Using Bookly add-ons as online marketing tools for small business.

You need to experiment with different online marketing tools for small business to grow your sales. Nowadays you add tens of various digital marketing tools, which can help you to explore your target audience and deliver your company’s message. In this video, we will explore online marketing tools for small business, which are available with Bookly add-ons.

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Bookly is #1 service booking and appointment scheduling plugin, which is trusted by over 23 000 clients Worldwide. This solution will automate your appointment scheduling routine and will help to sell services online. If you already use Bookly appointment scheduling solution, we recommend trying the plugins we will overview in this video, They can enhance your online marketing stack and grow sales.

👉 Bookly Marketing add-ons

🔥 SMS and email notifications
🔥 Bookly Cart
🔥 Ratings
🔥 Customer information
🔥 Bookly Coupons
🔥 Waiting list
🔥 Special hours
🔥 Service extras

You can buy Bookly Pro risk-free with 15-days money-back guarantee. 👍👍👍

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