4 Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns for B2B

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Hi MARION followers. Thanks for watching. Today we’re going to be talking about 4 types of digital marketing campaigns for B2B businesses.

Back in the day traditional used to work very well, but today it’s really not considered the most effective channel to use in terms of getting targeted visitors to your website and to your business. You really need a more adaptive and targeted approach. Digital marketing campaigns really offer that, along with the tracking to attribute where your results are coming from, tracking ROI, and really justifying to leadership and top decision-makers why you should be spending money on certain channels.

Let’s start with – what is a digital marketing campaign? So, a digital marketing campaign is an online effort put forth by an organization to drive conversions, revenue, traffic, or engagement to achieve a specific marketing goal. You’re going to want to set these goals beforehand, and a lot of planning goes into this, obviously.
So, we’re going to cover 4 types of online marketing campaigns for B2B today. We’re going to hit social media, PPC campaigns, podcasts, and referral networks.

Starting off with social media, you’re going to be posting a lot of different things, but you want to balance self-promotional with educational and fun content for your brand specifically.
This can mean going and curating different content from other useful, relevant news sources, or authorities in your field (obviously you don’t want to just post from any mom-and-pop shop). If it’s insightful, valuable information, feel free to share that even if it’s not yours.

If you’re going to post about yourself the whole time (the self-promotional content), if you’re doing that 100% of the time, people will tune out very quickly. So, avoid doing that. Keep in mind with social media that organic reach declined over the past years, so you’re probably going to need to use some type of social media advertising in your efforts just to get the real return on investment for your social media campaigns.

Another great type of internet marketing campaign is going with PPC campaigns. This is going to be more commercial. A lot of times people know that a PPC campaign means business.

When someone clicks on an ad, for instance, in Google Ads, they’re going to know that that’s more to be marketed to. They’re going to find a product there specifically, whereas if they find your page in an organic search, there’s probably a better chance that it’s going to be educational and have a lot of other content on there.

PPC really means business to users, and it’s a great way to target for intent and demographics. You can actually go after age, gender, and income in your PPC campaigns in most platforms, or your can use, for instance, in Google Ads, In-Market segments so that you can identify search patterns. If somebody has been consistently shopping for marketing and advertising services, you can identify those people and market even more to them.

Our third option today is Podcasts. They’ve been exploding in popularity lately – everybody has been trying to get on the (I wouldn’t call it the bandwagon, because it does get real results) Podcast train – we’ll call it that.

You can run your own or advertise on an existing podcast of someone in your industry. Obviously running your own is going to take some experience and some equipment, but it can be a great way to get results for your business. It’s a great way to reach business professionals during their commute in the morning, so you can reach a very targeted audience depending on the topics that you cover in your podcast or the podcast that you’re advertising on.

Lastly, we’re going to cover referral networks. You can use affiliate networking to other consumers. So, people who have used your products or services before are talking you up to anyone they know. There are certain systems out there that kind of incentivize your advocates to go and make recommendations to everyone possible. You can almost have a little network of advocates going out and telling everybody about your product and service, and about how it helped them.

This goes beyond just testimonials or reviews, while at the same time, those are great things that you want to get from those advocates. You can get reviews for your different local business entities, or you can even build real qualified leads from people who have come to your website and see your testimonials from your advocates. It’s word of mouth marketing, really.

Those four online marketing campaign examples are going to be a great way to get you started and get some exposure for your business. Thanks for watching!

Online Marketing Plan and Template

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To ensure the success of your online campaign, careful planning is a must. An online marketing plan shows you the amount of exposure you should expect. It also ensures that you are ready for any problems that may face you during your online campaign. Now, assuming that you are familiar with the concept of online marketing, let us walk you through a digital marketing plan template. Starting from the identification of your goal, then the proper strategies and objectives and finally the appropriate tactics for your plan. Finally, we shall discuss some previous success stories as a digital marketing plan example.

Step 1: Identifying the Goal of Your Online Marketing Plan
Knowing your goal is an essential part of any online marketing plan. It puts you on your first steps to the road of success. A business may choose to launch an online marketing campaign for several reasons. These reasons may be (but are not limited to):
Increasing exposure,
Good publicity,
Market penetration.

Now let us explore these options and identify their digital marketing strategies for your online marketing plan.

Step 2: Strategies for Success
A)Strategies for Increasing Exposure
Now that you have identified your end goal, it is time to choose your most suitable strategy. When it comes to an online marketing plan, your strategy is concerned with the digital medium that you will be using.
Another important channel for online exposure is social media, where you will be able to generate lots of views and interactions through the creation of an online page. This page will be the go-to place for any individual interested in your business. This is effective when your business is already successful and you are looking for further growth.

B)Strategies for Publicity
To earn good publicity, the customer needs to feel that their voice is heard. Your online marketing plan should involve constant customer interactions to collect information about their current satisfaction level and any necessary improvements. In this case, social media is your friend as it simplifies customer interactions while providing you with a permanent location for your business updates. SEO may be used in this case to further improve customer awareness of these pages to avoid unobserved conversations about your business on non-official pages.

C)Strategies for Market Penetration
This is relevant to a business that is looking to expand into a new market. This is essentially a hybrid of the 2 previous strategies where your business’s online marketing plan will be aiming to both increase exposure and spread good publicity. This caters to the creation of a brand that the customers regard as positive. Social media page set is essential including the use of Display ads to attract new consumers that are unaware of your business. People need a reason to choose your business over another. In the case of a product, you need informative advertising that proves that your product is superior to others. In case of a service, being unique with creative ads will give you the edge over your competitors.

Step 3: Setting Realistic Objectives
We all strive for success, but setting realistic objectives is essential to accurately observe the effectiveness of any decision. The first thing you need to consider is your current position. This involved how many people are following your business, how many hits it gets on search engines and how often it is discussed online. It is of no doubt that the hardest part of online marketing success is those initial 100 follows. Afterwards, your online presence starts to organically grow from all the discussions happening online. A good rule of thumb is that you should set realistic objectives and aim for at least 70% of that objective.

Try to maximize the benefit out of your current campaign by setting several objectives that cover both short term and long terms goals. Preferably, your short term objectives should augment your long term vision of the business.

Step 4: Adopting the Proper Tactics
Social media is an essential tool for any online campaign, its strength comes from the incredible versatility it provides. For the purpose of exposure, you will find yourself producing a lot of ads and perhaps some promotions. Remember, creativity is key to getting that edge over the competition.

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How To Track Your Internet Marketing

Starting up on online marketing campaign? Then tracking your internet marketing business is very essential to understanding how your business is doing. In this video, i highlight some ways of tracking your internet business.

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