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Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to build customer relationships and promote your organization, but making sense of the sea of acronyms, technologies and platforms can be daunting. Get everything you need to understand this vitally important world with the 4 courses in Cornell’s Digital Marketing certificate.

eCornell Digital Marketing Student Story [Niccole]

Hear Niccole Schreck, an eCornell digital marketing student, share her story and experience with the eCornell certificate program. Niccole is Digital Management Supervisor for Lexus at Team One.

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Hotel Digital Marketing online certificate
Digital marketing has emerged as the pillar of many businesses’ promotion and branding strategy. Essentially, digital marketing is a set of skills, concepts, knowledge, analytical techniques and approaches that when applied appropriately can greatly improve the effectiveness with which business is conducted. This course blends theory and practice with current knowledge and industry insight in four main areas: content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing performance measures, and an overview of challenges ahead and emerging best practices.

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