Networking With A Purpose: Interviewing Online Marketing Mentor Colin Yearwood

Networking With A Purpose: Interview With Colin Yearwood

Coach Manny Rodriguez, Founder of Social Media & Networking Group, interviews Colin Yearwood.

Colin started selling online in 1997 and it leads to e-commerce, affiliate marketing, flipping websites, and sold services as he learned about online business.

In 2012, he created his first online course then started teaching live workshops to help new entrepreneurs get started online.

Since 2016, he has helped a few hundred people as they start their online business in his role as a coach on the sales team, on-boarding team, and as an accountability coach for one of the leading online training platforms.

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He created the “From Employee To Entrepreneur” workshop to help ambitious employees leverage their current skillset to start an online business.

Check out his E-To-E Framework:

He also created several courses that help you focus on key areas of starting and growing online business:

From Employee To Entrepreneur Workshop

No More Distractions, How to Overcome Shiny Objects and Stick to Your Plan

Online Income Business Formula – A 4-Step Plan For Achieving Your Income Goals

The Home Business Income Formula Calculator

Get Out Of Your Own Way And Start Making More Sales

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