Online Marketing System for Restaurants

An effective Online Marketing System consists of 3-4 Areas.
I’m Alex Simon, CEO and Founder of Active Restaurant Marketing and I’m a certified Social Media & Online Marketing Expert. This System is used for every client as well.

1. Traffic: you need to get attention to your Restaurant/service and lead it to a converting page (Website/Lead Page)

2. Lead generating Page or Website: Collect Info (mail, name, phone) of prospects to give them a benefit of being on your Email list, which leads to making them convert into customers.

3. Thank you Page: Don’t just say thanks and bye – ask them for a further favor (people are most likely to do a favor, if they’ve either just done one already or you’ve just done one for them).

4. Feed Email Marketing Tool (best would be an autoresponder) with Info. Automated Emails (announcements, offers, sales, news,…) personalized to prospects and customers.

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Online Marketing Agency Company Consultant Expert Specialist

Online Marketing Agency Company Consultant Expert Specialist

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