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i am Nitika dhiman and i am here to help you give you a brief information about digital marketing .
To understand digital marketing first we need to understand ,What is marketing? Marketing means understanding the need of the product as well as satisfying the customer need whereas Digital marketing means is that marketing platform which helps to promote a business online and gives a deep knowledge about online opportunities
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Mobile Marketing Best Practices – Online Marketing Tips 2019 | Tappable

Mobile Marketing Best Practices – Online Marketing Tips 2019 | Tappable

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Worldwide, more than 52% of users access the internet from a mobile device. This has huge implications on the way we consume content because we don’t use our smartphone the way we use our desktop. In order to make sure your audience engages with your content on their mobile device, you need to make sure you follow mobile marketing best practices. Without doing so, your online marketing will not be as effective.

Over the last few years, stories have brought about the largest shift in digital consumer behavior. Why is this? Well, consumers have less time and have a shorter attention span. In order to reach consumers, your content has to provide information within the first few seconds, which can only be done by combining video or images with text in a clever fashion. Your content has to be snackable, natural, and non-intrusive.

A number of large brands were the first to notice the value of stories. Brands such as Airbnb and Netflix have been using stories for just over a year as of 2019, and they are seeing great results. The biggest issue, however, that these big brands have been running into is, which platform should they be publishing their stories on? This is why AMP stories are so powerful, as they are available on the open web and aren’t confined to a specific platform.

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Internet Marketing Strategy – Growing Your Sales Revealed, Step by Step

If you’d like to grow your potential customers coming to your offline premises, if you are a vet, a retail pharmacy, or a private hospital, or any type of business.

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My Virtual Design Online Marketing

My Virtual Design provides clean, professional, and affordable Web design, Mobile design, Web development, Web hosting, E-commerce solutions and search engine optimization SEO.
More and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet than desktop PCs. Consumers increasingly rely on the mobile web to research and make purchases, which makes it more important than ever for companies to have an effective mobile presence.
An affordable web design services is that you get when MVD design your web sites. We offer our clients an integrated, end-to-end solution for any digital platform.
We are a web development and graphic design company based in North Bergen, New Jersey. We provide affordable web and print solutions for businesses and individuals.
Tel: (201) 228-9904

3 Simple Steps to Marketing Your Mobile App | Get More Exposure and Installs!

Launching a new mobile app? Here are 3 simple steps to marketing getting more downloads and installs.

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Marketing a website’s easy. You do some SEO, and you do some content marketing, maybe even some social media marketing, and boom, you’re popular. But what happens if you have a mobile app? How do you market it?

Well, first off, if you have a mobile app, great.

You can start marketing it, and I’ll show you how. But if you don’t have a mobile app and you’re just thinking about making one, and you’re curious on how to market it, well, first start off with BuildFire. BuildFire is a quick and easy way where you can build an app without being a developer, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. So now that we got that out of the way, hopefully, you have a mobile app by now.

The first thing you want to do when it comes to marketing your app is generate press. If you’re too lazy and you don’t want to generate press on your own, go check out David’s slow.

It’s founded by a guy named Chris Barrett. And Chris Barrett does performance-based press in which, when you get press, you pay. If he doesn’t get you press, you shouldn’t pay.

Funny enough, that’s how all PR should be. I don’t know why these companies are trying to charge $10,000, $20,000 monthly retainers when they’re not guaranteeing any press.

All right, so you can use a service or a company like PRServe. If you want to do it on your own, go check out who’s covering apps within your space.

If you have a beauty app, then, all right, go check out all the beauty bloggers. Give them the app for free. And don’t just give it to them for free when everyone else is getting it for free, but you want to give it to them before you launch it to the public. By giving them early access, they’re going to be like, “Oh my God, I love you, Neil. “This app’s amazing.” And then they’re going to cover it; they’re going to feel special.

And then when everyone starts covering it, then you’re going to get some awesome press and some signups.

Number two, what you want to do is get coverage in the blogosphere. It could just be someone talking about marketing, assuming you have a marketing app, and they include you within that blog spot. So what I do is I go reach out to all the bloggers who have already written articles that are related to my app.

The third thing you want to do, and I hate to say this, spend money on advertising. You can get a ton of traffic from Facebook ads for your app installs. You can also go to other people out there who already have apps and buy ad space from them. You probably have some games on your phone.

What do you see when you’re playing these games? Every once in awhile it’ll be like, pause, ad break, and there’ll be an ad for another app.

That’s when you can get your app in there. It’s dirt cheap. You can do this in quantity, and that’ll also help you drive a lot of installs. Follow those three things, you’ll get a lot more app installs, and you’ll be popular, and hopefully, your app monetizes so that way you can make money.

Once you have people in your app, then you can start doing like the virality, in which you can do invite flows, give people bonuses and points for sharing, rating, be reviewing your app, which will all help with more installs in the long run. But if you have no one coming into your app, those viral loops won’t work.

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Small Business Local Online Marketing – Clicks Magazine Issue 56

Inside this issue of Clicks Magazine

Why Facebook Messenger Ads are AWESOME for Small Business

If you’re like a lot of small business owners, you know that it’s getting harder to get the ROI you want on Facebook ads and it might be time to check out Facebook’s newest ad option – Facebook Messenger Ads. In this article, you’ll learn how you can reach more of your audience using them.

Voice Search is Dominating – Here’s What You Need to Know Now

As of 2019, 20% of all Google searches are voice-activated. What’s that tell us? It shouldn’t be a surprise. Voice search is here to stay and it’s growing – businesses who don’t embrace it now are going to be left scrambling in the very near future. If you haven’t integrated voice search into your marketing yet- Here’s what you need to know.

3 Mobile Marketing Musts for Local Businesses

You might be sick of hearing about mobile marketing, but you can’t afford to ignore it. So, what mobile marketing elements are the most important for local businesses? In this article we’re breaking down the 3 mobile “musts” you need to address now and how you can capitalize on the huge growth of mobile searches.

The 5 Simple Marketing Metrics You Should Know

A lot of business owners look at marketing as an afterthought. They’re focusing on other things – but it’s not a great idea to ignore marketing. While you might not have a ton of time to spend on marketing, there are a few basic marketing metrics that you need to be aware of because not knowing them can negatively affect your business’s profitability over time.

Online Marketing | Digitrace

Online Marketing | Digitrace

Online Marketing:
Online marketing is a set of tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the internet. Online marketing includes a wider range of marketing elements than traditional business marketing due to the extra channels and marketing mechanisms available on the internet.

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Trends im Online Marketing – Interview mit Michael Kohlfürst

Online Marketing Experte Michael Kohlfürst im Interview. Was sind die Trends im Online Marketing? Wie geht es weiter mit der eignenen Webseite, Social Media und Mobile Marketing auf dem Smartphone und im Auto? Darum ist das Online Marketing eines Unternehmens auch Chefsache.

Michael Kohlfürst CMC Interview mit Otto Koller von anläßlich des Jahrestreffens der Mountain Bike Hotels in Tramin Südtirol Italien. + waren die Veranstalter dieses Events zu welchem es auch Schulungs Videos gibt.

Die erste Frage: Wie weit macht es denn Sinn, dass ich mich selbst als Unternehmer um dieses Thema annehme? Grundsätzliche ist es schon wichtig, dass ich als Unternehmer oder als Eigentümer von einem Hotel zeige, dass mir das Thema am Herzen liegt, dass es mir wichtig ist. Damit auch die anderen beteiligten Partner die an der Umsetzung mit dabei sind wie eine Agentur auch wissen wie wichtig das für das Unternehmen ist. Inwieweit ich mich da selber einbringe, dass sie zum Beispiel auch selber Inhalte einfüge oder erstelle hängt dann davon ab wie sehr mein Herz daran hängt oder mein finanzielles Budget zulässt.
REPORTER: Die Frage wie weit ich mich selbst einbringe kann man ja in Verbindung bringen mit der Frage wie dynamisch soll denn meine Webseite sein. Weil wenn du jetzt sagst ich soll ganz besonders dynamisch sein, dann wird mir gar nichts anderes überbleiben. Wie siehst du das?
KOHLFÜRST: es soll natürlich auch zum Unternehmen passen. Wenn ein Hotel größer ist, dann haben die natürlich viel mehr Möglichkeiten und Kapazitäten viel mehr Inhalte zu erstellen als wie ein kleiner Betrieb wo jeden ich jeden Tag auch sehr viel im Tagesgeschäft drinnen bin. Aber grundsätzlich geht es mal um das Thema Dynamik. Also wer nichts ändert, nichts erneuert oder neuen Inhalt hinzufügt der wird auch vom Netzwerk, vom Internet nicht wahrgenommen als beweglich, und wer nicht beweglich ist, wird dann früher oder später aus den Ergebnissen ausgeschlossen.
REPORTER: das heißt, Statik bedeutet nicht nur Rückschritt, sondern bedeutet gar nicht mehr präsent?
KOHLFÜRST: Genau richtig, weil die anderen die aktiv sind, die werden mich überholen mit der Zeit.
REPORTER: jetzt schauen wir noch zum Thema Zukunft. Welche Bedeutung wird das Thema Webdesign und Webgestaltung und Text Content Gestaltung, Content Management für die Zukunft haben?
KOHLFÜRST: wir werden sicher noch mehr Möglichkeiten der Digitalen Werbung und der Digitalen Destination bekommen als wie jetzt die klassische Webseite wie man sich diese am Computer vorstellt. Es hat ja schon bereits begonnen die Mobilen Suchgeräte am Smartphone zum Beispiel oder auf einer Uhr usw., da wir sich sicher noch viel mehr entwickeln. Aber was die wichtigste Entwicklung wird ist, dass es Teil unseres Lebens wird. Wir bekommen nicht mehr die Aktive Suche sondern die Assistenzsysteme die unser Leben begleiten und die merken, was ist uns wichtig, was gefällt uns. Was sind unsere Wünsche. und diese werden uns dann dementsprechend die Informationen zuführen. Und darauf bereitet man sich am besten nun schon vor indem man in Sozialen Medien ist, eine Webseite hat und dynamisch ist in der Erstellung seiner Inhalte.
REPORTER: Das heißt, es führt auch in Zukunft kein Weg daran vorbei?
KOHLFÜRST: Meines Erachtens nach in MEINER Zukunft, die ich noch erleben werde, würde ich mal sagen, nein.

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