Online Digital Marketing Course

Are you a business owner looking to expand your business but don’t know how to start?

Are you a freelancer targeting clients who are looking for fb ads and management?

Are you thinking of starting a business but don’t know how?

Are you running an online business but don’t know how to target consumers and/or clients?

THEN, this DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE is right for you!

In partnership with HTech Corp Dev, Stompin’ Ground, 5Virtual and Influx Digital Marketing.

We’re bringing Module 1 on how to start your online presence, bring brand awareness and make your brand/business presence online!

This is a 1 day event with snacks and unlimited coffee! Course Fee is P2,800 only.

Class starts on Oct 25! Limited to 30 students only! Certificates will be provided at the end of the training.

This is for beginners only! For advanced students, kindly wait for Module 2.

Send us a message, inquire today!

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Explore the complete course at India Skill Capital:

Learn how to grow your business online and how to attract local companies, new customers and also how to earn handsome amount of Money from them. You will also learn how to build Online Visibility of your business on Google Maps and Google Searches.

You can make an Ad of your business and publish it on Google and easily setup multiple business locations by taking this course. You will also get some tips on Google My Business.

● How I am going to teach you:

1. We will go through the entire process step by step in depth explanation of every topic.
2. We will complete our business listing from scratch.
3. We will make an Ad to build high visibility on Google Searches.
4. We wil also learn how to set budget for an Ad after coming to final step.

● What are the Benefits of Learning Google My Business Course :

1. You don’t need to do any coding for your website, we will do just editing to it and then publish it.
2. You can easily interact with customers whenever they give Ratings .
3. You can create a post for customers helping them with regular updates.
4. Build online visibility in Google Maps and Google Searches and showcase business location for those who are trying to find you.

I am always here to help my students in regard to any topic listed in the course. Please feel free to ask me anything that is not clear to you.

So, what are you waiting for click on Enroll Button now and be ready to learn so many new things.


● For this online course, you will need only a computer with Internet access
● Gmail Account
● No experience required – just follow the steps to get the results!

What Students able to do after course:

● Enhance and grow your Digital Marketing Skills to get a job or for freelancing.
● Create a free website without any coding in just three simple steps and publish it.
● Make an Ad for your business and publish it on Google.
● Tips on Google My Business.
● Listing on Google Maps and how to attract Customers.
● Make an attractive Post for you Customers.
● Measure Analytics and improve business.

Connect with India SKill Capital :

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WhatsApp: +91-8448858399
Call: +91-120-4323027

Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners | Digital Marketing Video | Digital Marketing 2019

In this Digital Marketing tutorial for beginners video you will learn digital marketing basics in complete detail. This introduction to digital marketing video will help you understand what is digital marketing 2019, traditional marketing vs digital marketing, why online digital marketing is done with a use case and also the benefits of digital marketing.

#DigitalMarketingTutorialForBeginners #DigitalMarketingVideo #DigitalMarketing2019

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Saatnya Memulai Bisnis Online Digital Marketing

Ayo Buruan… Bergabung bersama kami!!!
Saatnya Ibu Rumah Tangga membangun bisnis sendiri hanya dari rumah, tanpa harus meninggalkan rutinitas pekerjaan rumah tangga atau kantoran..
Konsep kami bisnis berbasis Syariah…

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How to do digital marketing in free

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.
Offline marketing refers to any type of marketing that does not involve online marketing (website, social media, email, pay-per-click, blogging, press releases). Effective offline marketing can be a great complement to your online marketing strategies: Cold calls, direct mail, flyers, print publications.
To create a Page: (#babakachannel)
1. Go to
2. Click to choose a Page type.
3. Fill out the required information.
4. Click Get Started and follow the on-screen instructions.
Google Digital Unlocked :

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How to do Paid Online/Digital Marketing | Invest money to Promote | Learn Digital Marketing | Hindi

In this video, I will teach How to Start Paid Online marketing or digital marketing.
Jaaniye online marketing kaise kare. learn online marketing in hindi. get online marketing course in hindi for free of cost.

learn the basics of digital marketing in hindi. i will explain paid online marketing. i will explain paid online marketing. in this channel you will get digital marketing tutorials in hindi for beginners.

in our channel learn digital marketing in hindi for free of cost. in our channel learn online marketing in hindi for free of cost. in this video learn SEO in hindi (search engine optimization in hindi), In this video learn SEM (search engine marketing in hindi), In this video learn Display/ Banner ads in hindi. In this video learn facebook ads and google ads in hindi, Difference between facebookads and google ads in hindi, Learn online marketing tools and automation.

In this video learn paid online promotion of business in hindi. you can also promote your business online.

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What is Digital Marketing In Hindi || Career in Digital Marketing | Future and Scope | Salary | Jobs

What is Digital Marketing In Hindi || Career in Digital Marketing | Future and Scope of Digital Marketing | Salary | Jobs –

Is video me hum baat karenegn-

1. Digital Marketing Kya hoti hai.
2. Digital Marketing ka Future and Scope kya hai ?
3. Career opportunity in digital marketing.
4. Role of Digital marketing in Business etc.

So, Watch this Video and Learn about Digital marketing in Hindi.

Online Marketing Erklaerung

Telefon: 09723 – 90 53 555

Warum Sie eine Online Marketing Agentur engagieren sollten …
Posted on: 6. Juli 2015 by Online Marketing Agentur24 in Online Marketing Agentur

Wenn es um die Vermarktung Ihres Unternehmens oder Ihrer Produkte in den Onlinemedien geht, gibt es einige Möglichkeiten. Sie können es selbst tun, Sie können jemanden in Vollzeit anstellen, um den Job zu übernehmen, oder Sie können eine Online Marketing Agentur engagieren.

Diese letztere Wahl ist wirklich die einzige Möglichkeit ? Ja, das liegt zum Teil daran, dass viele Fähigkeiten, Erfahrungen und Kenntnisse erforderlich sind, um den Job richtig zu machen, aber das ist wirklich nur ein Teil davon. Es gibt so viele Gründe, um eine Online Marketing Agentur zu engagieren, und keinen Grund, warum Sie das nicht tun sollten.

Geld – ja, genau wie überall geht es auch beim Onlinemarketing ums Geld. Je besser Ihre Online Marketing Kampagne ist,

desto mehr Geld werden Sie wahrscheinlich verdienen. Und während Sie vielleicht glauben, dass eine Online Marketing Agentur oder Online Marketing Berater wieder viel von dem zusätzlichen Gewinn kostet, den sie einbringt, ist das absolut nicht wahr. Denn wenn Sie die riesige Aufgabe der Vermarktung selbst übernehmen und es nicht klappt, kostet das Ihr Unternehmen Hunderte und Tausende von Euros. Falls das passiert, ist Ihr Marketing-Budget bereits ausgeschöpft und Sie haben nicht mehr die Möglichkeit, Ihre Fehler zu finden und es ein zweites Mal zu versuchen.

Und das ist nicht das einzige, wie die Online Marketing Agentur für Sie Geld einsparen kann.

Ein Beispiel: wenn an Ihrem Haus das Dach kaputt ist, werden Sie dann einen Dachdecker in Vollzeit einstellen für den Fall, dass Ihr Dach irgendwann wieder repariert werden muss? Natürlich nicht! Sie werden einen Handwerker beauftragen, sich um das Problem zu kümmern und der Auftrag ist abgeschlossen, sobald die Arbeit erledigt ist. Wenn Sie in der Zukunft ein anderes Problem mit dem Dach haben, rufen Sie nochmals an und vergeben einen neuen Auftrag, aber in der Zwischenzeit zahlen Sie keinen Euro .