Pelatihan Online Shop Surabaya Jakarta, 081311998489, Pelatihan Online Marketing Surabaya Jakarta

Pelatihan Online Shop Surabaya Jakarta, 081311998489, Pelatihan Online Marketing Surabaya Jakarta

Belajar Jualan Online Oleh Mentor Profesional Dalam Bidangnya dan Dilatih Sampai Bisa Transaksi, Dengan Suasana Kekeluargaan yang Menyenangkan, dan di Pandu Oleh Team yang Solid.

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Pelatihan Online Shop Surabaya Jakarta, 081311998489, Pelatihan Online Marketing Surabaya Jakarta

E-Marketing: Web solutions for engineering company

Essay from the year 2007 in the subject Business economics – Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: 70 % – A, University of Sunderland (Faculty of Business and Law), language: English, abstract: Web Solutions from a E-Markeing consultancy for an engineering company in the UK. Most beneficial e-markeing solutions are suggested: domain name, web site analytics, SEO, web presence development etc.

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Mike Klingler- Wealth Creation via online marketing

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Development of an Online Marketing, Digital Branding and Social Media Communication Strategy for BMW

Seminar paper from the year 2017 in the subject Communications – Media Economics, Media Management, grade: 1,3, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, language: English, abstract: The invention of social media had one of the biggest impacts on how people live today. Not only communication has changed, even more it influences the whole perception and creation of reality. Throughout history, developments in communication and technology have gone collateral. Technological advances, such as the internet, social media and mobile devices, have changed human behavior and communication. Back in 1980, Toffler describes in his book “The third wave” how society had progressed through three historic waves. The first one started from a hunter-gatherer structure to transform to an agriculture society. Second, the industrial age with its technological advances, starting to provide mass distribution of consumption, media, education and entertainment. The third wave is the so called “Information Age”, when knowledge began to become more valuable over material items, and it has just begun. New inventions, like virtual reality, voice recognition, and connected mobility are going to permeate society in the future. Entrepreneurs need to make use of these trends to thrive in an omni-connected, always-online and non-real world. The online marketing, digital branding and social media communication strategy represented in this paper, is created for a car brand. In this essay, the company BMW is going to be used as a substitute, to show how the strategy can be adapted to a specific brand.

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