Fundamentals of Online Marketing

When free training, content and paid training meet.

*Learn how to identify and understand your core values and principles, a key component to effective and practical marketing.
•Understand the importance of listening to your target market, rather than focusing on what you are going to say next
•Diving into the art of asking the right kind of questions that will help you better understand your buyers
•Use listening skills to create an ideal customer, rather than selling to just anyone

Be a part of entrepreneurs that need to learn basics so that they can make the right decisions about which route they would like to take in Online Marketing.

I have created content from multiple seminars and training. They have all helped and served it’s purpose. I have come across entrepreneurs that are fearful about advertising online because they believe that it’s a waste of money or they have fallen victim to scams.
I acknowledge that there are so many scams however I acknowledge that marketing online is amongst the greatest things that has happened to me.
It’s my turn to bring what I’ve learnt to help forward so when I do step out and do the intense training I’m currently going through I do it with resilience and everything in me.

You can make a difference to futures start ups, listen and join the refining process of the Online Marketing Beginners Course. Follow the link for more information.

I have also learnt from awesome teams such as Easy1UP and have become an affiliate to their programs. Great content. I’m in the process of learning the video marketing so I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and will be focusing on video marketing

We all need to start somewhere so if you have an idea, have just started in the entrepreneurial space or a small business owner bringing your business online this is definitely for you.
I want you to be where I am today: successful, equipped with adequate communication skills and a firm grasp on my target audience.

Take the first step towards success today!