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Learn how to Increase Online Sales & Traffic Fast for E-commerce Websites, Marketing Strategy 2019. By following these Best Online Marketing Strategies 2019, you are able to promote online sates fast!!

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Digital Marketing for Beginners 2019 | Career | Courses | Salary | Online Marketing part 1

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Salary and career will be discussing in the upcoming videos.

The modules which we are going to cover in this video tutorial are:-

1. What is a digital marketing
2. Market research
3. Copyrighting
4. YouTube Marketing
5. Facebook Marketing
6. Instagram Marketing
7. Linkedin Marketing
8. Quora Marketing
9. Twitter Marketing
10. Google Ads
11. Google Analytics
12. Application Marketing
13. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

and much more new updates we will be covering in this video.
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What Is Online Marketing

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What Is Online Marketing?
To explain online marketing, we must first understand the Internet (also known as the World Wide Web) which is a network of connected computers that spans across the globe. It allows for effective communications regardless of the distance between the users and this is why it is incredibly powerful. Online marketing targets customers with relevant interests to ensure that it reaches a relevant audience. The effectiveness of it comes from the fact that it is cheap compared to the number of views it generates. Online marketing definition may be seen as the utilization of the Internet to reach a global audience either through one-way communications (web ads and search engine optimization) or interactive communication through social media.

Here are the benefits of Online Marketing in comparison to other traditional marketing mediums:

1- Your product reaches a global audience
2-Your products reach people with relevant interests
3-Relatively cheap when compared to other physical mediums
4-Increases Brand Loyalty through interacting with customers
5- Constant exposure to a brand boosts Brand recall
6-Reliable location for business updates

The simplest type of online advertising which involves the use of banner advertisements on 3rd party websites usually through Google Ads. In order to avoid intrusions on the user’s experience, the banners (still or animated) are on the sides of a page. It is considered to be the first adaptation of the traditional Out of home advertising into the technological age. Viewers of the ad may choose to click on it if they are interested.

2-Search Engine Marketing
This requires a proper understanding of how search engines rank pages to maximize the traffic to your website. This is one of the most essential mediums for natural growth of your online entity. All views in this case are interested in what you have to offer. This method involves adjusting your content in order to please search engine algorithms to ensure that you rank high on a results page.

3- Social Media Marketing
Arguably the most important Online Marketing Tool due to its incredible flexibility. It is for interacting in order to gain favor (brand acceptance) or to remain competitive. It is of no doubt that online recommendations are the natural evolution of word of mouth marketing, which is essentially the ultimate marketing goal of any business. It provides the most exposure; however requires the most amount of effort.

There are several social media websites, each serving their own function. A Facebook page is essential to show the amount of people who liked your product. Twitter may be used for more instant interactions with the customer base as well as a chance at viral tweets with these tools at hand. There are several more uses of social media for marketing

Examples of Online Marketing Success
By now you should have a general idea of what is online marketing and it’s uses. To further convince you of it’s benefits, let us observe some stories of success. These companies had a clear understanding of what is online marketing which allowed them to generate massive amount of exposure for their business.

A company that allowed car owners to temporarily work as private drivers. It is of no doubt that Uber struggled to integrate into society when it started, but through vigorous online campaigns, their vision became real through many promotions and their reliance on electronic “word of mouth.”

A company that allowed users to rent their apartments to people visiting. It completely relied on user generated posts and images of these apartments. Their huge success may be attributed to sharing a common interest with their users. Despite governmental pressures, the company survived due to gaining the support of people.

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Online Marketing (2019) Actionable

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How To Sell Without Selling | Online Marketing (2019)

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