Online Marketing For Local Business

In this video, we are trying to understand the impact of the internet to market any kind of business, which might be a local business or a brick and mortar business. How the internet is shaping the marketing strategy and how much we can measure our efforts are the points of discussion in this video.

There are mainly two kinds of medium – the traditional medium and online medium. The Traditional medium includes newspapers, T.V, radio, etc., while the online medium includes email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and paid advertising (SEM). Both are very successful marketing approaches and can be used to reach the target audience. But the question here is how much we can measure our efforts in both the scenario.

In case of the traditional medium, the audience is reaching the actual place of business which in case of online advertising is reaching the website. The basic difference in both types lies in measurability. In case of online marketing, it is possible to track the channel (through Google Analytics) which is driving traffic to website or most importantly which channel is bringing revenue to our business. This is not possible in case of traditional medium. Here lies the importance of online marketing for business.

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