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Inside this free book, you’ll learn about the 3 ‘LOST’ Funnels that run 99.9% of ALL successful network marketing companies:
Funnel #1 – The 3-Way Call Funnel – Create the perfect communication “bridge” between YOU and your prospect! You can share your message and opportunity WITHOUT ever needing to grab someone from your upline, and jump on a phone call! (This funnel works even if you’re brand new to network marketing, and don’t have any established credibility yet…)

Funnel #2 – The Home Party Funnel – This isn’t like your typical home party! Get all the sales, leads, and social interaction of a traditional home party right through the power of the internet…(WITHOUT having to lug around bins of product, or set foot outside of your home!)

Funnel #3 – The Hotel Meeting Funnel – How to create DUPLICATION in your online business to rapidly grow your team and create that ‘multiplier-effect’ in your paychecks…(This is how you build a rock-solid business foundation that cannot crumble…)

How to Plug ANY Opportunity Into These 3 Funnels In
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Network Marketing Secrets
“How to Use Sales Funnels To Grow Your Network Marketing Team…”

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“Can I use sales funnels to grow my company?”
I always smile at this question, because literally 99% of ALL networking companies were built using the SAME 3 FUNNELS…. (offline funnels).

Yet for some crazy reason when people come online, they completely forget how these 3 funnels have worked for them and all of the leaders in their companies.

Instead they jump online and try out whatever fad is new and exciting at the time, and completely forget the CORE STRATEGY, the core FUNNELS that have made them successful up to that point.

This article will take you behind the scenes of the three funnels that have built 99% of ALL successful network marketing companies, and show you how to replicate them online with simple sales funnels. You’ll be able to plug your network marketing opportunity into these funnels within just a few minutes.

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P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m mailing you a 104 page book, “Network Marketing Secrets” (that retails at $19.95) for FREE. Yes, this book is free, and all you pay is $7.95 US or $16.04 International anywhere in the world.

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Take Your Network Marketing Business Online (And Keep Your Friends and Family)

If you’re part of a home-based / MLM / Network Marketing type of business then you need to check this book out!

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If you’re anything like me when you first got into network marketing, I was told to share my new opportunity with my friends and family. I always felt kinda guilty about that because I thought I was bothering them, plus I didn’t want to rely on friends and family for the success of my business.

I’m so glad that I came across this book! Network Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson helps you discover how to take your face-to-face business online through sales funnels. You’ll find out how to get the most serious leads to actually come to you when they’re ready to sign up, or buy your products. The book also teaches you how to set up a process that’s not only duplicatable for you, but also those on your team!

It’s a very easy book to read and shouldn’t take long at all. To take full advantage of the system that’s outlined, you’ll want to get yourself a ClickFunnels account! Click on the link above to start a free trial.