on a daily basis ready to buy your products without the headache because we take care of the heavy lifting for you.

In order to master attraction marketing you’ve gotta learn the principles and strategies of personal & team branding along with having the right tools and software to leverage your time, effort, & energy.

If you go to you can test drive our App, system, & software to see how it works for yourself that way you can build a MASSIVE business, make the type of money you want to make, live the type of lifestyle that you want to live, and inspire others along your journey in the online marketing and offline business space.

No hype, just RESULTS!

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3 Tips To Build A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR Social Media Marketing Business Online –