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क्या अपने बिजनेस में नए नगद और अपरिचित कस्टमर चाहते हैं क्या आप वाकई चाहते हैं कि लोग आपके शॉप को ढूंढते हुए आये ।जब लोग गूगल पर आपके आसपास आपसे संबंधित व्यवसाय सर्च करें तो आपका बिजनेस फ़स्ट पेज पर रैंक करे और लोग आपके शॉप तक पहुंच जाए। foore app ,Online marketing में आपके business को बढ़ाने में सहायता कर सकता है।ये फ्री एप्प है इसमें कोई चार्ज भी नही है।
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#Digitalmarketing #samdeepmaheshwari Digital marketing से आप लाखो कमा सकते है। by Sandeep Maheshwari


that is the Sandeep Maheshwari’s good good video for Digital Marketing there is manything about the digital marketing and there is step by step about the growing business from zero to big level so go and watch this video this is very useful for Digital Marketing and business please watch this video and share like comment and subscribe my channel

How to success in online marketing অনলাইন মার্কেটিংয়ে ছাত্ররাও কিভাবে সফল হচ্ছে শুনুন। এরা কি বলে?

অনলাইন মার্কেটিংয়ে ছাত্ররাও কিভাবে সফল হচ্ছে শুনুন। এরা কি বলে?

RMO feelings

১/ তৌসিফ বিন করিম

২/ আসাদুল ইসলাম আসাদ

৩/ মিরাজুল ইসলাম সাহিদ

৪/ নাঈমুর রহমান নাঈম

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In today’s video, I’ll tell you about 20 world class marketplace where you could start your there are success in online business by Annex world wide limited . online career besides your study. If you’re planing to start freelancing or want to work from your home then this video will help you to know which online marketplace could be the best for your career. Any kind of work you could find online based on your interest like website development, photography, videography, video editing, seo, consulting, clipping path, social media marketing & many more. I described each & every single marketplace how they work which one is best for whom.
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Patience and Mentorship in Online Marketing

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I can’t understate the importance of Patience and Mentorship in the Online Marketing Arena.
First of all, “don’t believe everything you hear and read” because, especially for newbies out there, it can be a little discouraging to think that everybody pushes a button and is a Millionaire. Well, you know it doesn’t work that way. Yes, it is definitely is possible to make a lot of money in this business, and I’m sure I’m no different than the rest of you. I’m here to make money–but I also I’m here to want to help people too, and I hope that comes across!

Remember to take things with the grain of salt, and also remember everybody’s a Marketer, so be sure keep that in mind. It doesn’t mean that they’re not telling the truth, but just use a little bit of your own common sense.

Also, a lot of us in this business (probably all of us at one time or another) lack patience. We all want it yesterday, and that again goes back to some of those folks out there that say “Hey push this button and you can make money overnight.” Again,nothing worth its salt works that way. It takes work—and if f you put in the work will be completely worth it. Don’t give up! You know, if you give up at the first sign of something not working well—guess what—you ARE going to fail, and you’re going to fail big because maybe the next thing you tried would have been the thing that got you over the hump!

So, don’t let one failure keep you from trying. It’s like that saying–we all have to fail fast—meaning try something, and if it doesn’t work, try something else, and if that doesn’t work try something else. Sooner or later, something is going to work! You have to be patient, though. I’m guilty of that–we are ALL guilty of wanting it yesterday. I am and I am certainly not alone in this! Many people that I’ve worked with that can attest to the fact that I am somewhat impatient from time to time. But, I’m learning, I’m learning, and along with that learning I am having some success. You just have to be willing to be patient and to do the work.

Also, do not trying to do this alone. It’s too hard. So, whether that means you team up with a partner at your level, or whether it’s what I have chosen to do—working with mentors. I have been incredibly fortunate in this business to work with some amazing people like Dean Holland Jim Graham. Also, right now I’m working with Bill Hugall who is changing my life! He is teaching me step by step what I need to do, We need to build upon what we learn from all of these people that we work with and learn from. You can also learn from people who are at the same level as you or maybe a step ahead. You should also join groups that are interested in the same thing that YOU are interested in–you can help each other!
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