ONLINE MARKETING COURSE: Interview with MML Student, Jaime Warren


Today I decided to do something a little different and interview a current student inside of the Mom’s Marketing Lounge, which is my online marketing course.

Jaime Warren is a total rockstar (& fellow mompreneur) & I wanted her to share her own personal development journey along with her experience of what’s it’s been like since starting the program.

She is a busy mom who not only works 50+ hours a week but she also teaches fitness classes, has 2 kids, a husband and is currently building her brand and setting up her online marketing strategy for her online business.

Connect With Jaime:

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The MML is an online marketing course/program to help you develop your brand & fine tune your message so you can confidently build your audience, influence & income online using modern day attraction marketing principles

(without the overwhelm, tech challenges or spammy tactics that you know just aren’t effective)

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~Attraction Marketing Strategies

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I’m a stay at home mom who’s passion is to help other busy moms, re-discover their voice, build a solid foundation for their business, & show their kids what’s possible‼️

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Do you struggling with consistently marketing your business online? If you answered with a yes or kinda or even a maybe, this episode of #justthetip is going to give you a simple and easy plan to follow along with for each day of the week.

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Online Marketing for Beginners [2019]

Online marketing for beginners | Online marketing for beginners : A Complete Beginners guide | How to Get Started in Online Marketing | Online marketing for dummies |

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Jetzt Online Marketing Profi werden – Ohne lange zu planen

Du überlegst, planst, organisierst und dann kommt Haus, Katze, Maus, Oma und was auch immer dazwischen? In diesem Video möchte ich dich motivieren, endlich zu beginnen.
Denn Dinge passieren nur, wenn man sie macht.
Dieses Video hat vielleicht nur eine Person erreicht und zwar dich, der oder die das hier gerade liest. Und weißt du was? Das ist der Hammer, weil alleine dafür hat es sich schon der Aufwand gelohnt! Das du dieses Video gerade geschaut hast und diesen Text liest, bedeutet, dass egal wie klein der Kanal oder die Zahl der Aufrufe; Wenn du es wirklich willst, wirst du die Menschen mit deiner Message erreichen.
Also, worauf wartest du noch?
Leg los!!
Für den Start habe ich dir unten ein Video von Nico Lampe verlinkt, das mich persönlich sehr viel weiter gebracht hat. Es ist eine kostenlose Anleitung, wie du direkt eine Affiliate Seite aufbauen kannst.
Auf gehts!!

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Ich bin Leon und ich machs!
Alles fing vor einem Jahr mit der mittlerweile auf YouTube belächelten Danny Adams Werbung; “Ich und mein Team begleiten dich so lange, bis du moantlich 3000 Euro übers Internet verdienst!”
Ab da hat es mich gepackt. Im Internet Geld verdienen? Das soll gehen? Wie könnte das funktionieren?
Da ich als Student kaum Geld über habe, setze ich mich seit diesem Tag in meiner Freizeit mit dem Thema Online und Affiliate Marketing auseinander. Alles was ich bisher an Wissen gesammelt habe, möchte ich dir hier und auf Instagram weitergeben. Begleite mich auf meinem Weg, wie ich mir ein passives Einkommen aufbaue.

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The Online Marketing Big Picture

The Online Marketing Big Picture
So, this is the process that the big Guru Marketers are using to make lots of money online.
Traffic – Landing Page – Funnel with Upsells – Auto Responder Sequence
What they do is they break even on their ad cost by presenting a low ticket offer on the front end, and everything after that is pure profit.
Also, not everyone will buy the first time, so it’s important to follow up with emails.
More details in the video.
I hope you found some value in the online marketing big picture video.
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NOW is your time! You CAN do this! Just take ACTION and Just Try to Get 1% Better Everyday

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Pascal Lafond
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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

online marketing for beginners, online marketing definition and principles

online marketing for beginners, online marketing definition and principles. Launching a business is difficult. It’s always been that way. However, today, we live in an age that requires an inherent understanding of the convoluted Web that’s been woven. Without it, gaining traction for your online business could be futile.

While most people are caught spinning their wheels, focusing on efforts that provide them with little to no traction, successful online marketers know that there are three fundamental principles that must absolutely be adhered to in order to achieve long-term results on the Web.

These principles provide the basis for success across the board in areas such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, sales and email marketing. Wield these three principles and interlace them into everything that you do, and success will eventually be within reach.

The biggest problem? The prevailing mentality seems to be one of doing the least amount of work for the greatest return. It’s either born from sheer laziness, which is partially a product of our culture, or one of the expectation of convenience and instant gratification.

We want what we want, when we want it, and we’d like that to happen right now, wouldn’t we? Who wants to wait around for weeks, months or even years at a time to see their labor bear fruit? Not many people have the patience and wherewithal to see things through, but we all know that things don’t happen overnight.

When it comes to marketing any business online, we need to put in the sweat equity. We have to do the work. There’s simply no way around it. But it isn’t just about working hard, we also have to work smart and do things the right way, not the easy way.

The truth? When it comes to online marketing, you either have a lot of money or a lot of time. If you have both those things, then you’re in luck since you’ve likely hit the jackpot somewhere along the road. But the large majority of folks have either one or the other, and that’s usually more time than money.

How you spend your time, will largely dictate your ability for success when it comes to online marketing. Will you try to wield quick fixes to chase the all-mighty dollar? Or, will you build inherent value into your offerings?

While the delicate balance of time versus money is nothing new, if you want to succeed with online marketing you have to do things the right way while using the precious little amount of time you have wisely.

In total, there are three fundamental principles that online marketers need to both understand and adhere to. Whether you’re an entrepreneur at the earliest stages of business, a startup knee-deep in sales and marketing, or a veteran business owner or manager, these three fundamental principles should be driving every online-marketing decision you make.

Online Marketing for Beginners- Consistencey is Key

My # 1 recommendation for marketing training- With YouTube Training Bonus!
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Hey everyone. I made this quick video about being consistent in online marketing. I really would like for beginners in marketing to understand the importance of being consistent in growing their business.
Training is inevitable in learning how to properly grow and be productive in your business also. Stay consistent in your online business education. You can teach what you have learned to others.

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I Wish I Hired An Online Marketing Coach

Part 2 10 things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Online Business

In this series I share the 10 major things I wish I knew before starting my internet business and this is number 2 thing I wish someone had told me from the start. The online marketing world is simple yet not very easy for most (especially me when I started).

I went almost 6 years in my business without making a single penny simply because I believed my success online was dependant on “so-called online gurus”.

In this episode I share why getting an online marketing coach made a HUGE difference in my journey online and how it can for you too if you decide to work with one.

Quite struggling and find a coach or mentor who will guide you on what to do in your online business.

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