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Are you ready to….

Learn how to build a God centered business through his guidance and direction?

Help you identify your spiritual gifts, talents and unique abilities & step into creating vs. copying?

Learn how to turn use the talents & gifts God has given you to build a abundant mindset and profitable business?

Help you gain clarity on your message and mission so you can finally build a business that makes contribution & impact?

Then I invite you to grab your FREE ALL ACCESS PASS to the Turn Purpose to Profit Summit Series:

I have gathered almost two dozen online marketing experts who have made the decision to put God at the center of their life and business. From successful authors, podcasters, digital marketing experts to christian entrepreneurs.

 It’s not by accident, chance, or luck that they have been able to achieve so many milestones in the online marketing space. 
This industry is amazing, but it’s far too quiet about the one thing that can change EVERYTHING, and that is putting God at the center of all you do. 
Many people told me “Jen, be careful, you don’t want to turn people off by talking about God.” 
That’s not my goal at all. My goal is that it will turn people on…Wake people up …
Whether you believe or not, there is infinite wisdom in the bible. Everyone can relate to it’s truth, it’s the universal law.
The truth is I did life and business for many years the “self-managed” way. Keeping God on the sidelines. 
Can I let you in on a little secret….Self help is no help at all. 
If we could help ourselves, then all our problems would be solved wouldn’t they?

We need God’s direction and plan, because he’s created one for us. (Jeremiah 20:11) 
We also need each other’s gifts, talents, abilities, and strengths to work together to make this world go round. 
So often people try to play the wrong role, copy, compare and compromise who they are to win in this business and that’s not the approach to take. 
The sooner you can step into the role God created you for, the sooner life and business will make sense. 
That is exactly what we are going to help you discover through this 10 day series. 
How to uncover your spiritual gifts, build a profitable business and create success in faith as a christian entrepreneur. 
Of course I wanted you to be the first to get your FREE ALL ACCESS PASS:
We kickoff on Dec 10th!

I can’t wait for you to meet the experts and hear all they have to share with you (including FREE gifts) to help you turn your purpose into profit.

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What Digital Marketing Is (…And What It’s NOT) – Online Marketing Explained

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Internet marketing strategies 2019 – BEST online marketing strategy to create RESULTS FAST

Internet marketing strategies 2019 – BEST online marketing strategy to create RESULTS FAST

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Internet marketing strategies 2019 – BEST online marketing strategy to create RESULTS FAST

6 Pillars of the Best Online Marketing System for Your Internet Marketing Home Business

Are you highly motivated to succeed, but your leads sources have dried up and you’re looking for the best online marketing system to help revive your internet marketing home business? We have found an attraction marketing lead system generates leads even while we’re sleeping! Take a 10-day test drive:

6 Pillars of the Best Online Marketing System

You can apply these principles to any business, working from home or a brick and mortar storefront. All businesses need to attract customers, get sales, help others, and make money.

Attraction Marketing System Principle 1 – KNOW YOUR VISION

Don’t hurt your business by rushing over this critical first step in building your internet marketing home business.

What do I want? Be honest with yourself and jot down everything that comes to your mind.

Why do I want it? Your answers can range from taking care of your basic needs for food and shelter to leaving legacy wealth for your children.

Who do I need to become to get it? Consider what past hurts, hang-ups, and lies may be holding you back from success.

Attraction Marketing System Principle 2 – KNOW WHOM YOU SERVE

Clearly defining your target audience is critical to developing your “brand.” Are they male or female? Working or retired? Married or Single? Be as specific as you can. Then list their biggest problems, fears, and struggles, as well as their hopes and dreams.

Attraction Marketing System Principle 3 – KNOW HOW YOU WILL MAKE MONEY

You need to know both what you are offering and how you will entice your target audience to buy what you have to offer.

Your plan for monetization should include at least a low-end, tripwire product, a core offer, and a profit maximizer. The first element, your tripwire product, is designed to bring first-time customers in the front door. In most cases, this initial sale does not even cover the cost of acquiring a new customer. Your core offer should cover your advertising and operating costs. And your profit maximizer is really where you make your profit.

There are three ways you can increase your profits: increase your number of customers, increase the number of transactions per customer, or increase the value of those transactions.

Attraction Marketing System Principle 4 – KNOW HOW TO CREATE CONTENT

This is your opportunity to give value to the audience you are building through social media posts, Facebook live videos, blog posts, YouTube videos, webinars, and podcasts. Our online marketing system provides training on all of these content media sources. You can learn as few or as many as you would like to master.

Attraction Marketing System Principle 5 – KNOW HOW YOU WILL FOLLOW UP

Follow up is essential, whether it be via email or social media. The goal should be to get the prospect on the phone to handle objections, share the passion in your voice, and save time.

Many marketers assume the attraction lead marketing system will do all the work. I wish it were that easy. The truth is, you need to get GOOD at talking with people.

Another critical element of follow up is to make sure you have a good Client Relations Manager to keep track of whom you have followed up with, what was said, when appointments are made, and when the next follow up is appropriate. This can make or break your business!

Attraction Marketing System Principle 6 – KNOW HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC

Finally, you need to drive traffic … to get as many eyes on your content as possible. This online marketing system teaches a variety of free strategies for driving traffic, as well as strategies to maximize the impact of paid Facebook ads.

For more about each of these principles, see our full article at

The Best Online Marketing System.

After lots of trial and error, we were delighted to find what we consider to be the best online marketing system. I bet you are ready to hear how the can get your hands on it. So, …

🔴Here is a link to a 10-day test drive: Take a sneak peek behind the curtain into this powerful attraction marketing lead system that will not only transform your business but set you on a path to online marketing success.

This will be the best $10 you ever spend! We’ll even throw in our FREE Online Marketing Bootcamp training series to help you maximize the value you have at your fingertips. You’ll get 10 bonus emails and coaching videos from us!

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Tools For Online Marketing Success: Setting Up Your Online System

Tools For Online Marketing Success: Setting Up Your Online System

One of the best ways to create success in your business is setting up success systems in your business.

There are so many amazing online marketing tools that once set up will really take a load off of your shoulders. Allowing your to focus your energy and efforts on other areas of your business.

In this video I am going to share simple tools I have been using for years in my business to generate more leads, sales and profit inside of my business, creating more ease and flow for business.

Check out “Tools For Online Marketing Success: Setting Up Your Online System” now!



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How to Attract Travelers to Your Travel Agency through Online Marketing
Five tips are offered here for you to attract travelers to your travel agency through online marketing,

Online Marketing Tutorial To Learn Strategies, Tips & Ideas

To learn more online marketing strategies, tips and ideas try our marketing apps

In this video I give an introduction to online marketing. Online marketing is growing every year. In fact, even this video is a part of online marketing. In this video I help you learn about online marketing and provide a solid online marketing tutorial full of tips, ideas and strategies, and at the same time, I suggest that you purchase my own mobile apps. So this video is actually a good example of online marketing.

You can learn more about online marketing on mobile apps that I have created.

Here is our iOS marketing app:

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And here are our NOOK business apps:

And here are our Kindle business apps:

Learn online marketing and advertising strategies and techniques. Today, to advertise online, you really need a lot of savvy and a strong strategy. When many new marketers or business owners talk about marketing their business, they discuss posting ads on Twitter and Facebook. That is fine, but that is not nearly enough because despite the online marketing world having very high potential, there is also very strong competition.

For an online marketing strategy to work, the marketer needs to think about all the options available to them and think about how to get the most out of it.

Some options in an online marketing campaign are to get PR and news coverage, SEO/SEM, social marketing and virality, and many other options such as blogging and guest blogging that, if you think about it, have in them all the elements of online marketing that we mentioned previously.

For more on online marketing, here is a full online marketing tutorial:

And here is another online marketing tutorial:

Online Marketing Strategy, Tips And Ideas

And here is the Wikipedia online marketing entry:

And here is a blog post about how you can still do online marketing by maintaining a blog and how that still remains effective:

Here are a few more marketing tutorials that are similar to this online marketing tips and strategies video. Here is a gigantic marketing playlist:

25 Facebook marketing strategies:

Content marketing strategies:

Facebook marketing book:

Marketing strategy book to reach 1,000,000 people:

Marketing strategies course:

Business card marketing:

Offline marketing strategies:

Twitter marketing tutorial:

How to do SEO keyword research:

Take my full SEO course on Udemy:

Affiliate marketing course:

Why you should not have a private Twitter account:

SEO and social media:

On page SEO tutorial:

Off page SEO tutoria:

How to Do Niche Market Research For A New Business – Internet Marketing Strategies for Startups

Learn Up-to-Date Internet Marketing Strategies Used By Top Startups! In This In-Depth Marketing Tutorial, You’ll Learn How to Do Niche Market Research for Your New Online Business.

Contact Me Here:

The biggest mistake I’ve made is jumping into a market before thoroughly researching and mapping out the niche.

Without any strategy, you can end up like me, and waste hundreds of hours building a website or business without seeing significant results.

I get it, we all have those moments when an idea sparks in our brains and we instantly want to act on it.

However if there is anything I’ve learned this past year that has made the biggest impact for my online business, it’s this…

Doing extensive research and mapping out your strategy is absolutely vital to your success online!

In this video, we’re going to discuss a step-by-step strategy to pinpoint the needs of your niche market so you can hand-feed your audience the exact information they want.

With this information in-hand, you can avoid wasting 100s of hours producing content that nobody sees or wants and instead create a straight path to your goals.

~~~~~~~~~ BUZZSUMO ~~~~~~~~~~

Places: 1:34 – 3:37
People: 3:38 – 6:49
Products: 6:50 – 10:18
Problems: 10:19 – 11:41
Questions: 11:42 – 12:57
Complaints: 12:58 – 14:00
Keywords: 14:01 – 14:19
Needs: 14:20 – 14:46

GOOGLE SEARCH OPERATORS “x” “y” x=your topic keyword phrase y=a question phrase
For example – “video seo” “how to”

This will show you threads in that specified forum about your topic that have people asking questions

Forum: “your keyword phrase” to find related forums
Blog: “your keyword phrase” to find related blogs

What’s something about [topic] that frustrates you?
If you had a magic wand and could change anything related to [topic] what would it be?
What problems are costing you the most money right now?
What’s the most important activity related to [topic] that you do? Is there any frustration associate with that?
What related to [topic] takes up the most time?
Do you use anything to help you with [topic] already? What do you like about it? What do you wish was better?
What’s something related to [topic] that you have to keep doing over and over again?

10 Internet Marketing Strategies That Get TechCrunch Massive Traffic

10 internet marketing strategies that get TechCrunch massive traffic. Go to for video notes, related content, and all helpful resources mentioned.

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In this video, I’ll show you 10 internet marketing strategies that get TechCrunch massive amounts of traffic on their website. This is a brand that gets millions of views per year covering the latest news from tech startups. TechCrunch also happens to have millions of followers on social media. I’ll show you 10 of the top online marketing strategies they are using to get so much traffic, so you can learn from and apply them to your own business. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

What online marketing goals do you need

FREE Lead Generation Boot Camp ➡️

What online marketing goals do you need?

See full blog post below

What online marketing goals do you need

My #1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online

Looking to start your first Email Marketing campaign? Get your first 30 days of Aweber email autoresponder here

Get the free 14 day trial of Clickfunnels I mentioned in the video at:


With the end of the year quickly approaching, you are probably looking to set some online marketing goals for your business. However you may be wondering what online marketing goals you should focus on.

The 3 major outcomes you should be focused on are building your audience, engaging your audience, and selling to your audience. In this post you’ll learn more effective ways to set your online marketing goals to focus on those 3 areas.

How to set online marketing goals in relation to building your audience
One of the online marketing goals you should have for your business is to build your audience.  Really this is the key foundation to any business that you are marketing Online. If you don’t have an audience, you can’t get much results.

When you have an audience, there’s a lot of benefits that go with it.  One of these benefits is people to talk to. I know a lot of people in the online marketing space struggle because they feel they don’t have enough people to talk to about their business.

Building an audience can eliminate this problem.  On top of that, the three key foundations are building your audience, engaging your audience, and then selling to your audience.

It’s pretty hard to engage and sell to an audience that doesn’t exist.  This is why building your audience is the key foundation, and should be one of your primary goals for your online marketing business.

There are several different areas you’ll want to focus on and build your audience in as a part of your online marketing goals, so let’s break those down.

The primary online marketing goal you want to focus on, regardless of where else you build your audience, is your email list
You may have heard of it before but the money is in the list.  If you haven’t, what this is referring to is your email list.

Some people say email marketing is dead, but I don’t think that’s anywhere close to reality.  Sure not as many people maybe open email like they used to, however that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

One major factor of why building your email list is so important is that you own it.  Building your audience on social media is certainly valuable, but you don’t own those platforms.

I know I’ve had audiences of hundreds of thousands that have gone away overnight because of changes with platforms.  It doesn’t mean that those platforms weren’t valuable, but it just shows the power of not owning a platform.

An email list though, you do actually own.  This is why I growing your email list should be one of your primary online marketing goals moving forward.

There are several options for building an email list  I know I’ve been using Aweber for several years. It’s very cost-effective and one that I’d recommend if you’re just starting out.

If you’d like to get your first 30 days for free of Aweber check out this link

Advantages of building your email list as part of your audience building goals
Beyond you owning your email list, there’s also a lot of other advantages to email marketing

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